Get Back In My Life

Rachel smiled as she ascended the stairs of Santana's house. Downstairs was about as relaxed a place as it could be. The guys were all watching a baseball game on TV already dressed and ready to go to dinner. Upstairs was chaos. On average there were about three curling irons plugged in per room. Bobby pins littered the floor. Rachel hadn't even seen her dress yet. She was putting the finishing touches on Tina's up-do. Currently present upstairs was Quinn, Britney, Santana, Kurt, Lauren, Mercedes, and Tina. Also was Finn's date, Alicia Bennet, the girl's basketball team's star and Puck's dates Sasha and Svetlana, two new Russian twin foreign exchange students who were on the Poms squad.

Rachel had sat Puck down and reiterated the fact that they weren't meant for each other. She had, after a signature rant in which she used many long words, given him the twins' phone number, and Puck had perked up considerably.

Rachel also hoped that tonight she might win Homecoming Queen. She'd been nominated to Homecoming Court and that had been wonderful and winning would be icing on the cake. Her first three years hadn't been fun at all, what with all of the slushie facials and bullying. Knowing that people had accepted her felt amazing.

Rachel slid one last bobby pin into Tina's hair and deemed it finished. She turned around just as Kurt rounded the corner carrying Rachel's garment bag. He wore a silver tuxedo and his hair was gelled to perfection. His pale blue rose attached to his lapel brought out his blue in his eyes perfectly.

Rachel once more felt the blindfold go around her eyes and she smiled as her robe was pulled off and the dress was slipped on once more.

"Ready?" she heard Kurt ask. She nodded excitedly. Kurt pulled off the dress and all Rachel could do was stare in the mirror. It was perfect.

The dress was a deep navy. It was strapless and had a sweetheart neckline and flared at the waist, ending above her knees, showing just enough leg. It fit her like it was made exactly for her. Her hair was curled and then put half-up and half down. Her eyes were smoky and her lips a pretty shade of pink.

"Old Hollywood glamour all the way," Kurt said, with a critiquing eye. Rachel put in pearl stud earrings and slipped on a pearl bracelet that she'd inherited from her grandmother.

Rachel grabbed her clutch and saw she had a text.

Jesse: Hope u hve a gr8 homecoming ;)

Rachel: Thnx

Jesse: I wanna b there

Rachel sighed. She hadn't talked to Jesse for about a month and she missed him more than she cared to admit.

Rachel: I want u 2 b here 2

Rachel put her phone back into the clutch and followed the rest of the girls downstairs, her happy mood suddenly dampened. She put a smile on when Logan told her she looked beautiful. The group walked outside and into the waiting limos that Rachel's fathers had arranged for the group after taking a million of pictures. Rachel sat next to Logan with Kurt across from her. He noticed her change of mood.

"Are you okay?" he asked tactlessly. Logan looked at Rachel, wondering the same thing. Rachel looked at Kurt.

"Jesse texted," she said simply. She looked down then started a conversation with Britney who was on her other side. Kurt surreptitiously looked at Logan who had a puzzled look on his face. Next to Kurt, Blaine mentally groaned at this. He knew Logan was going to… yep, Blaine felt his phone buzz in his pocket.

Logan: Will u xplain "Jesse texted" plz

Blaine: When we get 2 the restaurant

Rachel led the way into the place where they'd had Blaine's party. Their group was led into a separate room at sat at a long table.

Rachel ordered the mushroom risotto and excused herself to go to the bathroom. Kurt watched and got up to follow. He went in the girl's bathroom and found Rachel leaning against the sink, rubbing her temples.

"You okay?" he asked. Rachel smiled bitterly, shaking her head.

"I miss him, Kurt. I miss how… perfect he was for me. I miss how he knew why I did everything and knew just what to say…" Rachel trailed off. She sighed, "but Logan's out there. I just..." She rolled her eyes up to the ceiling, trying not to cry and ruin her perfect makeup. Kurt stepped forward and grabbed her hands.

