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A New Kind Of High




Chapter 1: Naughty Deal




Where is he? Sakura dodged the on coming traffic of villagers milling about in the shopping district. It was late afternoon and the lanterns were starting to be lit for the evening. No one noticed the pink haired girls slightly stumbled step nor the faint red blush on her cheeks. A small giggle escaped her full lips. Yes, Sakura Haruno was just a bit tipsy. Having lost a drinking game to Ino, the blonde haired girl gave Sakura the brass balls to confront Sasuke. Did she mention he was back in the village? Yep, Naruto the knuckle headed ninja convinced the cold ice cube known as Sasuke Uchiha to come back. The pink haired girl expected change; he'd be nicer to her or at least acknowledge her presence. He did neither. Angry, tipsy, and determined she found the apartment he lived in. Banging on the door loudly, she cursed and slurred.

"Come out you mother-f-.." Her fist hit air as the door was yanked open.

Sasuke at first glared straight ahead, decided it was the dobe who was causing the ruckus.

His onyx orbs darted down to the pink crown of hair. The sound of a hiccup followed.

A perverted giggle.

"Sasuke-kunnnn..." She tackled him quickly, wrapping her arms around his neck like an eel. "I found yooouuuuuuuu."


"Sakura, you are drunk." He stated in a monotone fashion and could smell the alcohol coming off her body, she reeked of it.

"Aannnnd you're hot." She snuggled into his warmth.

Disgusted he pulled her away from him.

"Go home."

Another hiccup.

"No." She frowned and replied so softly he barely heard her.

Clumsily she flung her arm out to close the door, missing it quite a few times before grappling onto it and slamming it shut.

The Uchiha glared and was ready to threaten her more until she decided to pin him to the nearest wall. Charka bonds bound his wrists, he couldn't move.

"Sakura..." He hissed low and deadly.

She gave him a happy drunk smile before rubbing her eyes.

"You haven't been nice to me...don't I mean anything to you?" Rubbing her eyes more she wiped the tears away, her voice sounded like a wounded child.

Softening slightly, he opened his mouth to reply. She cut him off.

"I-I don't care..." Frowning, she suddenly wondered why she was there in the first place. Oh, right.

Almost falling over she dropped to her knees and preceded to unzip his pants.

Warning bells blared in Sasuke's head as his body stiffened with the motion.

"Don't touch me!" He spat coldly.

Smirking she boldly stuck her hand in, searching for treasure. It took a few moments, awkwardly grasping his thighs before finding her prize.

Cupping his testis she lightly squeezed. A small moan wrenched from his mouth.

His balls were so large it overflowed her hand (she has small hands), and with surprising expertise she stroked a thumb over the sensitive sac.

Another soft moan.

Getting bolder she tugged his pants down.

She wasn't shocked to see he wasn't hard. Was the Uchiha even capable of getting a hard on? While she mused this, he stared down in pure horror as she prodded his flaccid member.

"Little Sasuke is not happy to see me." A pout.

"Stop that," His body thrashed in an attempt to get away, the bonds held strong.

"Let's make a deal..." She stared at his penis, concentrating, as if she stared long enough he'd grow to a wondrous size.

"I don't do deals." He groused back.

Glaring up at him she squeezed his balls, this time it bordered on pain. Don't mess with a woman when she's got a hold of the wedding tackle.

"We can casually see each other for sex until you find a suitable partner. Think about me as practice for your future wife."

Sakura wanted Sasuke ever since she was little and past all the turmoil she's been through with him, knowing he'd never chose her as his bride made bile rise up in the back of her throat.

As long as she got to have a piece of him, she'd be happy. Sakura convinced herself with a nod of her head.

Sasuke was watching this silent conversation as if she was crazy.

She started to stroke the soft member, her index finger riding back and forth atop his head while her thumb caressed the bottom. The most sensitive area.

A sharp intake of breath from the male. More thrashing. Sakura ignored his antics and continued her minstrations.

It wasn't long before his cock rose and swelled, a slight curve of the swollen shaft pointed back towards his belly button.

Sakura snuck a peek up at his face, finding him hiding behind his midnight-blue bangs. A faint blush adorned his cheeks.

He was trembling, either in nervousness or fear, she couldn't tell. It had to be nerves, this Uchiha didn't fear anything.

The pink haired girl stopped suddenly. Of course, the Uchiha would be a virgin in everything. He never allowed anyone to touch him intimately.

She'd have to take things slow.

"It's alright, Sasuke-kun, relax..." She spoke softly to him, wrapping her slim fingers around his now swollen member.

Fingers dancing over hypersensitive flesh, soft heated whispers, and radiant green cat eyes watching his every move.

Pump, stroke, pump, stroke. Soft. Hard. Soft. Hard.

He was panting now, straining against the bonds that held him. He was torn between hurting her and allowing her to continue to see where it all lead.

Muddled thoughts and drowning in pleasure, she coaxed him on.

"Yes, that's it..." She murmured, fingers now sticky in pre-cum.

She snaked her free hand down between her thighs, digits sliding over wet cotton, rubbing to ease the ache.

Seeing her pleasure herself in such a simple way set him off.

Thrusting into her hand involuntarily he shouted, white sticky cum splashed over her flushed porcelain cheeks down to her parted plump lips.

They were both out of breath.

Reluctantly she pulled her fingers away from her panties, refusing to give herself the pleasure. She had to think about Sasuke's pleasure before her own. She had to play her cards right. Releasing the chakra bonds, his arms hung limply by his side. The high she gave him made his body, thoughts, and movements sluggish. Taking advantage of his current state, she slipped her panties off. They were lace scarlet lingerie and her favorite pair. Placing the deliciously wet and forbidden item in his hand she curled his fingers into a fist to hold it. Quickly and professionally she zipped him back up. Still dazed, the Uchiha stared ahead blankly.

Sakura's face was still coated with the warm gooey liquid, but she didn't care. Tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, she leaned close to him.

"I can give you a new kind of high." She whispered and smiled.

Still tipsy, she turned toward the door. Opening it, her glazed green eyes landed on the stock still Uchiha.

"My offer still stands."

With that, she left the Uchiha alone.

Chapter end.

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