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"The Dreamer: Next in Line"

Bonus Chapter




Yuuya 39 and Mami 39

Hazumi 16, The Heiress




Who inspires you? That is what their professor's assignment for them which is to be presented in front of the class the next day. The question rolled inside her head that night, so who inspires her? Her parents do. Her grandparents also do, but it would be common to talk about them in class. She knows that most of her classmates would have them as their subject. Some other country's hero who fought for independence over a celebrity who struggled from the tragic events in his or her life? Probably not. It would sound like it is too showbiz, not the kind she would want for her speech. It shouldn't be who, she thinks. The question should be what inspires you, right? She just says that because what inspires her is pure love, she prefers the term over true love as others would call it. A smile forms on her cherry lips reaching her eyes that twinkled with dreams. Pure love. It sounded so beautiful and real, it is the kind of thing she wanted for herself. The book her father has given her aligned her perceptions, it has sculpted her to dream and learn how to patiently wait for whatever God has planned for her. It has taught her that one can stay reserved in the modern world.

The Dreamer, where could she be now? She wonders if she is in Seoul, Jeju-do, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai or who knows where? All she knows is that she is happy, to have such a great story? It is one's dream, her dream. An imaginary bulb lighted over her head, she has decided that the author of it was the one who inspires her. Right. The Dreamer inspires her!

It was her turn to discuss of the person who inspires her, she places the book on the center table; she is a timid girl so every time she talks in class she becomes cold and nervous. Their professor raises his eyebrows on her when she stood in front, not speaking for about ten seconds. Should she back out now? Then how would she prove that the person inspires her? Okay, her mind is competing with her. She is weird, alright! There is no doubt about that, of all the students she is the weirdest! She never really had friends because she is different. Would she let that stop her? A sigh followed by swallowing slowly, her voice cracked as she speaks. Her classmates didn't control their mocking laugh on her, how can they be like that to her? It is as if she didn't belong there, it is not where she must be.

'It may seem that the world we live in is now filled with darkness. The simple place we once knew has lost its purity and contentment; it became famished for material things. I'd say that all is lost; love and peace. Take a look at your left, there's crime. Take a look at your right; there are humans' worldly desires at the brink of their teeth. It is so negative for me to say these things, when I should be looking at the bright side and speaking of it. So,' her eyes shut for a second, she opens them and nodded while reaching for her favorite book, The Dreamer. 'This book has inspired me about how to live,' her hands presented the book before her classmates' eyes. She continued with her speech even though her classmates didn't look like they wanted to hear what she is saying, some even close their hands to a fist raising them in the air as if saying, thank God her speech is finished because the bell has rung. It just shows how mean they were to her. Their professor took his leave without saying their grades and even saying good bye to them. She thought it is rude of him, when will she ever meet a kind guy? Like the guy in the book? Oh, stop it. She said to herself, walking her way to her seat to take her bag. A classmate of her, together with her friends circulated her.

'Pure love, eh?' It was a question coming from none other than the most beautiful girl in class; she is no-match to her. Without being rude, she gave her a nod and a smile. The girl rolled her eyes on her, 'you don't know what you're talking about. As if you were,' her tongue sticks out on her as if she is disgusted on her. 'Coming clean, are we?' Her eyes looked at her friends, 'let's go girls.' Like a catwalk model, her heels turned and made the runway walk. Her feet stopped walking, she hurled to her 'by the way? The story's so lame, never tell that again in class.'

Pure love. They don't believe on that, it is as if she is the only one who treasures it. Her parents were talking in the living area when she walked down during the weekend; they asked her what is troubling her. Her dad went up to her, as usual, her dad is like a mom to her too. It is like he knew how she feels, like he was once a girl. She laughed on what she is thinking, 'hey dad?' They sat on the lounge. Her dad raised his eyebrows on her asking what it is, then kissed her forehead. 'I don't belong here. It's like I don't feel close to this place. I never had friends, it's not that I hate being simple and plain,' her mother smiled at her, she is already in the kitchen perhaps getting some snacks. She looked at her dad, 'couldn't we just live in Japan? You know with grandpa-'

Her father runs his fingers through her blonde locks, 'honey what do you think?' his eyes were looking at her mom, so he is asking her.

'I could go there by myself, you know, to stay there for good. That's where I want to study, grandpa's there anyway-'

Her mother's eyes sparkled with hearts as she nodded her head, 'your dad and I will be having a European cruise for a month celebration of our wedding anniversary-' European cruise? Did she hear that right? Where did they get a big sum of money? They were not really rich! Could it be that they committed a crime for this grand celebration? Oh, no! The pureness and simplicity of life, they're vanishing. And what's worse is her parents were turning into the ways of modern people! She is surprised about that; they have always lived an ordinary life. Is it for real? Her mother waves her hand on her face because she became silent, then she told her the truth. Seriously? She is stunned by their revelations to her. Really?

