Title: The best of both sides.

Author: TWILIFE2011.

Genre: AH.

Pairing: Edward & Bella.

Rating: M.

Word count: 3,367.

Summary: Married to the love of his life for 7 years, Edward soon shows Bella he is more than just a father he is also THE DADDY!

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing Twilight; everything belongs to Stephanie Meyer I just like to play around with the character.

WARNING: Adult themes and bad language throughout.

Big shout out to AELGP and Mydaughterbella for making this o/s look presentable flurve you and the rest of the TPG club XRTA HARD!

This is my first ever contest entry, so I'm pretty nervous about it... so I hope you all enjoy it.

"Good morning beautiful," I said to my wife as I spooned her in bed.

"Mmm... good morning," My wife, Bella, replied as she turned and nuzzled into my neck.

Bella and I have been married for seven years now and I still feel like the luckiest bastard on the planet. Every morning I wake up to her perfect smile, flushed cheeks and her big beautiful brown eyes –looking at me dripping with love.

Oh, fuck, those eyes –all she has to do is look at me and I get a wood!

I placed a finger under her chin and lifted her head up to place a gentle and lingering kiss on those soft luscious lips of hers. As our lips tenderly coincided, a quiet moan escaped from her mouth, which fucking turned me on big time.

How the fuck does she do that? This woman will be the death of me!

I ran my finger tips down the side of her naked body. Her body reacted with a shudder to my tender touch and I was beyond pleased –I wore a shit eating grin.

It was fucking amazing. After ten long years together, my touch still had this effect on her.

I trailed my fingers up and down her thigh before gently opening her legs. I started to palm her sex and as always my Bella was soaking. She was bucking into my hand obviously enjoying the contact. I was just about plunge two fingers inside her when I heard...

"Daddy, daddy, daddy!"

Bella chuckled, gave me a peck on the nose, got out of bed, and headed for the en suite. I just stared at her fine ass like a creeper as it moved side to side.

Cullen you're a god damn sex- crazed bastard!

The sound of running feet and the bedroom door slamming brought me out of the "checkin' Bella's ass" trance I was in. I turned my eyes towards the door and I swear they lit up along with the rest of my being. My eyes landed on my gorgeous twin daughters.

I sat up resting my back against the headboard and opened my arms. My girls launched their tiny frames onto the bed and into my embrace.

"Happy Father's Day, Daddy," Alice beamed as she snuggled into my side.

"Yeah, Daddy, Happy Father's Day!" Rose squealed and snuggled into my other side.

"Thank you my princesses," I said holding back the tears. I was so lucky to be blessed with these two perfect little creatures.

My babies were five now and growing up so fast. They're identical twins –both stunningly beautiful. They both have chocolate brown hair that held a mass of bouncing ringlets and they had the rosiest red cheeks –just like their mother. They definitely inherited my eyes, vibrant green and pouty –one look with those eyes and I was putty in their hands –they knew it.

Bella came out of the bathroom and stopped in the doorway –looking at us with such raw emotion. A tear fall from her eye and rolled down over her cheek. Of course, Bella being Bella… wiped it away quickly before the girls could see her.

"So girls... do you think there's enough room for mommy in this group hug?" I asked them.

"Well, daddy," Rose began. "Its Father's Day today right?" she quizzed as she moved to sit in front of me.

"Right." I nodded.

"So… if it's Father's Day then Daddy should get all the snuggles." She gave me a big toothy grin then turned to Bella and did the same.

I looked at Bella and we both began to giggle. Rose was the one to ask all the questions and be cheeky. Alice just went with the flow.

"Ok then... if Mommy isn't getting any snuggles then I'll go start breakfast. Shall I?" Bella said.

"Mommy, I want eggs. Pwease can I have eggs?" Alice chirped.

"No, Alice, I want the eggs. You always have them!" Rose argued.

"I don't... do I Daddy?" Alice looked at me for confirmation but before I could speak Bella told them they could both have eggs and reminded them about a surprise they had for me. They both gave me a kiss on the cheek and left with Bella.

While the three beautiful women in my life were off doing whatever… my mind started to wander again. I curled up in bed and closed my eyes.

How the fuck did me, Edward Cullen, get so damn lucky? I have the most gorgeous wife in Bella. The most beautiful kids a man could ask for with Rose and Alice. My heart swells at just the sight of them every day. I've been a complete bastard in the past and I vow right here and now that I'll cherish my girls with every ounce of my soul 'till the day I die.

The twins came in a little while later vibrating with excitement, literally. They were jumping on the bed chanting, "We love Daddy! We love Daddy!" These kids of mine are just too damn cute.

I sat up once again and they took turns giving me the cards they'd made me and presents. Alice gave me a small box which contained some of my favourite diesel aftershave. Rose gave me a bigger box that had a mug inside with the words "World's Greatest Dad" on it. I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Don't look at me like that Daddy, we all know how much you like your coffee," she said with the entire attitude she could muster. She gets it from her mother I swear it.

I heard Bella snickering from outside the door but she never came in. I had more snuggles with my babies then they left and I got up. I shit, showered and shaved and made my way downstairs.

