Chapter One: The Law of Magnetism

"Students of Forks High School, Special Class, I present to you this year's Achievers and the new President and Vice President of the Honor Society for the coming School Year. The same pair shall be trained over the summer, for the Sectional Scholastic Decathlon and hopefully will progress to Regionals."

I held my breath, this was the moment I had been waiting for in a year. Beside me Jacob smiled. "Don't worry Bella, we have this in the bag."

"Our Most Outstanding Student for this year, the President of the Honor Society, President of the Science Club, President of the Nature Club and the Editor in Chief of the School Paper, Isabella Marie Swan, no surprise there."

I released the breath I was holding. I smiled and gripped Jake's hand and made my way towards the stage.

"Congratulations Isabella! We expect good work from you this year."

"Yes, Principal Sawyer, I'll do my best!"

I made my way to the High Seat. The awarding of the Achievers was held in the Honor Society's Grand Hall, the Parthenon, in tribute to Athena. It is also in here where the Society convenned, as called on by the President and Vice President. Both of which were seated at the High seats in front of the stage.

"Let us now move on, our Outstanding Student for this year, Vice President of the Honor Society, Captain of the Soccer Team and the President of the Math Club-"

What? President of the Math Club? That means –

"Edward Anthony Cullen!"

Oh, dear Lord. I sat frozen as the epitome of male perfection stood up and made his way towards the stage. Edward was the school's most desired male icon. Tall, lean, lanky, with the body that kicks David in the arse, and a face so... perfect. His jaw was strong, and very male, his lips were full, and when he curves them into the infamous crooked smile, every female in about a mile radius will submit to his every whim.

His nose was aristocratic, and his cheek bones were high and sculpted. And his eyes, don't even get me started on his eyes, they were a deep green, like the canopy of a forest, and holds enough energy to melt the whole North Pole.

All this was framed by thick, glorious bronze hair, eternally messy and yet it never looks greasy, just really, really appealing.

Not to mention his brain is as sharp as a scalpel and he was gifted with natural photographic memory. He was good, but not as good as me. Over the years we formed a casual acquaintance due to our scholastic status. But Edward was never the one to ride in the passenger seat, he was always in the back seat, because Jake was always the one beside me.

My heart clenched as I glanced at Jacob. He was grinning widely at me, motioning a two thumbs up. He always pushed me towards Edward since I told him I had a small crush on the great Cullen a year ago.

But I had no crush on Edward at all, it was all a hoax, a bleary attempt to cover up my feelings. My pathetic feeling that I, Bella Swan, is in fact in love with her best friend, Jacob, who was currently dating the captain of the Cheerleading Squad, Tanya Denali. Figures, really figures.

Over the past year Jake's grades had been slipping. Nothing too drastic of course, but still enough to makedrop from second to fifth. Late night phone calls with Tanya, dates with Tanya, Tanya, Tanya, that became the focus of Jake's life. I feared that he would not be in the running for Salutatorian this year, it seems I figured right.

"Swan, you need to stand now."

I jumped at the melodious voice beside me. I was in too deep in my thoughts to realize it was time for the yearly tradition, the passing of the key of learning.

Last year's president and vice president, Emmett Cullen and Rosalie Hale stood at the center of the stage, holding the key of the school.

Edward and I stood and walked towards them.

"Who knocks at the gates of wisdom?"

Emmett had a wry smile on his face, I know this thing was corny. Edward snickered at his brother. "It is I, Edward Cullen."

"Who pushes forth the boundaries and sentries of discovery?"

Rose was a close friend of mine, beautiful and ethereal with her golden hair and blue eyes and curvy body. She was also last year's Most Outstanding Student and won second place at the National Decathlon.

I smirked at her and answered. "It is I, Isabella Swan."

"And why should we let you walk through the world of learning?"

"We are every man and woman, who seeks to redefine the world."

"Edward Anthony Cullen, I Emmett Cullen, pass to thee the Key towards Knowledge."

Emmett placed the chain with the bright golden key around Edward's neck. And in an impulse, hugged his little brother. "I'm proud of you man!" Rose rolled her eyes at them.