Paris, the city of love. Her smile never faded when she walked down the airport's arrival area. The city has already had an effect on her; it is as if it is telling her that she would find her destiny there. Not that she is hoping, who would like her at her present appearance? With braces and childish outfit? Anyway, she has left the pen on God's mighty hands. She believed that He would be writing the perfect or maybe a beautiful story for her. She is on that state, smiling while staring into space when she tripped on something. It is so careless of her; she glanced if someone saw her. Good thing no one is watching, only her parents saw it who were already at her sides. She laughed on her own clumsiness. They would be in Paris for a week, after that her parents will accompany her to the airport. She would be flying to Japan where she would continue her freshman year! She is so excited for it that she can't even sleep! It is a new beginning for her, like her inspiration; would she ever meet the one destined for her? Enough thinking about it, she should think of the fact that she would meet her grandparents too! Who would've thought that her mother was an heiress? That means that she is an heiress as well! Pinch her, she must've been dreaming. She had enough of her favorite book already!

During her one-week stay in Paris she met her parents' friends, Mr. and Mrs. Katase. The couple looked lovely and professional, they were both fashionable in their own way. Her father told her that the two owns their own clothing line so maybe that was the reason to it; they have to look the part. In a dinner, they talked about the grand reunion this year. Reunion? She stopped listening to the adults' conversation and just focused herself on observing the French's culture. It is fun; she is also learning their language by listening to them. Dinner, buffet breakfast the following day, walk on the streets, shopping with her mother, visiting the museums as a family, photo taking at the Eiffel Tower, then visiting her father's gallery. Like her father, she is good in arts. She inherited his talent, she is thankful that her hands can draw that means that she can pursue fashion, interior or architecture. One painting caught her eyes, aside from her mother's beautiful portrait; she couldn't stop looking at the magnificent nature-themed painting before her. She asked her father about it, he told her that it is the only painting he never sold. But why? She knows her father's love story; he is so keen telling it to her a couple of times while giving her pieces of advice about life and love. Could it be that? The painting was related to the person he once loved? She covered her mouth, she isn't mad at the person not that she isn't faithful to her mother. It is just that, even her mother is speaking of her often. Of how loyal and kind the lady is to them, she is a friend of theirs by the way. Would she meet her on their reunion this year? It would be cool to see her come to life, not just the ones they describe through words.

Till then, it is the first she thought of when she woke up. It is her last day in Paris; she would certainly miss the place. A bit disappointed that she didn't meet her destiny, but it could wait! Just like what it is written in the book, she must patiently wait! Her dad gave her a Dreamer's Book, just like the one written in the book. She is really close to her dad, he is her best friend. She takes the book and places near her chest, inwardly thanking her father so much. At the airport, her parents were all teary-eyed when they were telling her what to do, giving her guidelines, what to call during emergencies and so on. Gee. She was like a prep-kid, but she liked how they were so concerned about her. She felt loved, 'enough of it. You'll be there too soon, right?' Her parents nodded at her then embraced her, suffocating her. 'I can't breathe,' they freed her then planted a kiss on her hair. Her dad kissed her forehead; she smiled to her parents then waved her hand. A tear trailed down her cheek, 'come on. It's not like we won't see each other again besides I'll be escorted by a representative, right? I'll be fine.' They waited for her to be out-of-sight before they will leave the airport; she knew it or they might even wait for the plane to take-off before her parents will leave. She heaves a sigh, she might be a freshman but she already knows what to do. She is independent after all; she can take care of herself aside from tripping again! She shakes her head, biting her upper lip to hide her embarrassment. Of course, a lot have seen it! Her book fell too so she reached for it, someone took it before she can.

'T-thank-' her eyes looked up the person who helped her get it, she stands up. Her tongue is tied, how can that be possible? The first thing she noticed about the guy who helped her is his eyes. It has the same color as his silky hair which is fresh and neatly combed down as if he is enrolled in a school enforcing strict haircut rules. Back to his eyes, it isn't looking back at her though, he is busy talking over his phone and searching for something or someone. Her glance landed on his nose, it is perfectly chiseled like a model; his lips were crimson to think that he is a guy. She felt a little envious. And his skin, it is fair, just as she wanted for a guy. Ugh! She must not think about a stranger this way! Could that be considered as a sin? Oh, please. Forgive her then. She swallowed the lump on her throat, how can he be perfect? It is unfair! Totally unfair! The book is already in her hands, she searched for the guy who is already running on the check-in counter leaving her speechless, unable what to do next. It is as if there is an on-going quake inside her. One more thing, he is tall, lean and smells like the ocean. It smelled so manly and soothing. Ocean? Her heart started to beat twice at a time; he is just like the guy on the book! Oh, come on. She is becoming crazy about the book that it is as if the book is turning into life. Not just in anyone's life, but hers! Should she be scared now? She placed the book on top of her chest, near her own heart. Definitely not scared, she is as thrilled as a little girl given a stuff toy for winning a circus' stall games when there's a fiesta.

A week has passed; her braces were removed and she is surprised of how she looks like now! Also, she has already met her grandparents after so many years. With their power and influence over Japan, she has entered the most prestigious school for high school students! Cheers! From now on, she would be different. Well, she has always been different, right? She shrugged whatever. What she meant is she would still be normal, but this time she would have friends –hopefully! And real friends too, take note of that.

