AUTHORS NOTE: I'm so sorry guys! To those of you reading Everland I mean, 'cause I'm working on it, honestly, but I've had the biggest writers block for like two months and I'm still figuring out which way to go =_=, I apologize for that. But yeah, I wrote this hoping I could free up some space in my mind and allow myself to feel refreshed and giddy for when I start working on Everland Ch. 2, which is, like, later today XD

But yeah, now for this story: I was just watching a movie online and the idea came to me, though the idea isn't even remotely close to the movie plot :p. This is kind of like a trial chapter, a prologue that determines whether or not I will work on this along with Everland. It's featuring Greece and Japan, eh :3 I like them … geez that sounds creepy. Anywho~ please enjoy, if it's good enough I'll continue.


"Cheaper … to get a roommate?" Heracles mimicked circumspectly. The idea wasn't all that appealing to him. He liked being alone with his cats. And the idea of sharing the space with him, the felines and some stranger didn't make him particularly comfortable. In fact, it put his stomach in knots. "No … I'd rather not, Sadik."

The Turkish man looked genuinely annoyed. It piqued him that they were even friends. He took a shaky breath to pull away from the magnetizing urge to deck Heracles right on the cheek and narrowed his eyes. "You'll be homeless if you don't – you know you can't afford your living expenses with those creatures polluting your space."

"Cats! They're cats! And they don't like other people," Heracles enunciated firmly to the other.

"Well fine, do it your way! But it's either one of two options: A) dump the creatures–"

"Cats," Heracles hissed.

Sadik rolled his eyes, at the moment he really couldn't care less. Cats, dogs, goats – all the same. He continued likewise. "B) Get a roommate. Now you do one of two or you live out the rest of your life picking city dumpsters with those cats of yours."

For Heracles limited range of emotions he sure did look stuck. Sadik sighed. Sometimes he worried for the man. If Heracles didn't have Sadik he'd have no one – besides those creatures that is. He'd be intensely helpless and stupidly ignorant if Sadik, the one man in the world that was nice enough to put up with him, hadn't come to the rescue. The most ironic thing about their relationship was that he didn't even like him. Hell, the feelings were mutual for both parties. But, as sad as it was, they only had each other to console in.

"Heracles you have to do something …"

"But the cats–"

"They'll get used to another tenant. C'mon, Heracles, don't let me have to pity you!"

"I'm not sure, though," Heracles began. He was very tentative about letting others into his space. "What if the person doesn't like the cats?" He cocked his head to the side.

Sadik balled his fists tight and let out a frustrated grunt. "Hold. Interviews."

Hercules scratched his head. "Interviews?"

"Yes, like job interviews. Ask questions. Make flyers. Put ads in the local paper. Grab attention and set up interviews for the perfect roommate." Heracles opened his mouth to speak. Sadik shut him up to fill in the details. "Leave your number, describe the apartment, your age, name, sex, information on the personality traits you'd prefer, leave your e-mail and for God sakes! Mention the cats, Heracles! How many do you have anyways?" Heracles opened his mouth again. Sadik put his hand up. "Don't tell me! You have to put it on the flyer, understand? When you're describing the details about the apartment that is one flaw you cannot miss out on."

Heracles stared, his face devoid of contemplation. "I'm … going to need help."

Out of air to sigh, Sadik simply nodded in defeat. "I'll help."

"Thank you, Sadik."

"Don't mention it. Seriously. After this, when you make a real friend, we can part ways and live our lives separately and peacefully," Sadik said more to himself than Heracles. He stood up from the bench and started back for the apartment. "It was nice talking to you," he lied.

"Yeah …."

The Turkish man turned on his heels. "I have to go to work now so tomorrow afternoon we can work on it."

"Yeah …."

Sadik frowned. "You look tired. Get some rest."

"Yeah …."

The edges of Sadik's mouth tightened severely. He reminded himself it wasn't worth it and left without a word.


"… I do not understand … you are kicking me out?" Kiku squirmed. Suddenly, he wanted to be back in Japan. He didn't want to be a transfer student in America anymore. Not if things like this happened. Where people who told you you could trust them suddenly abandoned you.

Yong Soo smiled at him apologetically; the strange face in his protruding strand of crooked hair did the same. "Listen, Kiku, my buddy, my pal, saranghaeyo, honestly, but you're not all that fun! You just sit and study with nothing more than a sullen face and monotonous voice! Always answering 'gomen, I cannot go' or 'gomen, I must study' or 'you should focus on your studies'! You need to loosen up but … it's too late now. You see, my dear cousin Yao is visiting –"

Kiku was panicking. No … no this could not be happening now of all times! It was drawing close to the date when he was supposed to help with the development of a new video game at the university! And Yong Soo was supposed to be his best American friend! He was one of his only American friends … but it wasn't all that bad, Kiku figured. Maybe Alfred and his brother would lend him a bed for a few weeks, until he could find someplace to live. Maybe. Hopefully.

When Kiku flashed back into reality Yong Soo was snapping his fingers adamantly right in front of his face. "Attention, attention! Is a Kiku Honda present in his body?" He called.

Kiku lunged at him, clutching desperately at the other man's collar. "Please do not kick me out! N-n-n-not yet! Let me find someplace to stay!"

Kiku felt a pair of hand clasp onto his chest and grope him. He jumped back, his dark eyes jutting over to the limbs that when followed led back to Yong Soo. He was grinning, his aura reeking of carefree mindsets and partying. "I'm sorry, you were just too cute! I needed to claim your breasts! Oh, Kiku, I'm not kicking you out now~! Yao will be here in a few days but maybe …." Yong Soo took Kiku by the wrist and pulled him close, "I could extend that by a few more days if we–"

Kiku scurried back. "G-g-g-g-g-gomen, I must study."

Making haste, the Japanese man got to his feet and bolted to his room. Once he shut the door Kiku walked over to his desk and flicked on the table lamp. He reached into his backpack and pulled out his sketch book. Opening it to a blank page, he reached over for his charcoal pencil and started sketching.

It was a simple cartoon; a tiny, innocent high school girl walking home only to be preyed upon by a lurking shadow wanting to get her 'goodies' – as Yong Soo would have put it. Then he sketched Shiro. His tiny puppy, unfortunately he had to leave the dog in Japan.

"What time is it?" Kiku asked the open air as he closed the book. He tapped the screen on his cell phone and shrieked. "11:36? I should have been in bed an hour ago!"

He decided that he would speak to Alfred and his brother tomorrow after his classes. They were usually home by then so there shouldn't be any sort of problem. He yawned. They both seemed to like him enough, and Kiku had never seen anyone use their guestroom. Cuddling deeper into the sheets, Kiku sighed. Things are so complicated in America … I miss Japan.



Saranghaeyo – Korean for 'I love you'

Gomen – Japanese for 'Sorry'