"Isabella Marie Swan, I Rosalie Lilian Hale, pass to thee the Key towards Wisdom."

Rose slung the chain around my neck. "I know you can do this Bella! Congratulations."

Edward and I faced the crowd and took our bow.

A few speeches afterward we were finally allowed to get the hell out.

I approached Jacob but our homeroom teacher was speaking with him.

"I am disappointed in your results this year Jacob. From second last year you dropped to fifth, your tests are in a borderline between B- minus and a C. Your homeworks are late, your projects are mediocre and you cut class four times this term. And yet your attendance record for all the Cheer games are pristine, and your appearance at varied parties are also pristine, what is happening Mr. Black?"

But instead of being horrified Jake just laughed at Mrs. Cope. "Its called dating Mrs. C. Tanya never failed to support me in my endeavors, its only fair I support her."

"Yes, Mr. Black, but from what I can see, she is improving in academic performance, reaching eleventh place this year from thirty second, whereas you are dropping."

"Mrs. Cope I am still within the Magic 5, I don't care about being the top, who needs it anyway? I just want to be normal, okay? Normal kid in a normal setting."

"I will have to speak to your father about this Jacob."

"Fine by me, my dad doesn't care about honors. He's happy I'm in the top as it is."

Mrs. Cope sighed dejectedly. "I expected better from you Mr. Black. Two years have you been in training for the Decathlon, and you suddenly drop out of it."

Mrs. Cope turned her back and walked briskly down the hall. Jake rolled his eyes at her and turned to me. His eyes widened but he grinned and jogged to me.

"Congratulations Bells!"

Jake enveloped me in a big hug. I pushed him away.

"Aww man, Jake, what the hell happened? You dropped to fifth! Fifth! And what was that crap about the decathlon?"

"Well, I wanted to have a real summer Bella. Go to the beach with friends, spend dates with my girl friend, and not stay cooped up in an airconditioned room preparing for a worthless test! Get over it Bella, the Decathlon is not everything, live a little!"

"You're unbelievable! You promised me we'd stick together on this. And your tests are bordering on a C level, a C Jake, that's barely passing!"

"Hey, its not my fault Cullen is smarter, and besides I didn't even study for the stupid test. Me and Tanya hung out that night."

"Its I and Tanya you nincompoop! I can't believe you! I don't want to see your face right now!"

I walked away from him. But he gripped my arm.

"You know what your problem is Bella? You're too stuck up! You're too vain about your brain and you're obssessed with this decathlon and finding the cure for Cerebellar whatever Degeneration! You're seventeen, and you're like a stuck up wench!"

I glared at him. "First of all, its spinocerebellar ataxia, and I do not want to waste my life away rotting in this high school smoking weed and pot or whatever else you toke in your system! I like my life the way it is, so screw you Jacob."

I would not cry, I would not cry. I felt the hot tears prick my eyes and my lips quiver, but I was firm. I would not let anyone see me cry. No one. I rushed out of the hall and ran to my battered pick up truck parked in the special lots reserved for the five officials of the Society. I sucked in a breath and slammed my door.

I would not cry, I would not cry. I kept repeating that mantra until the first few tears fell down my face.

~ Quintessence~

"What do you mean you're dating Jacob Black, T?"

She rolled her eyes at me and examined her nails. "Just that Edward. Jeez, for someone second to Bella Swan you sure are an idiot!"

"But why are you dating Jacob, everyone knows he's hung up on Bella Swan!"

"Ugh, no way! Jakey is just Belly's best friend. And she's really cool too. Jakey invited me to her house and she showed me her room and lent me some books to read. As if I ever read them! But Jakey says Bella is really kind, and she is. You know, you should totally hook up with her."

My eyes bugged out of their sockets.

"You like Bella Swan?"

Tanya sighed. "At first I was really jealous of her because she and Jakey are so close and Jakey totally worshipped the land she walked on. One word from her and Jakey would follow, but then Jakey explained that she was just really his best friend and even Belly told me that, she actually got me and Jakey back together when I broke up with him last week, cause he was totally flirting with Angela, but Belly told me Angie was totally just a friend and she's dating Ben Cheney."