Her first day in her new school is good compared to her school before, there she felt accepted to some, if not to all of them at the mean time. She is not rushing things anyway, she would be positive about gaining friends – the real ones. Chemistry laboratory. That was where she met her new-found friend. The arrangement of laboratory partners were based on surnames so she wondered why they became partners when her surname starts with A and hers was O. How can that be possible? Her partner answered her query when they sat on their assigned lab-table, she explained to her that she is absent for three days so she isn't there when their professor made the arrangements. Later that day, she joined the Art Club which is an organization for students who were keen to learn, passionate and talented about the world of the arts. The president of the Art Club announced that this coming Friday, they will have a special guest who will judge their work so everyone must prepare and do their best. She will surely do her best; they were told that each week there would be a best portrait which will be posted on the hallway of the CEO's building. It would be an honor for her, not only that, they would also be graded each week and whoever gets the highest score at the end of each month will compete with the other schools.

Painting doesn't end when you finished polishing, after that you have to explain your piece – your inspiration. It is the most important. The theme for the week is about nature, so she painted what is in the book. Spring Rain. Spring Rain. She recalled something about it; just remove the spring – her father's work! The one she saw in Paris, could it be? It is just a coincidence; she parted her lips then began to explain her piece. 'Tribulations in life are like spring rain, it unexpectedly falls over one's head. It's up to you if you will run through it and face it the way you want since you believe that in every rain comes a beautiful tomorrow promised by the colorful rainbow. Or you will find shelter, comfort because you know it will pass soon – there's no need to run and be hit, let the troubles mind their own. I painted a spring rain because it is a reminder that, the nature's beauty cannot just be seen on what's happening at the moment, but on what comes after that.'

One afternoon the following week, she is asked by a classmate if she would be hanging out with them at the karaoke after class. Karaoke? No, not today. She would be at the Art Club to paint a portrait of her new-found friend; she promised her that she would pose as her model for her next subject. 'I'm sorry, we'll be off to the Art Club, maybe next time.' Her eyes watched them leave; they gave her smile before coming out of the class room. Speaking of her subject, where is she? She is just arranging her things awhile ago, where did she go? She dialed her best friend's number, 'hey, where are you? I'll be there.' After clicking the end button she collected her stuff and headed outside the classroom. When she steps out, she notices that there are so many girls outside the Class A's room – what's going on? Where should she walk? She is not really familiar with the school yet, it's the only path she knows. Maybe she just has to walk over that crowd to get to the Culinary Club's laboratory. There she found her, 'you promised you'll be-'

Her new-found friend's eyes were carefully measuring the ingredients, 'I'm sorry. I can't, I mean the competition will be in two weeks,' she speaks in a low voice. 'I heard this year's critics would come from other countries and they say there would also be a famous celebrity although I'm not into celebrity but I need to practice my cooking skills. I have to impress them-'

Impress them? Of course! 'Well, I know how good you are in cooking – I'm sure you will impress them!'

She looked at her, tucked the strands of her long brown hair behind her ear. 'Thanks! You know? You're different Hazumi,'

Different? 'Different bad or different good?'

'Good. And oh,' she raised the measuring cup in her hand. 'About your painting,' she looks at her wrist watch 'I can't be your subject, I need to-' it is okay, she understood.

She shakes her head, 'it's okay. I guess I just have to use my imagination-'

'I called someone who can be your model.' A foolish smile formed on her lips, 'he'll be there since he owes me a lot. Just-' she reaches for her phone 'wait for him at the Art Club. He'll be there or else I'll kill him. He treated me like we're not-'

Him? She would paint a guy? No way. 'But I already have something in mind for this week's theme, I don't need a model anymore. Besides,' she pictured a woman standing on the cliff, looking at the ocean her hair flying with the wind. 'I don't think of painting a guy-'

Her new-found friend stopped from what she is doing, 'because you only wanted to paint this guy you barely even know? The one who helped you in the airport? Chances of meeting him out of ten is one, believe me.' Her eyebrows went up and down on her, 'go now. I'll call you tonight.'

No one is there when she opened the door; the Art Club's quarter is quiet as if no one has been there before. The tables were neat, the floor looked newly mopped, she even thought of not going in. Okay. Will her model really be there? She places her art materials on the table before sitting; her back is facing the door so she didn't see whoever entered the room. But the person's scent, it is too familiar to her. People could have the same scent, but the person's scent differs from the others because it has his own too. It is the smell of the ocean, fresh and clean – relaxing, as if she wanted to take a nap. For awhile she allowed herself to shut her eyes, when she opened them a guy is already in front of her. She blinked her eyes thrice, with lips lightly parted and breathing slowing down – what is happening to her? Could she be dreaming of seeing the guy she wanted to meet again? No, it couldn't be a dream because the guy is changing his expressions. From questioning, calm, annoyed to blank. The guy speaks, her heart races – he is too real.

'Will you just stare at me all day?' Oh, gee. Could she be staring at him for a long time? It is so embarrassing! He might think that she is retarded.

How to get away, get back – right. 'I was just examining your features,' that sounded so awkward. 'For my painting,' good thing she didn't stutter. He looked convinced though, she sighs.

