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"The Dreamer: The Proposal"

End. I hate that word. It's so hard to say and so hard to believe that this is how it's going to end. With me leaving all behind those that matters to me the most. What future would it be without my friends, without Otohata-kun by my side?

"..We create the path in our life, we make our decision each day – only we can mold our future. The secret to success lies in our way of thinking. If you say that you can't make it, then you can't. But if you believe that you can - then you can, you will make it! Success isn't so hard to get if you will just be positive in all your ways. Congratulations to us all!"

All the graduates of the University of Tokyo (Todai) made a standing ovation. I signaled a bow to them and they all tossed their mortarboard up in the air.

"So, aren't you that girl so desperately obsessed with Otohata you even followed him here? I wonder why he's going out with you. Ugh." A girl walked up to me at the science lab just to say that. It's not like I was following Otohata-kun. Besides, I got in here first! "Well, I wouldn't be surprised either why he wouldn't go out with you." That made her mad, so mad that she splashed the test tube's blue element on my face. Good thing it was just water in blue. Whew! I may not have much beautiful memories here, but still, I will miss Todai! I laughed at the thought of all my memories here at the university. I glanced at the graduate students who were making their way to meet their family. How happy I would be if my parents are here. But sadly, that's just a lovely thought. I glanced up at the Sakura tree near the bridge. I heaved up a sigh.

"Reminiscing?" It's Miyu.

"Oh, my God! I thought you wouldn't come. You shouldn't be here. I mean your condition, I thought-"

"I just came here to congratulate you! I can't stand being at home on the graduation of one of my best friends – duh! It's not just me, everyone's here too! Look!" So, they really are here to celebrate this day. Ran, Yamato, Tatsuki, Mami, Towa, and Yuuya.

Yuuya stretched out his hand and gave me a big frame. "Congratulations! Here's my gift to you."

"Thanks! I love picture frames. Thank you Yuuya-kun." Yuuya scratched his head, saying that it was nothing. "Actually, it's not just a frame. It's a painting."

"Oh, my God! Really? So, may I open it now? I'm so excited." What a beautiful sunset, amazing! Yuuya is really good at this. "Yuuya, I love this painting of yours. Thanks. Really!"

"Where's Otohata?" Mami asked quite irritated and I wonder why.

Now that she asked about that, where is he? Of course, he's here – it's our graduation day. "Well, -"

"So, you two still haven't talked since?" Yuuya asked in a concern voice.

"It's not like that. Well, yes – he wouldn't talk to me or answer my calls-"

"You two haven't talked? Since when? What happened? That dummy what did he do to you? What's his fault this time? Pfft. That guy!" I sighed at Ran's random questions.

"Honestly, it was my fault this time."

Everyone looked at me in shock. Silence fell; even the rustle of the leaves can be heard. Well, really? So what happened? Okay, I'll tell you. It happened two weeks ago. Otohata-kun asked me to help him rehearse his lines for his upcoming film. We sat under the Sakura tree of Todai to get started. I took the script from him and started to read my then line. Everything was going smoothly until tears fell from my eyes.

Aya: Don't go. Please don't go to her Genji. I can't bear the thought of you being with any girl other than me. So, please.

Rei: I'm sorry –

"Hey, are you really crying? Aya?" I wiped my tears out of embarrassment. Oh, gee. I'm not the film star here. I shouldn't be carried away by this. This is shameful - even crying in front of Otohata-kun. Ugh.

"I'm so sorry. Sorry about that. I just can't take it. This girl loves him so much. I wish he would just-" Stay. Stay. Stay. Why can't I say the word? "Anyway, let's just continue."

Aya: Don't go. Please don't go to her Genji. I can't bear the thought of you being with any girl other than me. So, please.

Rei: Aya, will you marry me?

I flipped the pages of the script, to look for the line. He grabbed the script from me and said, "It's not in there."

"Okay. Then what's the line?" What? Not in there? What does he want me to do create my lines? I thought he wanted to practice the script?

"It's not from the script." He cleared his throat.

"I don't understand." I gulped and searched for any sign of joke – but he's way too serious when he said that. I looked at him and shook my head. Wow, he's a great actor based on his actions. I bet he would get an award for this. "I don't know what to say. Maybe acting is really your forte. I'm speechless – really." I slightly punched his right arm. "Seriously? Congratulations in advance, you might just win the Best Actor Award." I laughed on what I said.

"Aya, I am always serious." I just nodded. "I won't joke about getting married."