"Rachel, if you aren't into Logan you shouldn't lead him on like this," Kurt said gently, squeezing her hand. Rachel nodded. She dabbed under her eyes with a paper towel and moved to the door, opening it. Logan was standing there, just having talked to Blaine. Kurt squeezed passed Logan and back to the table, suddenly realizing how awkward this was.

"Can we talk?" he asked. He didn't look angry. On the contrary, he looked… happy.

Rachel and Logan stepped into a hallway that they could talk in privately. Rachel raised her eyebrows for him to begin.

"So… Blaine just told me about Jesse. He said that he only left because he had college and that you still loved him," Logan said, holding up a finger as Rachel began to admit to it, stopping her.

"Last year I dated a girl named Kate. She was perfect, and honestly I don't think I ever stopped loving her. I really think that both of us got into this relationship as an effort to get over people. And I don't think it worked," Logan said, smiling. A slow smile came onto Rachel's face. Rachel thought for a second. She stepped forward and straightened his tie.

"Logan, I think you need to go to Kate," Rachel said, taking off her corsage, and placed it in Logan's hand.

"Tonight's her Homecoming too," he murmured, gears ticking in his head. He ran a hand through his hair.

"Then go and dance with her," Rachel said. She stepped forward and kissed his cheek, easier to do than usual in her high heels. She watched him walk away and followed. He said goodbye to the table and left. The whole table looked at Rachel, who surprisingly was smiling. She sat down and threw herself into conversation. She checked her phone to see if Jesse had texted back. He hadn't. She followed her friends outside, back into the limo when it was eight.

The theme was "A Night on Broadway" an idea contributed by Rachel herself. The gym had been redecorated to look like it was an old jazz club in the twenties with low lit lamps and red curtains and tablecloths.

The night flew by. Rachel was never short of boys who asked her to dance. Frequently, Glee members went on stage and performed, taking over from the DJ. Rachel was enjoying herself, but in the back of her mind all she could think of was Jesse. Puck came off the stage after singing with Artie and Sam.

"Berry, get your ass up on that stage and sing something. I wanna cozy up to Svetlana," Puck said, walking off.

"What about Sasha?" Rachel called after him.

"She's a bitch," Puck called over his shoulder. Rachel rolled her eyes and went up on stage. She grabbed the mike and told the band her song. With a nod, they began and Rachel closed her eyes, Jesse's face filling her head. She began to sing, moving her hips to the beat.

You are relentless, I am defenseless
did you knock me down tonight?
beat me senseless, I just don't get this
many times do I have to try?

Your whisper, so clear, the world disappears
As I fall into the darkness, it's impossible to express
How good it feels, I'm wrapped up, I'm sealed
So tight I'll never be free, oh, I don't fight the feeling

Get back in my life, come knock on my door
What I'm looking for, I think you should know
You started a fire, burned me to the floor
Please don't resist anymore, I'll never leave you alone

Rachel looked out into the crowd, people were watching her and obviously loving it. She dove back into the song, moving all around the stage.

Your reprimand me, you're so demanding
I've got time, I don't mind at all
picture perfect, completely worth it
got my back against the wall

All of the sudden a voice joined her and she stopped. Walking onto the stage,singing with that voice that always managed to drive her crazy, was Jesse. Rachel watched him singing the next verse, feeling weak at the knees.

Your whisper, so clear, the world disappears
I fall into the darkness, impossible to express
good it feels, I'm wrapped up, I'm sealed
tight I'll never be free, oh, I don't fight the feeling

She joined him, harmonizing effortlessly, and she was home. This was as natural as breathing for them.

Get back in my life, come knock on my door
What I'm looking for, I think you should know
You started a fire, burned me to the floor
Please don't resist anymore, I'll never leave you alone

Jesse stepped to Rachel and ran his hand across her cheek.