His composed figure stayed, his eyes looked at hers 'shall we start?' Start? That fast? Was he in a rush? Without introductions? Just straight into business, of course! He sat in the middle, where subject sits.

She nodded and forced a smile, why does she feel uncollected? Where should she start? Of course, outlining! His scent is making her feel enslaved, what must she do? 'Look at me,' she felt awkward with it. She might not be able to paint him, 'look at the door instead.' Better. 'Thank you.' After half an hour, she finished her piece. He stood up and massaged his neck and arms; she bowed to him 'thanks.'

He went near her, 'may I take a look?'

Look? At what? Her work? 'No, I mean not yet.' He shrugged then his eyes were fixed on the table, where could he be looking? At her mess? She bit her lower lip, collected her materials and placed them all inside her A.C bag. She is a bit shaky that her favorite book fell; the guy picked it for her. He looked at it closely then turned it to the first page, she grabbed it from him. 'Thank you.' In a second she is all set, 'got to go! Bye!'

She thought of him the whole night, could it really be him? He has the same eyes, the same color of hair, nose, frame and scent! It is the same guy she saw at the airport! Could he be her destiny? But then, who is he to her new-found friend? Could he be her boyfriend? Someone who likes her or guy best friend? Then there is no chance for them, if that's the case.




Rei 39 and Aya 39

Yume 16, The Famous




Aren't you the daughter of Rei and Aya? Aren't you the sister of Otohata-kun? It is their entire fault that she is famous, not that she didn't like it. It is just unfair, because she really didn't have a title for herself. Like, it should be aren't you the girl who won the first place on the middle school's cooking competition? Or maybe aren't you the next Beauty Queen? Not to brag, but she has everything in her, the beauty, brain, and virtues. Why couldn't she be? She is the daughter of two perfect human beings! It is expected of her!

It is hard to be famous; everyone's eyes will be on you so you have to think first before you do something. Her parents were kind to her; they didn't impose strict rules upon her and to her twin brother. Yes, you heard that right. She has a twin brother, which she didn't really like. They didn't get along; she didn't know why she is pissed on him. No, of course she knows why! Maybe because in the past, all of her friends were in love with him that they just wanted to be friends with her because they wanted to get close to her twin brother, they wanted to use her as their bridge! Well, forget it. Since then, she didn't want to be attached to her twin brother. She didn't want them to know that they were twins, it is not impossible since they don't look alike. Her twin brother looked like her father except for the eyes, and her? During her younger years, everyone thought she looked like her father but now? Well, she looked liked her mother, except for the hair. She got her father's brown locks.

'Where have you been? Fishing for French girls?' She asks when her twin brother arrived, he probably went buying some stuff and to think that the plane should be about to board already.

He places his phone inside his pocket, 'no. Unlike you I bought something for mom and dad.'

Oh, snap. How can she forget about them? 'That's because, I-'

He shakes his head on her, 'save it. You really are forgetful, to think that you're just a freshman. I wouldn't be surprised if one day-'

One day you will also forget your name and you will be lost, that is what's next on his statement. She hears that all the time. 'I told you to eat memory enhancers, blah blah blah. Can we just go?' Unlike her twin brother, she is not that smart. Okay, she is not really smart. She just studies thrice as a normal student does so she could get the highest grades. And congratulations to her, it pays off all the time. Still, it is unfair because her twin brother didn't need to study, he is a genius! She sticks her tongue out on him, 'I should've just left you. I will tell mother what you did here in Pari-'

His eyes widened, 'don't tell her that.'

She thinks for awhile, as if showing her brother that she will think about it. Oh, yes she won't in one condition, 'mom will surely be disheartened if she'll know-' but really she is not serious about telling it to their mom, she is just testing and teasing him. 'Anyway, honestly? Let's go.'




Rei 39 and Aya 39

Gen Jitsu 16, The Perfect




If not because of his mother, he won't be able to understand girls. They're so different to male species, a million light years different actually! He doesn't know why there are girls who are loud and there are those silent and plain weird! One of the reasons why he is distant to girls except to his mother and relatives – of course. It is difficult to communicate with girls especially when they just gush over you like you were some kind of an idol, but he isn't. He doesn't think that he is a celebrity, even though his parents were both good-looking and famous in the past – what does it has to do with him? This generation is different from the old ones, he meant the previous generation. And why does everyone describes him as perfect? He has his own flaws, but whenever he would go out – everyone's eyes were on him like he is a walking greek god which he didn't like. All he wanted is to live a normal life; he didn't want to have a title specifically the title 'Mr. Perfect' for he is not. Nobody's perfect!

'I'll just go to the restroom-' his twin carries her luggage while scrolling down on her phone. Her eyes look up at him with annoyance. 'Shall we meet at the boarding area then?'

'Okay.' His eyes move from his twin to find the restroom, it is not that far why don't he just wait for her? While waiting for his twin, someone walks up. It is the lady he met yesterday. The lady waves her hand, leaves her things to the lady beside her to meet him.

'H-hey, it's so nice to see you here. I didn't really get your name-'

'I'm sorry I was in a rush yesterday-' why is he explaining?