"You mean, you don't hate little miss perfect?"

"No. I totally like her. She's not a slut like everyone else in this school, she just wants to win the decathlon and like find the cure for this disease and be a great doctor. She's cool."

My jaw dropped. Tanya hated every living girl on this school, accusing them of drooling over her man. Pshh, as if any one would drool over that idiotic, egoistic and juvenile...pup! Jacob Black with that tan skin and the muscular (fatty) body and his shit eating wide grin. If you ask me he looks like a homeless puppy most of the time.

It was his pathetic appeal that got to Tanya, my best friend since freshman year. Sure she was a bit crass and cares more about fashion than anything, Tanya was a very nice person. She's beautiful, really, really beautiful, with that long golden hair, curling towards her waist, her blue eyes and her cheer leader body.

I know, I know, me, Edward Cullen, is pathetically in love with his best friend, so the fuck what? But I was never the the type to be vocal about feelings and all, and I felt Tanya wanted me too. Yeah, wanted being the operative word. But this last year I was busy trying to catch up with all the lessons I've missed since I got a bout of the chicken pox, and I was not some idiot to let his studies go to waste.

Tanya then gravitated to Jacob Black, who used to be ranked second, the same idiot who let his studies go to decay.

"Edward Cullen have you been listening to a single thing I've been saying?"

I blinked and shook my head of the evil thoughts. "Yeah, I was."

"Yeah, sure you were, typical, you're spacing out again. You never pay attention to me! You know, Jake was right, you and Belly are ideal. Jakey and her had a falling out because she was always obsessed about her decathlon. If you ask me she's cool. Harvard and Cambridge are giving her offer after offer just so she'd go to them. Just like you Edward! You should really ask her out!"

Before I could even answer her, Jacob's familiar battered car sailed in front of us. Tanya's face broke out in a sunny smile. "We gotta go Ed, me and Jakey are surfing at First Beach today! You may want to come out later with Bella, if you catch my drift." She winked at me and hopped on to Jacob's car. I turned away before they could slobber all over each other.

"Cap'n! There you are."

A familiar baritone with a Southern drawl panted behind me.

"Hey Jazz! What's up?"

"Coach told me to tell you that you are officially excused from summer practice if you wanted to. The decathlon is really iced for everyone."

"No way am I staying cooped up in the hole for the whole summer! Besides, Swan was adamant that she be allowed to plant her trees for the Nature Club right?"

"Yep, and Bella just got elected new Swim team captain."

"No Shit? How does she balance all that?"

"Well, rumor has it that Bella loathes Gym class, apparently she sucks at land sports, joined the swim team for credit. Turns out she's as slick as a dolphin."

"And you know this because?"

Jasper visibly gulped and looked everywhere at once. "I've got sources. I gotta go Cap'n."

He jumped and I chuckled. I knew perfectly well Jasper and my twin baby sister had been dating on and off now and then. If anything, I'm pleased its Jazz, boy's a freaking gentleman.

Before I could even get into my car a loud back firing sound reverberated across the lot. I saw Swan's beast of a truck emit puffing smoke. Minutes later, the owner herself threw her door open, slammed it and stalked towards the back seat. I cautiously approached her.

"You need some help there Swan?"

She jerked at my voice and scowled at me. Her cheeks were blotchy and her eyes were red rimmed. I frowned at the image. Bella Swan never cried, ever. Even when she broke her nose at a basketball game.

"Jeez, Cullen, hit me with a blunt object why don't you?"

"You okay, Swan?"

She stiffened for a second and shrugged. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

She pulled a large toolbox from under the seat in her truck and trudged toward her engine.

Something was definitely off. Swan was a beaming person, always brightly happy, and her face is a dead giveaway when she's not. But if she doesn't want to talk about it, fine by me.

"You need help here?"

She looked up from whatever she was tinkering in her hand and looked quizically at me. "Uhm, sure, you could pop my hood open."

"Uh, sure."

I opened her door and flipped the lever that opens the hood.

I stood back and watched as Swan shed off her plaid button up and tied it around her waist, her white tank hugging her figure nicely. Swan was indeed hot. Though not as hot as Tanya.