Can you feel me coming?
I'm screaming, searching, calling
Paranoid, 'cause I'm always
Coming back to you, coming back to you

you know how much I missed it
you know I can't resist it
your lips and just come running
on back to you, right on back to you

Get back in my life,come knock on my door
I'm looking for, I think you should know
started a fire, burned me to the floor
can't do this anymore,I'll never leave you alone

Get back in my life, come knock on my door
I'm looking for, I think you should know

Get back in my life, come knock on my door
I'm looking for, I think you should know

They finished, faces inches from each other. Everybody at the dance screamed and cheered. Rachel looked and Jesse's eyes and pushed him to the side of the stage, back into the dark corner.

She kissed him hard, and he returned the kiss with equal enthusiasm. He began kissing her neck and Rachel closed her eyes, locking her hands in his familiar curls.

"Your back," she half-moaned, then trailed kisses down his jawline.

"I wouldn't miss your Homecoming for anything," Jesse whispered, once again kissing her until she felt dizzy. Rachel pulled back for a breath and looked in his eyes.

"You look good," she said, smiling.

"You look amazing," Jesse replied. Rachel's smile widened and stepped back more, and gave him a once over. He did look good. His hair wasn't as long as it had been last time and his curls were perfectly in place. He looked more handsome than ever. She was pretty sure that his tuxedo was Hugo Boss. Jesse had never had a problem with money, coming from a family of old money. When she'd been kissing him, she'd felt that he was more muscular. He'd obviously been working out. Rachel felt a blush coming to her cheeks.

"Wanna go dance?" he asked, clearly enjoying Rachel's checking him out.

"I'd love to," she said, grabbing his hand and leading him out and back into the gym.

Rachel and Jesse danced the night away with the rest of the glee club. Rachel couldn't remember the last time she was as happy as this.

To everybody else, Rachel appeared to be glowing. Every girl was envious of her and of Jesse. The guys all were impressed. Rachel Berry had become a target of interest ever since it had gone around on Facebook that she was single, or had been.

Soon Mr. Figgins was on stage with the envelope in his hand.

"Hello students. This years prom king is…" He opened the envelope, "Noah Puckerman." Everybody cheered and Puck went up on stage and got the crowd of students pumped. He accepted the crown placing it on his head. Figgins cleared his throat at Puck and Puck stopped riling up the crowd.

"Your 2011, Homecoming Queen is… Miss Rachel Berry," Figgins said. Rachel stood, surprised. All of the students clapped. Jesse hugged Rachel and Rachel threw her arms around his neck. She pulled back with a smile and wet eyes. She walked up to cheers, catcalls, and clapping. She accepted the tiara from Principal Figgins. She smiled at Puck and whispered in his ear. He nodded. Rachel went over to the DJ and got two mikes, she handed Puck his and nodded to the band. Puck began to sing.

(Puck, Rachel, Both)

Shorty said she wants to runaway
I look like a boy she used to date
me by the hand and pulled me to the stairs (Not interested, girl)
Put her tongue all up in my ear (Gross)
Almost made me spill my beer (Oh shit!)
She's up and ready to go but I don't care (Pssh, whatever)

Rachel moved up getting into the beat, singing with a smile on her face.

Cause I'm in the zone,
off my phone,
got my own agenda

Rachel and Puck moved closer, singing out to the people, who began clapping and dancing.

I feel like dancing tonight
I'm gonna party like it's my civil right
Everybody get kinda awesome
doesn't matter where,
don't care if people stare
I feel like dancing tonight

Everybody gettin' kinda crunk
think some dude just grabbed my junk (Whoa)
Now I know how Ke$ha must be feelin' (Like, what if we're the aliens?)
tried to turn me upsidedown
put a keg tap to my mouth
that's okay,
dancing on the ceiling (Ahhh)

Cause I've got the groove,
bust a move,
try and stop me

I feel like dancing tonight
I'm gonna party like it's my civil right
get kinda awesome
doesn't matter where,
don't care if people stare
I feel like dancing tonight

Somebody call the police (Ooh-ooh-ooh)
I think they're coming to get me
"You've got the right to remain on the dance floor,
show us what you've got
you know that you've got more!"

I feel like dancing tonight
I came to party like it's my civil right
Everybody get kinda awesome
It doesn't matter where,
don't care if people stare
I feel like dancing tonight

Oh, one more time!