'It's okay. I'm Kira, I hope you enjoyed your stay here in Paris-'

Honestly, he did. It is a very beautiful place. 'Yeah-'

'So, you are?' Her smile reaches her eyes.

'Gen Jitsu-' he extends his hand on her, she gladly accepted it.

'Nice to meet you Gen Jitsu-' she leans in to give him a friendly kiss on the cheek.

He looked at the signboard then glances at the lady named Kira, he didn't expect that the lady will give him a kiss. It is just surprising that it landed on his lips! It is his first kiss! From afar, he sees his twin covering her mouth while shaking her head. Still shocked, he didn't know what to say. The lady is shocked too, he observed her features.

She bows her head, obviously embarrassed of what she did. 'I didn't mean to-'

'It's unintentional right?' Scratching his head, he bids his goodbye then walks away. What just happened? Walking to the restroom, he looked at himself on the mirror. How can his kiss be stolen by a total stranger? After checking in for his flight, he walks to the immigration and finds some goodies for his parents. While thinking of what happened he lost track of the time. Jeez! He must run now or he would not be able to arrive on the boarding time!

'Where have you been? Fishing for French girls?'

Fishing for French girls? She misunderstood what she saw! He places his phone inside his pocket, 'no. Unlike you I bought something for mom and dad.'

'That's because, I-'

He shakes his head on her, 'save it. You really are forgetful, to think that you're just a freshman. I wouldn't be surprised if one day you will also forget your name and you will be lost I told you to eat memory enhancers, are you listening young lady?' His twin is not listening, obviously.

'Can we just go? I should've just left you. I will tell mother what you did here in Pari-'

His eyes widened, 'don't tell her that.'

She thinks for awhile, as if showing her brother that she will think about it. Oh, yes she won't in one condition, 'mom will surely be disheartened if she'll know-' but really she is not serious about telling it to their mom, she is just testing and teasing him. 'Anyway, honestly? Let's go.'

A week after, when he walks down the stairs his twin rolls her eyes on him. It is her usual act every morning, why can't they be good with each other? Why do they always have this small fight like they were not a twin at all? 'What?'

'Remember what happened in Paris-'

Paris? How can he forget that?

His expressive brown eyes widen, 'h-hey I thought we talke-'

She raises her hands on him as if to stop him from speaking. 'Relax, I won't tell mom in one condition-'

His head bows then he walks over the dining area. 'I've got to eat-'

She follows him. 'I need to practice my skills for the competition so would you please be the subject for my friend? She needed a model for the Art-'

Please? Did he hear her say that word? Model? 'No,' he shakes his head in a manner of not stopping and not interested. 'I can't-' their parents walk down the stairs to the dining area, gives them kisses then smiles at the two of them.

Their mother kisses their father on his lips, what a scene! They are just too sweet, they are always to sweet as if they just got married yesterday! 'Could we just eat?' He joked.

'After class, Art Club-' she reminds him, glances at their mom then glares at him.

What is he supposed to do? It is not something that he likes to do, pose for a model? Come on, could he just go outside? Play sports? Or maybe write and read in the library?

After class, he walks outside the room. As usual, girls were outside to stare at him which is annoying. It is not cool! Why do they have to be so fanatic to him? What did they see on him anyway? A girl passed in front him, ignoring all the girls and him. She is so focused on where she is heading, who is that?

His phone rings, he is sure it is a call from his twin telling him about what she asked for him this morning. Like he has a choice right?




Kazuki 39 1/2 and Amie 39 1/4

Kazuki 23, The Celebrity




Photo shoots, commercials, interviews and guest on shows – he is just too tired on them. Could he just take a break from it? Or perhaps leave them for good? In the past or even in the present time he is very famous everywhere he goes. How can he not when his parents both came from a rich family, own resorts, cruise, and clothing line?

In his preparatory, he has been known as the class genius. In middle school, he is called the school's role model. In high school, he has been the top student and the super star. In college, he has been a total celebrity to all ages. It might be a dream come true, but it isn't. Not to him, he just wants to be normal – period. And that is his plan, to live his life as a normal human being would do. After taking up a four-year course, he would pursue medicine! He just wants to change the title The Celebrity to The Doctor, yes – he would want to be called Dr. Kazuki Katase. Also, he would continue being a food critic for he loves food so much!

His mother visits him one day on his apartment in Paris. 'Hey mom-' he gives him a kiss. 'I missed you-'

Amie pouts her lips on her son. 'Oh, really? Then why haven't I seen you in a while?'

It's because he has been busy. 'You know why-' he is arranging his documents for he wants to take med-school in Japan.

'Would you really want to be a doctor? Is it because you were inspired by your grandfather?'

Grandpa? Yes, he was one of the reasons. His grandfather died when he was ten, they said was a miracle because when he was two years old his grandfather was given only a few days to live but he lived more than days, in fact years! 'Yes-'

Amie embraces her son. 'I'm so proud of you-'

Want to know the other reason? It is something personal though, he wants to see his first real love. Well, you see he has been with a couple of girls in the past but among those girls he has just found one real. How is she now? They met when he was still on his junior year in college, and she was on her freshman year in high school. You heard that right; he is five years ahead of her. They've been together for one year, after his graduation when he left for Paris they decided to call the relationship off.