As I entered the kitchen Bella was humming plating up breakfast. I stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist.

"Hey," I whispered in her ear.

"Hi there, you want coffee?" she turned and winked at me.

I nodded and took a seat at the table. We all ate breakfast and the girls went off to play.

"I'm gunna head over to Charlie's. Its father's day and he won't cook for himself." Bella announced as she got up to clear the dishes.

"Ok, me and the girls will just chill," I said as I got up, walked to her and pulled my wife in for a smooch. I say smooch but what I really did was dry hump her up against the refrigerator. I wish I could take my wife right here, right now but her answer was "You'll have to wait till later Mr Cullen" and she left for the chief's house… leaving me with a big old hard on.

The twins and I did various activities while Bella was gone. We had a tea party, watched "Toy story 3"... and no I didn't have a tear in my eye at the end when Andy goes off to college.

You're a shit liar Cullen.

The last thing we did was hi-fucking-larious. Alice decided it'd be a good idea to put some make-up on Daddy to make him beautiful like Mommy. Of course Rose didn't back down from the challenge either.

I couldn't stop laughing as they applied the stuff to my face. I sat there and let them do it. They looked so happy. When they'd finished they held a small mirror up for me to take a look. I looked like a clown. I thought it was going to be all over but Alice is pretty handy with that shit. They were giggling at me so I decided I would tickle them both but things weren't in my favour as they tag teamed me.

All our heads turned when we heard the door open. It was Bella. She cracked up as soon as she saw my face –with which she was rewarded with a tackle to the ground. She laughed hard as I tickled her and she was begging me to stop –claiming that she was going to piss herself, but I think that was just her escape plan.

We had dinner and I offered to do the dishes while Bella bathed the twins then put them to bed. I took this opportunity to get the wet wipes and scrub that shit off my face. I did the dishes like a good boy but I was feeling wiped out. The twins ran me ragged.

I lay out on the sofa watching some bullshit on TV. I was drifting in and out of sleep when I heard Bella saying my name. I blinked a few times to get my vision focused, and damn, I was greeted with a sight that made my eyes pop out of my fucking sockets.

My god! She looks like a goddess.

She stood in front of me wearing a tight corset that was pushing her divine tits up and causing them to spill over. My eyes carried on scanning their way down her tiny torso...

Holy fuck my life...

She has crotch less panties on and stockings that were held up by suspenders.

Fucking suspenders!

My dick sprung to attention. Her legs looked amazing and then I saw the shoes...

"Bella, how the hell are you standing upright in those shoes?" I asked knowing full well she's a damn klutz.

"I honestly have no idea, Edward," she giggled.

I sat up never taking my eyes from her. I saw something change in her eyes. She went from shy, clumsy Bella to fuckhawt mamma oozing with sex. She climbed on me straddling my waist and crashed her lips against mine. I opened my mouth to give her tongue access. She reached up to tangle her fingers through my tousled hair.

Fuck I love it when she does that.

I let my hands wonder to her fine ass and gave it a little tap. She squeaked into my mouth. Her hot breath was making my cock twinge. She pulled away to catch a breath and I took advantage of the moment. My lips started to assault her neck and chest. I inhaled deeply. Her strawberry scent was intoxicating.

Bella pulled my shirt over my head and started on the buttons of my jeans. She slipped off my lap and began to wiggle my jeans off. I raised my ass up so she could slide them and my boxers off. She then started to palm my ball sack. I slid down further on the sofa to give her better access.

Her head lowered down so she could flick her tongue over my thick tip before taking all of me in her mouth –setting a steady pace... yeah my Bella knows how to work my cock.

I grabbed her hair and pushed her head further down onto my dick. She gagged and fuck… that turned me on. As soon as she felt me tense… ready for an orgasm, she stopped.

"Nuh-uh… not yet, mister," she said waving her finger at me from side to side.

As she went to stand up, she lost her balance and fell on her ass.

"Fuck Bella!" I got up to help her.

"Fucking shoes! Why do you hate my ass? Just one fucking night! ONE NIGHT!" She screamed as she took the shoes off and launched them across the room. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Oh, you shouldn't have laughed Cullen," she claimed in a sexy sort of fucked up way.

I think I'm a bit scared now.

"Lay on the floor now!" she ordered.

I eyed her, but she looked like she wasn't in the mood to be fucked with so I lay on the floor like she asked. She put one foot on either side of my head so she was standing over me.

Fuck! I could see right up her cooch!

"See something you like, Edward?" she asked.

"Mmm-Hmm" was all I could get out.

Fuck, I was loving that domineering side of Bella –which I can honestly say I'd NEVER seen before.

"I want you to eat my pussy," she said before lowering herself down and sitting right on my face.

Fuck I love my life.

I started gliding my tongue up my wife's full dripping wet lips until I found her clit –swirling my tongue around. As my tongue flicked at her faster she started to grind frantically and rubbed that sweet pussy all over my face. She was making all kinds of noises above me.

I plunged two fingers inside her core forcing her to scream out. I only pumped them three times before she came hard. My tongue lapped up all her delicious juices. No way was I wasting any of that! She collapsed at my side –spent and heavily breathing.

