This story will be turned into a visual novel, and the draft of the story is a preview of what to expect.

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Phase I: Too Much Love Will Kill You

In my 18-year life, the entire thing was a huge blur.

The space station Yousouma that was the host to something called "the traitor game" brought out a revelation – a revelation nastier than what Xaviax had ever concocted during his tyrannical takeover of Earth and Ventara.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

"I... I trusted you..."

"And we trusted you."

That is me, Kit Taylor, exchanging words with the girl I befriended and fell in love with during my tenure in the space station, Kyouko Sakura. Behind her were two other girls named Silvia de Alisia and Audrey Burne and a small white animal-like creature named Kyubey.

"We trusted you to bring about this beautiful ending, and you made me very happy because of it."

She said that while approaching me and caressing my face.

"But... but why?"

She calmly stepped away. "Because the Master needed your bodies. And we intend to give them all to him."

The four persons were called the Traitors – they who have no shame in snuffing off the lives of their companions – which were called the Innocents – in the space station while hiding in shadows, away from the prying eyes of the Agents and the preemptive strikes of the Vigilante.

And Kyouko was one of them, to my utter surprise and disbelief.

I reached for my Advent Deck in desperation, but…

The prongs of a trident burst from my chest. I fell to my knees.

While I lay on the floor, bleeding profusely, I saw the visage of the shinigami scientist Mayuri Kurotsuchi – the President of the Shinigami Research Institute, the Captain of the 12th Squad, and the real master of the Yousouma Space Station – filled with a sinister smile.

My only words for him were, "But... I thought... you were innocent?"

"Of course, I'm innocent, you halfwit." Mayuri flicked off the excess blood from his trident. "These hands have far more important things to do than become slicked in blood. You know how hard it is to hold an Erlenmeyer flask with bloody hands? And cleaning up is a pain..."

"Besides," the shinigami added, wrapping his arms on his four Traitors. "That's what Traitors are for."

Pulling his robe with him, he strode away from the bloody scene, savoring the scents of his space laboratory and remembering the first time he got onto the station all those years ago.

His maniacal laugh pierced the eerie silence of the laboratory. It was a lot of work, especially with a faulty AI like S.H.A.R.K.Y. – the central computer of the space station.

He stood in front of the prison cells, surveying each and every prisoner's angry face inside. The prisoners were mostly Innocents, one Agent, and one Vigilante – all voted out by the Traitors' manipulative actions. Even I was lured by their votes – because the votes made by Kyouko and I were the same ever since we set foot on the space station.

"Why are you so angry? You should be proud! Proud that you will take part in experiments that will challenge convention, shatter expectations, and broaden horizons! You will be tested, you will be dissected, and you will be splayed open in the pursuit of the noblest of intentions... the pursuit of discovery!"

Mayuri licked the blade of his trident before smiling the widest smile anyone has ever seen.

"Now... any last words?"

This was his challenge to the prisoners and the spirits of those who were killed off.

The prisoners and spirits made their last, desperate acts of defiance to Mayuri. Some voluntarily shattered their own bodies to glass. Others disappeared in the shadows. Others still gave up the ghost in some sort of astral locomotion process.

As for Kyouko…

She remained where she stood, her face motionless. Then slowly, she began to chuckle, louder and louder, until finally she could laugh with all her might.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This is so beautiful, so unbelievable, so ASTONISHING! I didn't know this would all end like this! It's all like... a stage play under my control! You've desperately failed to notice us in eight days straight! HOW NAIVE!"

She explained in between her laughs.

Before anything else, Kyouko faced her fellow Traitors. Sylvia, Audrey, and Kyubey were all looking at her with a smile.

"Thank you for all your hard work. It's been truly beautiful and amazing. We'll see each other again pretty soon, yes? Maybe in the afterlife is not such a big deal. It's been an honor working with you, and as a fallen Puella Magi, it all comes to this, and we have won by our efforts alone, and of course we've had earned some help from an INNOCENT, as well."

The Innocent she was referring to… was none other than me.

She approached me and lifted my immovable chin.

"So sorry… You were wonderful bait material, you know? You were such a magnificent puppet. All these things that had happened. You, me... falling in love? It was all part of my plan to deceive you. It's a very, VERY beautiful sight that you fell for my trap. I didn't think you were this naive."

This redhead caressed my face as she continued.

"Without your help, we wouldn't have survived this ordeal, and nor we would have won."

She drew close to my ear and whispered, "Thank you for your hard work, Kit Taylor. May we meet again... in the afterworld."

Kyouko then stood up and walked towards Mayuri. She did a graceful courtesy with the following words.

"Master Mayuri, it has been a great honor to have been your Traitor. We've worked so eagerly and hard for this day to come, and I hope you appreciate our work. I'll be taking my leave very soon, go back to my own world and definitely forget everything that had happened, except the fact that I have worked with a responsible team and a very dependable Master."

As she walked back to the Traitors' side… she wore a face.

A calm, yet warped, face. A face full of deceit she exhibited as a deviant Puella Magi.

A face which was the polar opposite of what she exhibited before, during those happy and sad times shared together by her and me – a caring, loving face.

She gave a dark, final chuckle as she uttered the following...

"Falling in love... will only result in tragedy. It's useless to fall in love now. All has come to an end. All has been according to our plan. Thanks to us, we have won this beautiful game of bloodshed!


And with a low voice, she concluded...

"Betrü eine wonne." (Deception... is bliss.)

My Advent Deck, which was dropped after I was backstabbed, was tainted with my own blood.

As I spent the final seconds of my life being tormented and tortured by Mayuri while Kyouko and her fellow Traitors only watched from the sidelines, I could only wonder...

…if too much love killed me in the end, like a sad love song from a popular rock band had stated.

"You... can still... be redeemed... Kyouko..."

And thus, I breathed my last.

Farewell, my sweet Kyouko Sakura – my darling, my delight.

To die is but to rest.