Her curling auburn hair was tied up messily in a bun, yet it looked so natural for her, so alluring because it left her perfect, tiny oval face bare that you will be able to fully appreciate it. Her lips was full, with a slight overbite that made her look more ethereal. Her cheeks were blotchy, yes, but it made her more endearing, and her doe eyes were the color of chocolate, deep and can be either sweet or bitter.

There was no denying that Bella Swan was attractive, but still, she was not as beautiful as Tanya.

"Hey Cullen, instead of checking out my arse, why don't you hand me that wrench?"

I felt heat gather in my cheeks and I rummaged at her tool box. I was amazed at the number of tools she got there. "Hey Swan, why'd you have a lot of crap in here?"

She snorted and held out a greasy hand for her wrench.

"Well, unlike Mr. Rich Pants over there, I have this monster for a ride. Rose taught me how to fix it so I wouldn't have to constantly call Jake, when he's out on a date with Tanya."

There was a bite of frustration in the tone that got me lifting an eyebrow.

"You and Black are really close, right?"

She sighed and grunted, using the wrench to loosen her spark plug with too much force. Puzzle pieces started to click in my head.

"You know Swan, I don't think your spark plug is the only problem in this death trap."

Her doe eyes narrowed at me. "Don't you dare call my truck a death trap."

"Just saying! You could try replacing the carburator as well, oh wait, you can't because the overhead cost will probably be equal to a new car."

I dodged as she threw me a screw. "Asshole!" But there was a smirk on her face.


"Conceited bastard!"

"Arrogant prick!"




Damn it I run out of insults. "Round one goes to me Cullen, now pass me that small box of screws."

I pouted as Swan's smug smile plastered itself on her face.

"You know, maybe this is why Black went for Tanya, you are such a competitive stuck up."

I expected Swan to have a smart come back for that but then I heard the clatter of screws to the ground.

"Oh, crap."

She bent down to pick up the screws, her breath coming in gasps. My theory proves to be correct.

"You're in love with Black aren't you?"

She froze up again and slowly stood up to face me, her grip on the box too tight that her knuckles were white. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Come on Swan, we all know it. You've been attached at the hip since day one. You're in love with Black!"

"You're delusional." She pivoted and went back to tinkering with her car.

"I'm not, because I know precisely how you feel. I'm in love with Tanya myself."

She stopped and stared at me with wide eyes.

"You- I- This is such a mess!"

She pushed her hands on her hair.

"It is isn't it Swan, unless we do something about it."

She wants her best friend, I want mine. I knew from experience that Black may be feeling something for Swan, but the girl is obsessively driven that Black may be desperate for just a sliver of her affections. I can help change that.

"You're crazy, Cullen. We're off to Sectionals in about three months, we can't think about this crap."

She secured the screw and slammed her hood shut.

"Come on Swan, just admit you want Black. A fair exchange don't you think?"

"I-" She took a deep breath and turned to me. "Alright fine, I'm just like you Cullen. There's nothing we can do about it. But we can do something to win Sectionals."

I grinned at her. "Just think about what I said. When you're ready, you come and find me. I'm volunteering at the beach everyday. Surfing teacher for the kids. With this rare summer days in Forks this will be a good year for them to learn surfing."

I walked away from her and started up my car. She was still standing rooted to her spot, her fingers twining. I honked my horn at her and she looked warily at me.

"Hey Swan, you might want to look at your face in the mirror!"

I heard her squeal as she saw her grease stained face. I laughed at the look of utter horror on her face as she desperately tried to wipe it off, only succeeding in spreading it more around her cheeks. Her color was high in her cheeks, and her ears were tipped pink.

Who knew? Bella Swan could actually be adorable.


Side Note:

Ugh, I had a major case of writer's block these past few weeks so Clunky's Wishes will just have to wait. This teenage plot is inspired by a mixture of 10 Things I Hate About You, She's All That and Just Go With It, with a dash of my personal experiences. I hope this may cure my block and soon I'll be able to pick up where I left off in CWFAEJ. In the meantime, enjoy this new tale of mine!