I feel like dancing tonight (I feel like dancing)
I'm gonnaparty like it's my civil right (Oh-Whoa-Oh-Oh-Oh)
It doesn't matter where,
don't care if people stare
Cause I feel like dancing tonight (Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh)
I feel like dancing tonight

Rachel laughed and she and Puck fist-bumped. Everybody cheered.

Rachel walked outside in the cold October air with Jesse. His arm was around her. He had offered to give her a ride home. He slipped off his jacket and put it around her shoulders. He was talking to her about everything that had happened to him since he went to New York. He opened the door to his Range Rover for her.

He loved Juilliard. He was acing all of his classes now that he'd truly applied himself. He was interning at a magazine that covered all things Broadway. He was working at a music store part time, not that he needed extra cash, but it was a good way to build his music repertoire. He'd even had a few modeling gigs for big names like Hugo Boss (she'd been right about the suit) and Calvin Klein.

Watching Jesse talk about his life made Rachel happy. He was so enthusiastic as he drove, going on and on. Rachel invited him inside. She ran upstairs and changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt, pulling pins out of her hair as she changed. She ran back down to find Jesse with his vest unbuttoned and his shirt untucked, with the sleeves rolled up. She thought he looked incredibly sexy. She sat down and the topic switched to Rachel. Jesse asked about everything, Poms, Shelby and Beth, glee and its members. Mostly she and Jesse discussed the competition.

Leroy Berry peered into the room and saw Jesse St. James back in his house, an event that made him smile. He brought in hot chocolate for the two and after chatting with Jesse for a while, left wanting to give the two privacy. He was impressed at how hard the boy was working.

He and Hiram weren't home much, but it was good to know Rachel was happy. She was practically glowing sitting with Jesse and talking.

Rachel opened her eyes. She was in Jesse's arms on the couch still. Both were fully clothed. Sex hadn't crossed her mind last night. For one thing, her fathers were upstairs. For another, it just didn't feel right. Not yet.

Jesse opened his eyes as he felt Rachel stirring.

"Hey," he said sleepily.

"Hey." she said sweetly. She snuggled closer to him and his arms tightened around her. He was warm. Suddenly there was a knock on the front door. Rachel sighed and untangled herself. It was ten so her fathers were already at the office. She opened the door and immediately Santana, Britney, Kurt and Quinn were upon her, asking millions of questions. They'd seen her leave with Jesse. Rachel shushed them.

"Guys. Jesse and I didn't have sex, but he did stay the night," Rachel nodded her head in the direction of Jesse who was sitting up, still wearing his button up shirt and dress shirt. He gave a sleepy nod to the now silent group.

"I'll make coffee," he said, after an awkward moment of silence. He walked off, chuckling to himself.

Rachel sighed and was about to ask her friends if they'd had breakfast, when she heard the click of her mother's heels on the sidewalk.

"Crap," she said. She'd forgotten that they were rehearsing. Her mother walked in. She had Puck in tow behind her, holding Beth.

"Why is everybody at my house?" Rachel asked looking up to the heavens.

"Cause we love you," Britney said automatically. Rachel smiled at Britney's answer to her rhetorical question.

"Sorry, Mom. Late night," Rachel said, running up to change. She came down in dance clothes and grabbed a water bottle. Apparently Puck and everybody else were content to play with Beth in the living room. She, Shelby and Jesse went downstairs.

Jesse watched Rachel dance and, though it seemed impossible, she was even better than the last time he'd seen her. She was in better shape too.

"What do you think?" Rachel asked, breathing heavy. Jesse smirked and handed her his sheet of critiques. Rachel took it and stuck her tongue out at him, flopping on the ground to read.

Sooo… this took forever to write but I'm really proud of it. I hope you liked this supersized chappie as much as I liked writing it. I wanna know if you think I should make Jesse stay in town or go back and have it be long distance… HMMM, decisions, decisions.

Songs: Get Back in My Life- Maroon 5

I Feel Like Dancin'- All Time Low