Hey there! So I just started reading Kuroshitsuji about 2 weeks ago and fell in love with it. That being said, this story follows the manga, not the anime.

I've only gotten to chapter 57 in the manga, and have no idea what happens in the anime so anything I post that conflicts with stuff I haven't seen or read, I apologize for in advance. I'm writing this as taking on a more Christian religious view of Heaven and Hell. So it should be interesting since I'm atheist haha!

This story takes place after the fun of Noah's Ark Circus for anyone who cares…

I try to keep all the characters as 'in character' as I can for every fanfiction I write, but we shall see how this one goes.

I sadly do not own Kuroshitsuji and I know I'm a horrible speller so please ignore it. Constructive criticism is welcomed, however flames will either be ignored or flamed back, I give fair warning.

Well then, without further ado…

"Sebastian…" It was a frantic whisper, nothing more than a silent breath, but the demon heard his master's voice from the opposite end of the mansion. It had only been about two hours since Sebastian had put Ciel to bed, only two hours where the butler was not by his master's side. He could sense nothing amiss throughout the Phantomhive manor, but Ciel's voice was strained, desperate…Sebastian abandoned the teacart he was currently pushing, spinning around and racing towards his master's bedroom.

"Young master?" Sebastian demanded as he came upon the room, knocking furiously against the mahogany door. For a moment there was no reply, and then Ciel's scream erupted from the other side. "Young master!" Without a second thought Sebastian flung the door open, and burst inside, where Ciel was thrashing erratically around the four-poster bed.

"Bocchan?" Sebastian went to his side, grabbing Ciel's arms to pin him to the bed, afraid that he would harm himself. It was suddenly clear what had happened. Ciel often had nightmares about his past, but for some reason, they were becoming even more frequent. Sebastian had walked into one of these episodes before, but it hadn't been nearly as physical as it was now.

Sighing in relief, Sebastian sat down on the edge of the mattress, calmly holding down the terrified boy. "Sebastian!" Ciel called out in his sleep yet again. This time Sebastian felt an unfamiliar tightening in his chest at the sound of his name. The fact that Ciel had such complete trust... to think that even in his nightmares, the butler was still his safe zone… Sebastian frowned as a tingling feeling started in his stomach, a feeling that was unfamiliar but not exactly unpleasant.

He was suddenly angry. Angry that Ciel had these memories to plague him, angry that someone had dared hurt the boy in such a way that he begged for the comfort of a demon… "Shhh, young master, I'm here. Please wake up." Sebastian said as he shook Ciel slightly. "Young master."

Ciel woke, screaming as he felt the hands grip his shoulders, the blurry nightmare images beginning to fade and take the form of his butler. He shuffled back on the bed, reaching under his pillow for a pistol that was not there, still unsure of his surroundings. "It's alright Bocchan, it was merely a dream." Sebastian replied soothingly as he reached across the space between them to brush the bangs out of Ciel's face.

"S-Sebastian?" Ciel asked uncertainly, allowing the butler to touch his cheek as the light from the hallway, and the demon's soothing voice, pacified him.

"Yes, it is me my lord." Sebastian waited for the young master to push his hand away or snap at him as he always did when he would retaliate his anger and fear on the butler, but instead, Ciel grabbed Sebastian's hand roughly.

"Young master?" Sebastian inquired curiously as Ciel caught the demon's glove and tore it off, revealing the pentacle that marked the creamy white skin of his left hand. Ciel's warm fingers lightly grazed over the symbol for a moment, causing Sebastian's eyes to widen and the tingly sensation to begin yet again. "Young master?"

"Never mind." Ciel replied finally as he sighed in relief and released his butler. "You're right, it was only a dream…" Sebastian looked over the earl who was still shivering in a cold sweat. His body rocked on its own accord, although his face was now fully composed and his voice was even once more.

How could someone so young, have such vacant eyes? Sebastian pondered as Ciel's shoulders slumped forward in fatigue. A king's composure masking a child's fear… The thought made him frown and he didn't know why.

Pushing the analogy to the back of his mind, Sebastian smiled reassuringly at Ciel and lit the candle on the bedside table before beginning to straighten the blankets that had been tossed about. "It's late young master, perhaps you will be able to rest now."

When there was no reply Sebastian turned to look at him again. Ciel was staring intently down at the white sheets, his mind clearly on something else. "Bocchan-"

"I didn't dream about that night this time…" Ciel whispered, more to himself then out loud. He then looked up at his butler. "Can a covenant ever be broken Sebastian?" Sebastian frowned but shook his head.


"Then you can't betray me?" What exactly was he dreaming about? Sebastian wondered as he gazed down into the glazed cerulean eyes. Sebastian walked over to where Ciel was sitting, grabbing the young masters hands in his, he kneeled at the edge of the bed.

"As I continuously tell you, I am your chess piece. I shall move in any direction you offer, but I can never, change my colors. I am your black knight, until the end, my lord."

Before Ciel could reply, a blast of cold air shot through the room, extinguishing the single candle and slamming the door shut. "Until the day, Hell consumes you both…" A voice spoke from the void behind them. A man's voice, dark, cold, metallic…

With lightning speed Sebastian scooped Ciel up in his arms and leaped back until he was pressed against the opposite wall in an almost feline stance. The darkness under the widow began to change into a dull, red light, as if a fire burned in a circle amongst the carpeted floor and the silhouette of a man appeared within it.

Ciel's chest tightened in fear as he gripped his butler's jacket. There was nothing to distinguish the man from anyone else, nothing but an ordinary build of darkness amongst a glowing red light, but the voice, the cryptic sound sent a shiver through his entire body and Ciel wondered if he was still in his nightmare.

Sebastian's hold on him grew tighter, as if the mere strength of the demon's arms could shield the boy from the attack that was anticipated to come.

"W-Who are you?" Ciel demanded though he was sure he already knew.

"I have been called many things." The voice chimed in the deep, metallic voice. "Beelzebub, The Morning Star, The Fallen Angel… Satan…" Ciel's eyes widened in genuine fear although he couldn't say that he was surprised. Once a human made the contract with a demon, he would never be able to enter Paradise. It's what Sebastian had told him those few years ago… So why then should he be surprised now to be face to face with the Devil? "You may call me Lucifer, Ciel Phantomhive…"

"What do you want?" Ciel asked. He willed himself to remain composed. He was afraid, but fear made him angry and anger made him calm. He had not passed through a months worth of torture, a deal with a demon, and years of people targeting both his life and his soul to be frightened now.

"I'm here to take back what belongs to me. Isn't that right, Sebastian?" Ciel froze in confusion at the fact that the visit was not for himself, but for his butler… He slowly turned his head up to look at Sebastian, whose wine red eyes were now shimmering in the darkness.

"Yes… Master."

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