This is a challenge fiction to write the series ending in less than 800 words. I decided to add to the first chapter and make it a full length story. If you are a Xander fan please be patient with the first few chapters everything will make sense in the end. However, be advised this is a B/S shippy story.

I do not own any of these characters they are the property of Mutant Enemy. I am only writing this story for fun.

The End of the Story



It was a rainy afternoon and a hooded figure was walking in the cemetery with flowers in her hand. The hood shrouded her face as she placed the flowers on a grave. "I've come to say goodbye. It's been a year and there's nothing in this town for me, so I'm heading for Boston. I have a job lined up and it doesn't involve any boogly wooglies." A tear escaped her eye and was lost in the rain as her mind drifted back to the events of a year ago.

1 year earlier:

"Buffy you're hair doesn't look right and maybe you should take off your dress and let me iron it for you" Willow told her friend.

Buffy glared at her replying "If I didn't know better I would think you were trying to delay me. Okay spill it Will? If something is bothering you just say it?"

"Buffy you know I love you, but don't you think you're rushing this? You've only been engaged for two weeks and you're getting married today" Willow said.

"Ever since the powers that be decided that there should only be one slayer I've been living the life of the lost. I don't know how to be average girl. My whole life was slaying. I want something that is mine. All my friends are downstairs waiting. Willow please be happy for me" she begged her friend. Willow nodded and followed Buffy down the stairs and out to the back yard for the ceremony.

The music had just started to play when all hell broke loose. A motorcycle crashed into the table containing the cake. A furious cyclist in black advanced on the groom and punched him in the face knocking him on his ass. "That's for stealing my girl you whelp" an outraged Spike yelled at Xander.

"She's not your girl anymore Spike. In about ten minutes she'll be my wife" Xander replied.

It was about this time that everyone realized that Spike was standing in the sunlight. A shocked Buffy stared at him, but was unable to formulate any words.

"You never gave her the letter did you?" Spike spouted.

Now Buffy was mad, "Yes, he gave me that disgusting excuse for a goodbye letter."

Spike said nothing for a moment than understanding hit him. "No he didn't. My letter said that I loved you and asked you to wait for me. I knew I would be gone for months, but I had to go right than. Xander was the only one around, so I gave him the message. It was my chance to be human, so we could be together. I just got back today. I wouldn't have known about the wedding if I hadn't called Willow."

Everyone was staring at Xander. "What, he's a demon. Are you going to take his word over mine?"

"How could you do that to Buffy?" Willow asked her friend.

"How can you even ask? It should have been me. Not the freak Angel" he turned to point at Angel standing in the shadows, or this "disgusting waste of space with a bad bleach job. I'm the one that loves her. She just never gave us a chance, because of these two mistakes of nature."

Buffy walked up to Xander and slapped him across the face. She walked back to Spike, " Lets go Spike."

Before anyone could stop him Xander pulled a gun and aimed it at Spike and pulled the trigger. Buffy jumped in front of him and took a bullet in the stomach. Xander was wrestled to the ground before he could get another shot off.

Spike held a dying Buffy in his arms. His eyes met Angel's and Angel shook his head no, but Spike carried Buffy to him anyway. "I'll take care of her. You know me Angelus. I'll find a way" Spike pleaded.

Wesley tried to stop Angel, but he turned Buffy anyway. As Spike carried Buffy away Angel told him, "If you need anything you know how to find me." Spike nodded with understanding and was gone.


"It's been a year and there's been no word from either Buffy or Spike. I like to think if anyone can make it work its Spike. He's done the impossible before; he fell in love with a slayer than regained his humanity to be with her. I want you to know I forgive you for shooting Buffy and for taking your own life. However, I won't be coming back here. There are too many bad memories, but I want you to know I'll always love you Xander." Willow stood and looked down at the grave of her best friend. She wiped away the tears and walked out of the graveyard to start her new life.