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Kitty Pryde sighed and pulled a strand of hair behind her ear. Her frustration today was her Biology homework, and since the subject of genetics being more tedious than difficult, her patience was pushed to its outer-most limits. The stress of being a new student starting the second semester of junior year and a new member to the Xavier Institute, really weighed down on her. Water didn't help the situation either, although it may have soothed the throat of the young mutant, it did not quench the thirst of finishing the last problem that concluded the days accumulation of homework. Her computer homework was in fact, so easy that she finished it in class before the teacher finished with the instructions. Her pre-calculus was never a problem for her, once she put herself in the mindset of the class being nothing more than an advanced algebra and trigonometry class, and she even toured the mansion for a while.

Although through all of the classes she had today, Advanced Biology was the hardest. It was not because of the life cycles, or the ecosystem, nor the study of contagious diseases and their history, nor was it the human body itself; the simple section on genetics had seemed to torture her to her breaking point. For a young woman with mass amounts of energy, the task of completing Tri-Hybrid Crosses is near to impossible.

"Shit…" was all that was said in the computer room of the mansion. Kitty chose this area to complete her homework. The buzzing of the computers seemed to give enough noise to keep her sane, without the hassle of fighting to keep concentration on her work rather than a voice. Such an area gave Kitty a sense of peace… until she found out she messed up somewhere towards the end of her seventh of nine crosses, each taking a little over half an hour to do.

"Question 7 part A. Cross a long red flower with small leaves, which is homozygous for color and leaves, with, a short white flower with medium leaves, to which is heterozygous for height. This natural case has no incomplete dominance, however for both F1 and F2, give genotype and phenotype for both the natural case and if incomplete dominance was shown in leaves. (Be aware you might need more than one F2.) Question 6 part B The offspring in your natural F2 have been chosen to be a part of an ongoing experiment. Cross the offspring that is four rows from the top, three columns from the left, with a flower that is short, blue, and has spaded leaves, and which the plant is super dominant for all traits (any other types of traits are automatically recessive, and there is a 1/100 chance of incomplete dominance.) Optimal time for question: 50min – 1hr, 10min. MY ASS! Why did the professor want me in this stupid class! I just wanted to have the easy generic Biology class, BUT NO! I have to take it with THE Dr. McCoy!"

Kitty crumpled up the two pieces of paper that had boxes and keys and scribbles all over both sides of them, and threw them behind her.

"Hey watch it!" Jamie Madrox shielded his face so the flying papers would not hit him.

"Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry. I'm just a little tired."

"Yeah, I'll say." He looked at the mess off books, papers, eraser leftovers, and a few broken pencils. "How long have you been in here?"

"A few hours I think. I didn't really care about time when I got in here." She rubbed her eyes.

"Oh ok. I'm Jaime by the way. I haven't seen you around so I thought you were new."

"Oh, I'm Kitty… Kitty Pryde. I am new. Today is my first official day."

"Cool!" Jaime took a seat beside her and held out his hand to shake, which Kitty hesitantly shook. "It's almost time for dinner here. You might not know how we handle the food here at the mansion, but it's crazy, here, put your stuff in that cabinet over there. Nobody ever uses them. You can come back after you eat."

"Uh, Ok." Kitty quickly stuffed all the books and papers into her messenger bag, but hesitated when she looked at the cabinet. "I think it would be better if I put this in my room."

"No problem, I can save you a spot if you like." Jaime put his chair back and started to walk out the door.

"Thank you, but I will be ok. I'm not that hungry really. Today has been very overwhelming." Jaime nodded and waved good-bye.

Kitty had a small room to herself down towards the end of the third floor girl's hall. The professor said he started single children by themselves to feel more at home, and then pair them up with students when he felt they were ready. She opened the door and immediately jumped onto her bed.

"Wow this is really going to take a while to get used to." She said aloud. Her eyes scanned the bare room, landing on the boxes of stuff she brought from home. Opening the box on top to find her electronics and CDs, she carefully spread the contents on her bed. Kitty remembered the times she begged her mom for an iPod to put all her music on and not have to keep bringing her CD player to school, usually hiding it in her messenger bag. Mrs. Pryde made it clear that if Kitty was ever to have one, she would have to get it with her own money. Since the young teen had neither the money, nor a job to obtain the necessary amount, the subject was not brought up often. Every birthday or special occasion since, would have included at least one CD of Kitty's favorite artist, and over time, the small handful of CDs had accumulated to a whole wall in her room, dedicated to the library of hard copy albums.

She picked up one of the more recent albums she got for her birthday and set it aside before finding a plug for her stereo system. Eagerly placing the disk in and selecting song eight, she waited for the disk to read. Guitars slowly started to fill the room, giving it a deep color. The reverse effect given to another guitar seemed to make the room start to spin. By the time the vocals came in, Kitty was in her own world. The uplifting melody, brightened up the room even more after the window blinds were rolled up. With all of the spinning and small dancing, combined with the placing of individual objects, the work seemed to go much quicker than expected. The last CD was put in place and the box was thrown into the corner by the time the break in the middle of the song. The next box was cloths, which were already on hangers. The closet was bigger than she expected, this bringing a smile to the young girl's face. Clothes seemed to fly into the empty closet like seagulls diving for fish.