'Your dad and I would be going to Japan as well, you know for the grand reunion.'

He nods his head. 'I see.'

'You have to join us, it would just take two days or three –uh it depends-'

Grand reunion? What does it have to do with him? 'No, I think I'll pass-'

Pass? Did she hear that right? 'Honey, you have to be there-'

'What for?' It is a reunion of their generation, her friends – why does he have to be there? 'I'm sure it's a class reunion, or something like that so what does it have to do with me-'

'Oh,' his mother shakes her head. 'It has something to do with you of course, we couldn't have been this happy if it weren't because of my friends. You see, whatever we have right now? It's because of someone-'

Yes. He has heard of that story quite often, about the lady called The Dreamer. 'What will I do on that any-'

'Just you know, relax-um we'll be on our private beach resort and-uh the whole place is renovated-uh you'll love it-um I'm sure! Come on-' she encourages her son.

'I don't know-' really? But seeing his mother with pleading eyes? 'Okay.'

'Yes!' His mother's smile is something different, like something behind is in.

Shrugging, he reaches for the family picture on his table. 'How's Kira?' He is talking about his sister.

'As usual, if not shopping she's in the house partying-'

'Partying?' He shakes his head.

'Come on, she's already eighteen. It's okay-'

Okay? His parents give her sister a lot of freedom as if he is the parent to her. 'Eighteen? Turning eighteen, you mean. No, it's not. Are there boys? I have to meet them first mom-'

'Hmm. Y-yeah, there are but-'

But what? 'Mom-' he lightly touches his forehead. 'They're boys, boysare still boys-'

'Why are you so strict with your sister-'

Strict? 'I am just concerned-'

'Oh,' as if she remembers something 'Kira wants to study in Japan. That way you could check on her you know-'





Kazuki 39 1/2 and Amie 39 1/4

Kira 17 turning 18, The Law Breaker and New Girl




Don't go alone. Always tell us where you were off to. She felt like a little girl! Come on, she's turning eighteen! She must be living without boundaries now! Reaching her phone, she founds missed calls and texts from her brother. She doesn't know whether she must be happy or suffocated that her brother is super strict on her. He is like a parent to her; maybe she must find a wife for him just so he would stop being a father and mother to her! Right! What a great idea!

She is thinking about her brother when someone catches her eyes. The guy walks in on the shop, perhaps to buy an artwork. When his eyes land on her, he questions her. 'Miss, how much is this? Oh, wait do you speak English?'

What? Did he really just mistake her as a salesperson? Seriously? Wait. And of course, she could speak and understand English! Is he insulting her? If only he is not cute, she would definitely be pissed right now! 'I'm sorry but I'm not the-'

'Oh,' he shakes his head in a manner that makes her jaw drop. 'I'm sorry I didn't mean-I didn't please don't be offended-'

'You love art? Um painting-so-uh you must be an artist-'

'I don't paint, but I'm an aesthete. I appreciate beautiful things, like this-' he points on the frames with beautiful sketches. 'I admire people who make their art known and who is good at it-'

Good at it? How she wanted to enter an art school! 'I do too. I mean, I love art-'

'Cool-' he walks to the counter with a small frame with him. 'I like this-'

Rain? 'Why?'

'I just love rain. I don't know-' they smiled at each other.

'So, do you live here in Paris?'

He shakes his head. 'No, actually I'll be leaving tomorrow.'

'You're a tourist then-'

'Y-yeah.' After his purchase, he left the shop. Would she see him again? The next day, on her way to the check-in counter she could not believe her eyes. Is that really him? Oh, she would not let the moment pass. She must get his name! She left her personal maid then walks her way to meet the guy. 'H-hey, it's so nice to see you here. I didn't really get your name-'

'I'm sorry I was in a rush yesterday-'

Yes, he was in a rush like he didn't want to be around her. 'It's okay. I'm Kira, I hope you enjoyed your stay here in Paris-'


Yeah? Is that all he can say? She smiles at him. 'So, you are?'

'Gen Jitsu-' he extends his hand on her, she gladly accepted it.

'Nice to meet you Gen Jitsu-' she guesses it's not that bad to give him a friendly kiss right? Like a kiss on the cheek? Slowly, she leans on him when he looks on his side. She thinks her lips would meet his cheek, but it didn't. Instead, it lands on the guy's his own lips! How shocking and awkward is that?

She bows her head, looking at the floor. Would it just open up for her, swallow her from her embarrassing act? 'I didn't mean to-'

'It's unintentional right?' Scratching his head, he bids his goodbye then walks away.

Unintentional? Yes, it is unintentional. She knows she is flushed right now. So, that's how first kiss tasted? Gently, she touches the lips which were throbbing a bit.

'I won't speak of this to your brother-'

Brother? Oh, snap! She is so dead! Really dead! She slaps her forehead while breathing in and out.

'H-hello? Y-yes, I just arrived here in Tokyo-um I'm fine-uh you don't have to worry about me-yeah-bye' she slid the phone's screen to end the call.




Yamato and Miyu 39

Taiyo 18 1/2, The Law Enforcer




'I'm telling you, I didn't start the fight-' the boy rubs his chin then looks at the he fought with earlier.

