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It felt surreal. Different, unfamiliar, cold and weird. Hibiya didn't know why he is here, or if it is a dream or not.

All he knew was that he was left alone. Around him was blue, with many shades. When he looked up it was lighter color of blue, like a cloudless sky, but when he looked at the bottom of that sea he saw a dark blue water like a storm cloud.

And he was still alone. His lover left him here. Nobody cared about him, at all.

Just what did that red eyed blonde have that Hibiya lacked? Glasses? A white scarf? Or was Delic so fond of red eyes that even though Hibiya was all his, he was regretting that the self proclaimed prince hadn't red eyes?

Hibiya didn't know anymore. Not like he cared, Delic was cheating on him anyway. With girls, with Izaya, with Tsukishima... and especially with Psyche.

That's why he was down here. He decided to see if somebody would care if he went into this sea. And never come back.

He was here for two hours. So long was he able to hold his breath. He decided not to take a new breath, since somebody would see him, and he didn't want that.

Delic was surprised when he woke up and Hibiya was missing. He didn't know why, most probably the little wannabe prince trained on diving in the sea. It was a new hobby of his.

He stretched himself and looked at the clock. Hell, something was amiss. It was eleven. Hibiya should be back from his training. The golden eyed boy liked to train at the morning, and was usually back at ten.

He took a shower and took on his clothes. He decided to search for that little prince of his. Why would he stay in the water for so long anyway? They had an amazing night yesterday, making love everywhere in their room. So why was the little prince hiding himself from him?

When he was at the sea, he spotted a brown plastic crown, fleeting on the surface, pretty far away in the sea. His heart beated faster at that. Hopefully, Hibiya hadn't drown yet. Ignoring to take off his clothes, and his headphones, Delic entered the sea, and searched for a little raven haired and golden eyed boy.

Something was changing. Hibiya felt the water move, so suddenly. He was at his limit. Maybe it was some boat that was fleeting above. Or maybe some fish, that got scared of a fisher.

After a while Hibiyas eyes widened in surprise, and also because he missed air. Delic was just before him, smiling. Hibiya didn't know what it meant, but suddenly he felt Delics hands on his cheeks. The blonde now smiled widely, as his face neared the golden eyed boys. The blonde catched Hibiyas lips in a careful kiss, and felt that he was going up.

They were at the surface in no time. When both of them gathered enough air, Delic hugged the raven haired boy, tightly.

"Why were you there? Do you have an idea how worried I was? Promise me to never scare me again like that." Delic said, his voice a bit sad, but also happy that he managed to find Hibiya before he drowned.

"Only if you promise to never cheat on me again. This is unforgivable, peasant." Hibiya said, his voice arrogant and powerful.

Delic thought about it for a while. True, he was cheating on the prince countless times, but the last time was for two months ago. He didn't said it to anyone, but nobody was so good at pleasuring him as Hibiya. And he never wanted to see Hibiya cry and drown himself anymore.

"I'll never do that again. It's a promise. Now, let's get to the shore, shall we?" Delic said, as he took Hibiya by his hand and both of them swimming to the edge of the sea.


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