"Shit, Edward, that-was-good-really-fucking-good" she managed to get out panting.

I went to sit up but I felt her arm stop me. I fell back down and she gripped my cock hard. Her touch alone made it wake up. I was rock hard again as she started to wank me off. I reached over and pulled her on top of me.

If I don't get that pussy soon I'm gunna go insane.

I held onto her hips as she slowly eased onto my dick –feeling her walls enclose around it. She was so warm. Her heat seared around my cock. She took my hands and placed them on her voluptuous full-figured tits as she bounced up and down on my cock. I tweaked her nips pretty hard. She groaned so I presumed she liked that shit so I did it again. She slammed down hard on my cock throwing her head back in a fit of lust.

I gripped her ass and flipped us over. I was now on my knees holding her legs high by her ankles and forcefully pushed back inside her. Once my dick was buried deep inside her tight little pussy again I closed her legs. Her pussy was like a vice on my cock trying to milk me for everything I had. With each thrust inside her I kissed her legs.

"Oh… yes, Edward, fuck me harder!"

"You-like-it-hard-do-you?" I said while I truly pummelled her.

"Yes... Oh god... yes!"

I stopped much to her dismay.

"Bend your sexy ass over the couch, now!" Yeah I can give orders to.

We got up and made our way to the couch. She climbed on and wiggled her ass at me.

"Like this baby?" she said looking over her shoulder at me. I nodded and pushed her legs wider a part. I tapped her ass with my cock a few times; I thought about just slipping it in her back passage but hell she would chop my balls off and wear them as earrings so I just entered the warmth of her juicy cunt.

My Bella was being extremely vocal tonight so I pulled her hair and told her to be quiet. The roughness of the pull had a totally different effect. She screamed out and told me to do it again.

I fucked her as hard as I could. I was getting close. I slipped my hand around the front of her and began to rub her clit hard and fast. She was writhing in front of me so I picked my speed up.

"FFUUCCKKKKKKKKK!" I shouted as I exploded inside her.

Bella come at the same time. I didn't want to pull out of her but fuck… if I didn't sit down I was gunna drop like a sack of shit. I collapsed on the sofa looking at Bella. She was still on her knees hanging over the back of the couch sweating. I couldn't help but have a huge smile on my face knowing it was me who just fucked her into next week.

"Bella, honey?" no answer... "Bella, are you okay?"

"Erm... yeah... I-I think so." I pulled her down onto my lap and she gave me a small smile.

"You wanna take a shower?" I asked and she just nodded her head.

I decided I would carry her upstairs. I didn't think she'd be able to make it herself. When we got to our bedroom, I sat her on the bed and she just flopped back. I chuckled, went into the bathroom, and turned the shower on.

"Edward!" I heard her call from the bedroom.

"YEAH!" I shouted.

"Can you help me undress, please? I don't think I can move?"

I went back and helped her slip out of that hot corset of hers and of course I had a boner again. Once she was naked, she stood up a bit unsteady, and we made our way to the shower.

I stepped in first and offered her my hand to get in. As the water was cascading down our naked bodies, I reached for the shower gel, lathered some in my hands, and began to wash my wife's body then she did the same to me. My hand wormed its way down to her pussy and I rubbed it gently as she stroked my cock with her soapy hand. I moved in and kissed my wife deeply –our tongues in a fight for control.

I suddenly found myself pushed up against the tiled wall then Bella was on her knees sucking the life out of my cock. I wanted to speak but nothing came out other than muffled groans of pleasure. It wasn't long till I reached my climax and my throbbing cock shot hot cum down her throat. She looked up at me through hooded eyes as she gulped hard. Damn she looked sexy with my cock in her mouth; and the way she looked at me when she swallowed my load… fuck! I wanted to fuck her again… hard, but I let it go.

Instead, I pulled her up. We shared another long, lingering kiss then finished showering. I threw on my grey sweats and a vest. Bella was wearing a little silk number. Spent, we climbed into bed and I wrapped my arms around her tightly.

"Bella... I know I haven't always been the best husband... you know, with all that Tanya shit years ago but..." She cut me off.

"Shh… Edward, you're the best husband I could've ever wished for and you're the best father to Rose and Alice. You need to let that Tanya shit go... I have." She made little pattern's on my chest with her finger.

Before Bella, I was with a fucking basket case, Tanya Denali. She was off her fucking rocker. She found out Bella and I was together and tried to tell Bella that I was still sleeping with her. Bella never believed her but then that psycho bitch turned up at our wedding claiming that I was still with her and she was pregnant with my child. Bella lost it and knocked the bitch on her ass –that's a story for a different day. I still to this day feel guilty for the way that witch tried to break us up, but our love overcame all her bullshit and Bella never once doubted me. She stuck with me through thick and thin and gave me two exquisite children. I live my life for those three now. Nothing will ever come between us.

"Today has been the best Father's Day ever! I love you, Isabella Cullen," I said kissing the top of my wife's head.

"As I love you, Edward," she whispered into my chest as we slipped into a peaceful sleep.