Really? It's the same line, everyone caught says that. 'No use of explaining, your parents must walk in here. We'll wait for them, you're still a minor-' the boy uttered a curse. 'Stop that, no cursing on our headquarter please?' How can young people just speak of curses like it is a common thing to do? Is it common?

He is not an officer yet, he is just volunteering on his father's office to do justice, make amends between different sides, hear people's complaints, eliminate crime rates, enforce laws, and remind students about rules but he will pursue being an officer. He wants to be like his father, besides it is in his blood. He came from a family of cops and he would not let anyone cut that.

On his way home, he saw that the streets were not filled with young people. It is a nice view, while walking with relief he notices a lady who crosses the street on red light! What is she up to? She is causing traffic! Good thing, she is not crossing the main road because she might be dead right now! He won't let her pass!

Someone is chasing after her, he guesses it might be her friend or aunt or just relative. She doesn't looks up on him when she passes by on him, like he doesn't exist as if he is not a police officer. Well, he is not an officer yet but he is known all over Tokyo! How can she not know him and not be scared of him? 'Excuse me?' The lady went on with her walk, amazed with the stores while the lady who is chasing her keeps on taking pictures of her. What is going on? Is she crazy? Are they crazy?

'Do I look good there?' The lady checks her shot then pouts her cherry lips. 'No, no-I-um one more' she poses like a child.

He notices that the lady is attracting attention, but it's not the point! She is blocking the way! 'Excuse me?'

As if annoyed at him, she finally looks up at him. '.'

'You're blocking the way-'

'Blocking the way? I don't think so, the people could still walk.' The lady ignores him and continues with her photo shoot. 'Take a picture of me right here-' she walks on the pedestrian lane.

What? The lights would turn red in a couple of seconds, in a swift manner before she could even be hit by a vehicle he pulled her away from the road that they fell on the sidewalk.

In dismay, she abruptly stands up. 'What's your problem? Are you trying to make an impression on me? Do you like me?'

What? 'Excuse me?'

'Is that all you say? Excuse me-'

'I'm a police officer-' well not yet, but he has a badge that he is part of the police team! He shows it to her. 'See? So,' he defends himself. 'I'm not trying to make an impression young lady but you have committed three violations-'

'Violations?' Her face becomes pale. 'Okay, what grounds?'

'Walking when the light is red twice, and blocking the way-'

'Is that a violation-'

'Are you going to just oppose, I believe you should be apologizing now-'

The lady laughs in a mocking way. 'Apologize? Why did I commit a crime? Did I kill someone?'

'How old are you?'

'Seventeen um eighteen this-'

'Seventeen?' He laughs. 'You're a minor, do you know that we enforce strict rules on minor? Come with me to the police station.' At the police station, 'I can't believe kids these days-'

'Kids? I am a kid? Excuse me? Huh, I told you my parents are not here yet-'

'Could you just be silent for awhile?'

'Silent? You're the one who's talking blah-blah-blah.' What? She is really annoying him! She is trying his patience, what must he do? 'My personal nanny is with me, you should just set me free. I won't do it again-'

Won't do it again? He doubts that. After an hour the lady, together with her nanny fell asleep. He wakes them up, 'since you're telling the truth you can go now. I'll drive you home-'

'N-no, as if I don't know you just want to know where I live-'

What? What planet did she come from?




Yamato and Miyu 39

Miwa 14, The Advocate (Part of the new Junior Detective Squad)




Notebooks? Check! Pens? Check! Uniforms? Check! All done! The Junior Detective Squad is ready to clean the outskirts of Shibuya! She walks down the stairs then hands her letter to her mom who is sitting on the floor, creating her lesson plan. 'What do you think?' After reading the letter, she hands it back to her. 'You think dad will approve of it? Come on-'

Miyu shakes her head. 'I don't know. Why don't you just wait for him?'

Wait for him? Okay, she would do that. The letter she wrote is about the permission to get three badges for the Junior Detective Squad to make their team official. She hears a sound coming from the outside, it probably is her dad! Her dad walks in, her mom kisses his lips with so much love. When he looks her way, he walks over and gave her a kiss on her forehead. 'What is it dear?'

Miyu answers. 'She wrote you a letter-'

'A love letter for me? That is just-'

Miyu smiles then shakes her head.

He reaches for the letter then scratches his head after. 'You're asking for a badge?'

Miwa nods her head. 'Yeah so that our team would really be junior cops-'

'Even without a badge you could do justice right? You know like-'

'But we want a badge-' when her father disagreed she walks inside her room. Maybe her father is right, they don't need a badge. Even without it, they could be the Junior Detective Squad! Reaching for her phone, she dials her cousin's number. 'Hello? Oh, we don't have a badge but I got all we need! I already received the uniforms! I'll bring them tomorrow!'




Tatsuki 39 and Ran 39

Kisa 18, The Super Gal




Her mom Ran, used to be the Super Gal of Shibuya. Now the title is on her head, she is the official Gal of Shibuya - probably the most popular among the guys and the next it-girl. Others say that she became popular because of Kazuki Katase, when they got together as a couple. That is not true! She is popular even before that! It has been a year, since they call it quits. How is he now? She doesn't know. Did she really love him? Maybe she did. What she just didn't love back then was how they became the talk of town and their relationship has always been on the headlines. There was no privacy, it made her feel unhappy.