Lamps were assembled and put in place, pillows were placed on the bed and the small sitting area next to the window. She didn't have any time to do this earlier, as she got in to her room about eleven thirty the night before, with school the next morning. She only had time for laying out the clothes and messenger bag before sleep took over. Now she had plenty of time to set things the way she wanted. Her energy boosted as her favorite part of the song began. A very heavily beated part where the orchestra and what sounded like a rock group, combined into the climax of the song. The bathroom was set up in record time and as soon as she leaped onto her bed, the last chord was struck in the song. She let out a sigh and a small laugh for her accomplishment.

"Bravo! That was quite impressive." Kitty jumped up from her bed to see a girl about her age standing at the door. The girl was very unique looking. She wore hoop earrings, a yellow trench coat, and boots.

"Uh, Thanks. How long have you been there?"

"Oh I heard the music down the hall, once it started I decided to check it out, so near the beginning. I have never seen cleaning like that, since…. Ever!"

"Sorry, I tend to get lost in the music. I'm Kitty Pryde by the way." Kitty turned off the stereo when the next song started to play.

"I'm Jubilee. My real name is Jubilation Lee, but it gets old to say after a while, so most just call me Jubilee, or Jubes for short. That was a very beautiful song. What was it?" Kitty opened the stereo to retrieve the disk.

"It's one of my favorites. The song is called "Until Tomorrow" and it's made by this group called Hybrid." She handed the CD to Jubilee, who looked at the design and smiled at the name; "I Choose Noise."

"Wow this looks really cool. You seem to have a lot of music." She said as she walked over to the newly stocked bookcase.

"Yeah. I didn't have my own computer or anything at home, just a CD player and all these CDs." Kitty's tone emphasized her slightly distasteful living situation. Although it was not terrible, it was rather inconvenient not having more up-to-date means of enjoying music.

"Well that will change." Jubilee's upbeat manner made Kitty look up with a questioning face. "The professor would probably be glad to get you a desktop or laptop for your room. He's a very caring man. He wants us to feel safe and satisfied here. He gave me a laptop so I could talk with my parents and video call them whenever we can. I'm sure he would do the same thing for you."

"Wow. That's very kind of him. I've lived without one though, and I wouldn't want it to be a burden to get…"

"Don't worry about a thing. You're going to be taken real good care of. Hey, I'm headed down for dinner, you want to come join me?" Jubilee's smile was contagious.

"Sure. I'm just a little nervous going into a room with lots of people. Especially when I don't know them."

"Really? Wow, I would love to have that happen to me again! You can be who you want to be and everybody will think you are that kind of person. My first day here I accidentally set my room on fire. Not a fun day, but when I entered the cafeteria for breakfast the next morning, I just smiled like an idiot and laughed a lot. The others would look at me weird and laugh, but when they got to know me, they found out how much fun I really am. The same will happen for you. Just put on the face that you would have, if you had been living here all your life, and you will fit right in."

"You have a power? Setting things on fire?" Kitty asked as she locked her room and the two started down the hallway.

"Well… see I produce little energy bombs from my fingers. Pure raw energy. But only in little bursts. Look…" Jubilee lifted a finger and to Kitty's astonishment, it started to glow as if electricity was collecting under the skin. And suddenly a stream of sparkling light ejected from the finger. The light popped and fizzed as it raced down the long corridor; ultimately ending in a small explosion like a fire cracker.

"Wow. That was incredible! It's like fireworks shooting from your fingers!"

"Yeah I know! I feel lucky. It is a very fun mutation, but I still have trouble controlling it. Sometime it gets very hot. Or too bright, and then burns or blindness can occur." She smiled informatively as if mocking an infomercial. "Ha ha, alright well, hey let's get some dinner. I'm starving and we are getting the group together. You can meet some others that go to the high school down the street."

"Cool. I guess I am a little hungry."

"Great. They are serving pizza today. C'mon!"

A mad dash to the cafeteria proved invigorating, as the two had to out run several other hungry mutants. Kitty was amazed at how many students she saw that attended the high school. A boy in her class was in front of her, grabbing slices of pepperoni pizza two at a time. She was looking for just cheese, but couldn't find anything but crumbs of where it would have been. She settled for a few slices of pepperoni, although cringing at the thought of having the meat touching something she was going to eat. Ms. Munroe was putting slices on plates for the little kids, making sure they got what they wanted.

Kitty looked up in time to see a tall figure enter the room. His arms were muscular, along with the rest of his body. The black shirt seemed to be just another layer of skin, since she was able to see most every detail of his chiseled physique. His rich, blue eyes seemed to pop out against his jet black hair. He was handsome, very handsome, and apparently very hungry. She saw him take two pizza boxes that were set aside from the rest and retreated out of the room, but not before his eyes connected with her's. He didn't speak a word, didn't even give a hint of a smile. He just nodded as if giving a half-hearted hello, and left. Who was this silent giant? Kitty didn't know, but she sure would like to find out.

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