Now it's time for me to clear my throat. But what should I say? A proposal under the Sakura tree? This is sweet, but not as sweet as my dream of proposal like that of Brad Pitt's proposal to Angelina nor the lights-under proposal via helicopter. I have the grandest dreams in life, but since it came from Otohata-kun, it's very special - even grandest than those that I mentioned.

He snapped me out of my thoughts. "I know I said before that I wouldn't settle for anyone,-" He never thought of marrying me before? What? Did he say that? Really? I can't remember. "But if this will make you stay then I wouldn't mind." I nodded for him to go on. "I mean, you know I don't see myself with anyone anyway. If it's the two of us together, then I guess it will be okay. Don't you think?" I looked at his eyes but drifted my gaze right away. I don't want to be stuck there, I might do something shameful or inappropriate. "It would be like good friends living together forever just like our college years. So what do you say? Are you going to marry me?" He said it, asked it so plainly, so cool as if asking someone 'Want to eat, yes or no? Okay. Bye' What? What's with him?

My lips went 'O'. Is he serious? Friends living together? Just like our college years? But what we did in college was call each other, text each other, e-mail each other, review for the tests together, eat lunch together, watch him DJ-ing at the club, watch girls flirt with him, rehearse with him – we never even have a romantic date like that of real couples. For Pete's sake what's that? So, until now even though we're a couple he sees us as FRIENDS? Come on! What does he want me to say? 'Yes, I will marry you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you as friends.' That would be foolish. I stood up and walked away. "Forget it."

"Are you even serious?" He stood up and grabbed my wrist. "W-wait. Wait. Forget it? After I went all the trouble to be here and ask you to marry me? You will just tell me to forget it? Are you nuts?"

"Yes! I am nuts. I am so nuts to believe that we have something special. All those years that I've been with you, I thought you already realize what we have. I can't believe this. I can't believe that you are the same Otohata I met five years ago! You're still insensitive as before! Is it so hard for you to say hose three words?"

"Oh, yeah! And do you know how hard it is for me those four words? And I thought you were so intelligent to think that by asking you to marry me you will realize how I feel for you."

"I really realize now what I am to you. Thanks to you. I hate you!" I covered my mouth hoping that it didn't slip from me. But those words, I'm the one who said it. "Otohata-kun, I'm-"

"You are right. Let's just forget it then."

But I didn't mean to say that. I just hate him because he didn't tell me that he loves me. Shouldn't we proclaiming words of love when we ask for marriage? Shouldn't we?

"Why did you reject him?" Miyu, Ran and Mami asked in disbelief. Okay, that hurt. Not too loud guys!

"I don't know. But he still sees me as a friend. How can I not reject him?" I said hoping someone will agree on my side. When there's none, I surrendered. "I know, he's right. I'm so nuts."

"Well, Miyu thinks you just did the right thing. Marriage should be bound with love. If you don't have it then how can you be a couple? Besides, when you got married then that should mean you two decided to take it on the next level." I smiled at Miyu. Thanking her from taking my side just now.

"We create the path in our life, we make our decision each day – only we can mold our future." Otohata emerged out of nowhere. "If that's how you want your future to be – then I wouldn't stop you anymore. If you want to go to Paris, then do so."

"Otohata, don't be so hard on Aya-chan." Tatsuki said tapping his shoulder. He shrugged and walked away. Yuuya was about to say something but I stopped him. I shook my head.

"If that's how you want your future to be – then I wouldn't stop you anymore. If you want to go to Paris, then do so."

"If that's how you want your future to be – then I wouldn't stop you anymore. If you want to go to Paris, then do so."

No. Please don't walk away from me. "NOOOOOOO!" I keep shaking my head, I was running out of breath.

"Hey, Aya. Are you al-"

Am I dreaming? I wiped the droplets of sweat on my forehead. Oh, gee. Did I just fall asleep here? Thank God, it was just a dream. I sighed. I took the bottle of Pocari on Otohata-kun's hand.

"You don't seem well. Did you fall asleep? Had a bad dream?" Tears start to swell on my eyes. I shook my head. "We could call the rehearsal o-" I embraced Otohata-kun, hoping he would not vanish from me. He embraced me back.

"Otohata-kun. Don't go. Please don't go. I can't bear the thought that you're not with me. So, please."

I saw him blink thrice. "So, did you memorize all the lines on this script while I'm away? I'm amazed. I man, you don't have to-"

"I'm serious here." I pushed him lightly.

"There, there. I know, I was just kidding." I looked at him through my lashes. "Besides, I'm not the one who's leaving." He lay on the grass and closed his eyes. "Don't worry, I'm not gonna stop you from achieving your dreams."