Now, does she feel happy without him? She is uncertain, maybe is she sees him she'll know. Anyway, she doesn't need a man – she is a strong gal! She can live on her own, she is happy with her friends and family – they were all she needed.

Arriving on their house, she smiles then reaches for her keys. She twists the knob, places her bag down the lounge. She smells the food coming from the dining area, her mother may not be a good cook but she still tries to cook for them. When she sees them in the dining area, she smiles then gives her parents a kiss. 'I'm sorry I'm late for dinner-' she sits beside Sei. 'Is this still about the badge? Is that the topic Sei? I can't believe you-'

'Oh, that's because you don't want it-'

Don't want it? 'Don't want it? I'm like mom, I don't need a badge. During mom's time, she didn't need a badge. I'm a Super Gal after all, right mom?'

Ran nods her head. 'Yes, but sooner you have to go with your cousin Taiyo to be an official cop-' she is right about that.

Sei rolls his eyes. 'I wonder if she really wants to be a cop, look at her. She wears girly things-stuffs-um'

Kisa ignores her brother. 'Itadakimasu!' It's a usual thing in the house, the simple exchange of words but even though she fights with her younger brothers often she wouldn't replace her family with others. She loves being with them, it's the kind of family she would want to be with for the rest of her life.




Tatsuki 39 and Ran 39

Akira 14, The Interrogator (Part of the new Junior Detective Squad)




Miwa didn't persuade her dad, he must try what he can on asking his mom instead. What must he do to get them badges? First, he cleans the house as fast as he can then prepared a dessert. When his parents arrive together, he gave him a smile as if needed something from them.

Ran narrows her eyes. 'I'm smelling something fishy right here-'

Tatsuki nods his head then walks over to his son. 'What does our son need?'

Ran raises his eyebrows. 'Come on, spill it kid-'

'Mom,' he sighs 'I need three badges for our Junior Detective Squad!'

'Well, you know fully well I can't-'

'I prepared your favorite dessert-'

Ran rushes over to the dining area. 'Oh, really-uh you're telling the truth! Thank you Akira!'

Akira follows her mother. 'Mom, please-'

Ran pouts her lips then starts to eat the dessert in one-eating. 'I don't know. I'll try my best to ask your uncle about that because he is the chief not me-' she caresses her son's face. 'I'll do my best. Thanks for this, I love it!'

'Thank you mom!' Akira embraces his mom.

Ran looks at her husband, Tatsuki asks if it tastes good. She shakes her head, then gestured a thumbs-down.

Tatsuki crosses his arms. 'What?'

Ran crinkles her nose. 'Just kidding-'

Akira frees himself. 'What are you two talking? H-hey, the corners of my eyes saw what you did-'

Ran widens her eyes. 'What?'

'Are you two talking about my dessert? You said, you're kidding mom. Were you just talking about how my dessert tasted?'




Tatsuki 39 and Ran 39

Sei 12, The Fighter (Part of the new Junior Detective Squad)




What? They didn't get badges? At the dining area, he complains about it to his mom. 'Mom, you should give us the badges-'

Akira agrees with his younger brother. 'Right-'

Ran looks at her husband then smiles. 'We talked about it earlier, right Akira?'

Sei shakes his head. 'That's between you and Akira, this is different. You and me, this is our talk-'

Tatsuki can only shake his head then eat. 'Hmm.'

'Mom,' Sei pointed the chopsticks on his mom. 'We will help you on this district's crime rates you know, we're the Junior Detectives after all. If grandpa's here, he would definitely agree with us, he would even be proud. I would surely call him, if you can't give us the badges then I will find a way to have them-'

The door opens; it probably is their sister Kisa. True enough, it is her. She walks to the dining area, gives a kiss to mom and dad. 'I'm sorry I'm late for dinner-' she sits beside Sei. 'Is this still about the badge? Is that the topic Sei? I can't believe you-'

Believe him? 'Oh, that's because you don't want it-'

'Don't want it? I'm like mom, I don't need a badge. During mom's time, she didn't need a badge. I'm a Super Gal after all, right mom?'

Ran nods her head. 'Yes, but sooner you have to go with your cousin Taiyo to be an official cop-'

Sei rolls his eyes. 'I wonder if she really wants to be a cop, look at her. She wears girly things-stuffs-um'

Kisa ignores her brother. 'Itadakimasu!'

Author's Note: As you can see, Yamato doesn't have an age here that's because I don't know how old he is! I'm so sorry! By the way, about the age of the characters? Do you remember how old Aya and the others were when they entered high school? I'm not sure but in manga/anime, correct me if I'm wrong, they were 16 in their freshman year? If so, I was wrong in my story because I based my story in my country's education system! I'm so sorry! So, in my story Aya and the others entered high school when they were 13!

Now, about the real characters' kids they would enter high school on their sixteenth year! Okay? I hope you're not confused. If you're confused, just ignore the age.

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