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Because He Can't Forget

As Rory ran down the corridor looking for Jennifer, found himself wishing he had a chance to explain everything to Amy. He could tell she was hurt, that she thought he had feelings for Jennifer. It was a strange reversal of roles; for once, it was Amy who was jealous of someone, not Rory. He had tried to explain it to her, but she had stopped him, telling him that it wasn't the time. In Rory's opinion, it was always the time to discuss their relationship, but before he could press on, the Doctor had an epiphany moment, as you do, and they were running again.

And then he was faced with the decision of staying with the Doctor and Amy or looking for Jennifer and Lord help him, he had picked Jennifer.

If he made it out alive, Amy was going to kill him.

It had nothing to do with his feelings for Jennifer. Sometimes Amy forgot, but Rory would always remember.

Spending two thousand years as a Nestene Duplicate is not something you easily forget.

Rory could vividly remember fighting for control of his own body, of his own mind. He could remember feeling the gun slide out of his hand, pointing directly at Amy, the fear he had felt knowing something was powerful enough to override his love for Amy, the struggle to stop himself. And most of all, he could remember when the gun fired and she had fallen into his arms.

Rory had two thousand years to think things over, and that moment often found its way to the front of his mind. Two thousand years to ponder his own existence, to ask 'what am I' and have no response. Rory knew the confusion of being a living, thinking being, but at the same time, not human. The feeling of having your memories, of thinking you are real only to find out that whoops, sorry, you're just a chunk of plastic.

He had followed the Jennifer ganger after she had attacked him, because he knew how scared she would be. To be forced to attack someone without knowing why, or being able to stop yourself. He didn't have to imagine how she'd be feeling, because he already knew. He listened to her talk about her memories when she was a child, and he understood the confusion of not knowing whether you actually experienced those memories or whether they were implanted into your mind. The more she spoke, the more Rory was drawn into his own memories.

So when he had heard the scream and remembered the real Jennifer still out there, he couldn't help himself. Maybe it was his instinct as a nurse. Maybe it was from spending too much time with the Doctor. Or maybe it was because he had bonded with the other Jennifer, and they were the same person, only different. But for some reason, he found himself voluntarily facing danger. Something he never did unless Amy was involved.

Amy was really going to kill him.