How I wish you would. How I wish you would. Please make him stop me from leaving. If he asks me to marry him – I would.

"But-" He hesitated to continue.

"But what?" He opened his eyes. "Aya, there's something I want to ask you. I mean, I know you'll have a bright future in Paris." He sat up, brushed his silky brown hair as he deeply looked into my eyes. "Aya?"


"We've know each other for a year before we became a couple. And now we've been together for-" Wait. One, two, or three? Have we been together for three years? It doesn't matter.

Oh. Gee. Otohata-kun, we've been together for four years? Oh, no! Not four years because we called it off for about six months and then we got together after that. That means we've been together for three years and a half! Yeah! I said to myself when I realized he's having a hard time computing the years we've been together. Ugh. "We've been together for many years. And so, I guess it would be okay. What I wanted to ask is will you stay with me?"

"Yes! I will m-?" What? Stay? Did he really just say stay not 'marry me?' He looked at me with visible confusion on his face. This is so embarrassing. Oh, gee! "Of course, I will. I will. I will-" What now? "Marr, merrily think about it! That's right. I'll think about it." Genius or stupid? Zip it please.

"You'll think about it?" Okay. So, this isn't working. Maybe Yamato's right, I should just ask her to marry me if I want her to stay.

"Otohata-kun? Time's running, maybe we should just start rehearsing your lines." Nice one Aya. Just change the subject.

"Aya, marry me."

I grabbed the script and search for the line he said. Not here. Wait. I glanced at him. Is he joking?

"It's not in there."

"Then where could it be?" Is it in your heart? I laughed at my question.

"What's so funny? I'm serious. I will never joke about this."

Ouch! I bit my lip hard to know if I'm hallucinating. It's so painful, I think it's bleeding. So, this is real! It's not just one of my fantasies. But it's like in my dream.

He leaned in close and looked at my lips. I blushed. What's he going to do? Oh, gee. "Your lips, it's bleeding."

"Wha- what?" I searched for my handkerchief but I can't find it. I turned on the other side so Otohata-kun wouldn't see me and licked it. "Is it gone?"

He shook his head, leaned in very very close and smiled wickedly. He wiped my lips with his handkerchief. I sighed, if it's because of disappointment or relief – I don't know. "Thank you."

Marry him? It's not even a question. That was too plain for a proposal of marriage. But since it came from Otohata-kun – it's the grandest proposal ever. So what if it's not like that of Brad Pitt's or the banner type of proposals via jet planes. Who cares? If it's Otohata-kun, just by being simple, just by being him – makes it grand! I looked at his eyes, his eyes that were so dark and tempting. I gulped and catch my breath. He snapped me out of my thoughts. "I know I said before that I wouldn't settle for anyone. But if this will make you stay then I wouldn't mind. I mean, you know I don't see myself with anyone anyway. If it's the two of us together, then I guess it will be okay-"

"Say, why would you want to marry me?"

"Simply because I want you stay with me." I guess that's enough, what a simple reason.

"Even so, - yes, I will marry you Otohata-kun!" We embraced each other and laughed our heart out.

It's very far from the proposal I have listed on my dream book but for as long it's Otohata-kun. I could set aside my set of dreams there. So, want to know my dream proposal? Here it is, just like how it is written on my dream book, but of course you wouldn't see the pictures and stickers I pasted on it - sadly:

Dreamer's Book

A's Dream Proposal page 12

Full moon's there to witness, I could feel the cold breeze on the seashore. It was a night in February, people are all asleep as I sat on the sand and watch the stars above. Suddenly a violin will start playing and candle will be ascending like balloons. And then, lights will slowly open from where I am. As I slowly walk, lights will be opening from the stairs. There would be rose petals on stairway; on the third step I will see a love letter. I will be walking up the stairs and see at the other end – the love of my life. We will be having a romantic dinner with a musical background, the violin and the grand piano. After the dinner we will dance and head to the seashore. Right there, he would kneel before me and propose. He would open a box with a ring on it – a white gold with one big diamond at the center and sixteen small diamonds at the side. "Will you spend the rest of your life with me by marrying me and becoming my wife?" And I will say, "Gladly, I will marry you!" He will kiss my hand and say, "I love you, Aya."

A's Dream Engagement page 13

A's Dream Wedding page 14

A's Dream Kiss page 16

Wait up! Don't turn the page yet! Come on, I said I will tell you about my dream proposal not my other dreams as well. I might tell you all one day. But not today!

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