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His father was on the phone for him, yet again. Felix instructed Maya to tell him he would call him back. He did not feel like talking to his old man at the moment. Usually they got on like a duck in water but lately... he was simply irritated by him.

Felix knew full well it was due to the fact that he had become a professional snowboarder. He didn't think his father actually realised exactly how badly Felix wanted his dream to come true.

His father was a true businessman, rude, serious and straight to the point. So it really came as no surprise to Felix when his father denounced him for not wanting to take over the family business; as the eldest child he held all hopes with him, certainly his younger sister had no aspirations to take over a burger business. She was happy to spend the money it raked in, but working in an office or behind a greasy oven? She was dead set against that.

So as usual it had been left to Felix. He really didn't mind the work, he knew the value of a dollar and spending all day in a Burger van wasn't a problem for him at all. He was just bored of it, and when the opportunity arose he had to take it. So he had applied for tryouts for the SSX circuit, he was already pretty well known around Quebec, and he did suppose that perhaps his father's business had helped with that, but if he had the means to take advantage of that to achieve his dreams then he was going too; and it had worked.

But his parents just weren't happy about it. His mother had suffered in silence, her disappointment overwhelmed by the fact that she cared a lot more for her teenage son's happiness than the family business, but as usual his father had been very vocal and wasted no time at all in calling him to see if he had changed his mind at all and wanted to come home.

Of course he didn't want to go home and now is father was set about trying to change his mind, and he just couldn't be bothered to deal with it. Skye had been extremely supportive, as his riding partner she had told him to stop worrying and prove him wrong, which was exactly what Felix had done; claiming gold medals in the first two events of the season. Elise hadn't been happy about it at all, and in retaliation had publically declared her rage and hatred for him.

She along with Psymon; were the two competitors Felix really didn't want to annoy, they were both incredibly outgoing when it came to showing their enemies who was in charge, so it was somewhat disappointing his card had been marked by her.

Either way he wondered whether his parents had actually even bothered to tune in to watch him on television. All the events were televised and it was somewhat disconcerting to think that they were completely ignoring his progress.

His sister had been kind, she seemed to be the only one who understood how he felt and had made sure that he received text messages of good luck before every race and either congratulations or commiserations at the end of the events. She also liked to email him frequently and let him know how things were at home, but she didn't mention his father much. He knew his father would get over it eventually, Felix wasn't stupid, he didn't intend to board forever; but he was young; he wanted to have fun for a while first; then he would plan his future.

He enjoyed boarding, he had met some really great people; friends he would probably keep for a long while... the fact was; he lived for the moment and couldn't be burdened by having so much strain implemented on him by someone else. He needed his freedom... even if only for a little while. At least he could move forward saying he had spent some time doing what he loved, that was what was most important to him.

Maya appeared at the door again looking slightly rustled with the phone. Felix sighed, "Again?" He asked. The female nodded and with a sigh; Felix accepted the phone. "Hello?"

"Son." Felix gave another audible sigh and this time his father heard. "Now, now-"

"I've told you." Felix stated, "I will come back when I'm ready... I'm tired of the phone calls Dad... you can't change my mind."

There was a long pause and Felix was unsure whether he'd hung up or not until his father spoke again. "I've been speaking to your sister." He said eventually.

"Oh?" This was news to Felix, he didn't realise his sister had been desperately trying to change his mind... he doubted it had worked anyway. "Yes, what did she have to say?"

"Well she suggested, that it would be a good idea to take some time out to come and spend with you... see how your competition is going... she suggested we could also partake in some skiing whilst we are there. Your mother for one could use a holiday."

"Right." Felix wasn't really sure how to take the news, for one he didn't really want them coming simply to try and have him change his mind; and although he was desperate to see them; he didn't want them ruining his training or distracting him. But maybe the truth was that he just didn't want to confront his father.

"Is that all you have to say?"

"No it's just a shock." Felix answered, "I didn't- Well I wasn't certain you cared about what I was doing."

There was another uncomfortable pause before his father answered. "Of course I care. You already have a few Golds; you are obviously very talented; and whilst that talent shouldn't go to waste, I am just worried you will partake in this instead of the business but... We still support you every step of the way, even if we don't show it all the time."

Felix rolled his eyes at the use of the word 'we' instead of 'I', Ignoring this however he continued. "Well I appreciate it, I would be pleased to see you all."

"Excellent." His father stated, "We arrive in a week."

Felix blinked, a week; that was short notice, he said his goodbyes and hung up; going to put the phone back in its rightful place. Skye was sat reading a magazine, and inadvertently had obviously been listening sneakily. "Well!" She asked

He smiled, "They're coming for a visit." He answered, "Next week... you may have to um, help a little."

"Sure I'll hang out with you." Skye answered, "Sounds like fun, can't wait to meet them." She turned back to her magazine; flipping through the pages interestedly as he sat next to her and interrupted her reading.

"You think it's a good idea?" He asked.

"Well I should think so." She folded the corner of her page and closed it, throwing it aimlessly down onto the floor besides her armchair. "You need to talk, show him your love for it in person... I think they'll understand eventually; it's not like a lifelong commitment right? You can stop and start whenever you want too."

"I guess so." He scratched the nape of his neck and gave a sigh. "It'll be an interesting week."

"Ah time will fly by with your family." Skye answered with a look of slight sadness; Felix knew she missed her own family since she was a total family girl... still that was what you got with four brothers.

"You've explained yourself countless times, you'll have fun on the tour and come back when you're finished." She stated, "He will get it... eventually." She trailed off.

"Then I can go back to flipping Burgers." He laughed.

"Yes." She gave a slight giggle. "Then back to flipping Burgers."

It's a bit shorter this chapter, but I definitely had the most difficulty with Felix, possibly down to the fact that we simply know hardly anything about him and Maya... let me know what you think.