Kiku watched as Alfred waved a final goodbye to Arthur from the front porch of their house. Arthur waved back and drove down the street, promptly disappearing around the corner. He'd driven them home, since Matthew and Gilbert were having their date night.

"Gotta love Iggy~ I don't know what we'd have done if he didn't drive us," Alfred announced gleefully as he looked for his keys.

"Hai," Kiku responded quietly.

His dark eyes were focused on the car in the driveway. It was Matthew's – and Gilbert's motorcycle was there, too. Was date night normally something that happened at their house? Kiku would have assumed otherwise, and he might have asked Alfred, but Kiku felt pondering his thoughts aloud might be too bold, so he said nothing else.

Still seeking his keys Alfred continued, "can you imagine if we had to walk back, Keeks? I mean I'm a pretty athletic dude but I hate walking long distances. I'm all about the adrenaline! Running is where it's at. But running from the campus woulda been a nuts burger idea."

"There is always the bus," Kiku offered.

Alfred just stopped.

He gave Kiku this look like 'dude, just shut the fuck up. Don't be dumb. Eew' and went back to searching for his house key.

Seconds later he pulled it from the side pocket of his backpack and unlocked the door. Griping the knob, Alfred pushed the door open. He stepped in, Kiku right behind him.

"It's like a friggin' cave in here, why's it so dark?" Alfred pushed the door closed behind him, narrowly missing Kiku in the process. "Ah! Sorry, dude. Lock the door for me?"

Kiku locked it behind him. "I thought Matthew was home."

"So did I." Alfred walked over to the light switch and flicked it on.

Kiku and Alfred, who were both looking out into the blackened hallway, let out a horrified gasp at what was waiting for them in the light.

Gilbert had Matthew on top of the coffee table, completely naked, his legs spread wide open while he, Gilbert, was clearly ... intruding his nether regions with his ... inkei (that's Japanese for penis :D). The two of them, well more so Matthew, looked mortified. His already flushed face was becoming redder by the second, whereas Gilbert just looked like a child who had been caught reaching for the Forbidden Cookie before dinner.

No one said anything for a very, very,uncomfortably long time.

Alfred flicked the lights back off. "I'm going upstairs," he said numbly and hurried up the stairway.

Kiku muttered the same thing, only nine thousand times faster, and ran to his room.

For a long time afterwards Kiku was absorbed in his sketchbook. Sketching out one hundred different things at once in attempt to clean him mind. On the table. The table! They were doing such lewd things on the table! Was that what a date night required? Having one partner bloom the other's lotus ON THE TABLE?! He was so disturbed. Kiku'd never thought Matthew would be that kind of person...

Strike two! This is strike two! He thought in a panic.

Kiku pressed harder on the paper. His egged lines created a small boy, he was bouncing a ball. Kiku drew the boy over and over again, sometimes making him a girl, sometimes changing the ball, or the age, or the clothes, the hair, anything.

The Japanese man drew until there was a small tapping at his door. The suddenness of the sound sent a jolt through him. "H-hai?"


"H-hai ...?" Kiku called out again.

"U-um ... K-Kiku?"

It was Matthew.

Kiku became a frighteningly embarrassed shade of pink. "H-hai?"

"Can I ... Can I talk with you?" He sounded just as afraid as Kiku felt.

"We," came Gilbert's voice.

And the image flashed into Kiku's mind. The Japanese man shivered and tried his best to think of something else, anything, anything at all. A scene from an anime he enjoyed manifested, it was of an angry, British, blue-haired boy in a dress and his demon, bunny-butler wandering through Wonderland. He didn't dare divert this thought. Not even for a second.

"Can we come in?" Gilbert asked.

Kiku jumped. "Hai!"

Kiku watched his room door open a crack and Matthew's head peek in. He gave Kiku a small, embarrassed smile and opened the door wider so that Gilbert could walk in also.

"We're sorry," Matthew practically whispered. He was staring at the floor, obviously still too mortified to meet Kiku's eyes. Not that Kiku minded.

"I-it's okay," Kiku did whisper.

Gilbert chimed in. "But you're okay, ja? I mean, it's not like it's a big deal or anything. And there are pluses to it! Firstly, you got to see the awesome me, and Birdie naked. And secondly it's not like we were doing anything too wild. I mean, we've fucked on the kitchen table, too and-"

"MAPLE!" Matthew snapped to attention and punched Gilbert in the face! "What are you saying?!"

Gilbert was sent stumbling into the dresser. He held his cheek in surprise, looking up at his angry boyfriend, stunned.

Matthew's face was a clear depiction of a humiliation and rage combo. But Kiku was sure that Matthew's feelings were not as strong as his at the moment. He was disgusted. Purely disgusted. They'd done it on the kitchen table. Where people ate. Kiku had dropped a piece of food on it one time, and then he picked it up and put it back into his mouth.

=(UwO)= Flashback! =(OwU)=

Kiku sat at the table eating a small bowl of curry and rice he'd bought from a Japanese restaurant earlier. As he lifted his chopsticks a portion of the rice fell to the tabletop.

Kiku picked it up with his fingers and put it in his mouth.

"Yummy~ (^u^)"

=(UwO)= Flashback End! =(OwU)=

The Japanese man gagged.

Matthew looked at him. "K-Kiku I don't- I know it's inexcusable- we shouldn't have- maple..." His face was buried in his hands. He let out a tiny 'I'm sorry' and hurried from the room, leaving Gilbert and Kiku alone. Though Gilbert paid no mind to Kiku. The silver-haired German stood and chased after his Canadian love. "Birdie! Birdie! Aw c'mon I didn't mean anything by it! I was just telling him-"

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Kiku heard Matthew scream. A door slammed, there was more pleading, and after about a minute Kiku tuned out.

Strike three. This is strike three. Kiku shook his head. He really did care for and appreciate Matthew and Alfred but he couldn't do this any longer. Not unless he wanted to go insane.

He had to move out.


Sadik sat on the edge of Heracles' bed with Demeter curled into a ball on his lap. He was waiting for Heracles to find an outfit for his date. It was taking a surprisingly long time, so he passed the time by thinking.

He thought back to earlier that day and the boy in the car. It still bugged him that any human male beyond infancy had the ability to be so beautiful. Sadik had to tell someone, before he combusted.

"You know, I saw someone weird today," he said.

Heracles replied with a noise.

"It was this guy – I think – but, like, I thought he was a chick. I'm pretty damn sure he was, but he had no boobs. Then again, he was in a coat."

Heracles stepped further into his closet and started shifting through the clothes that were piled onto the ground. He flung them out, one by one, trying to find the perfect one.

"There are flat chested girls," he offered to Sadik.

"Yeah, I guess. It's just weird – how cute he was."

Heracles' head poked out from the closet. A tiny smile quirking the edges of his lips. "Do you have a crush?" He teased menacingly.

Sadik's lips curled at the comment. "Shut up. I'm just saying he was cute."

Heracles returned to the closet. "Or she. It could have been a girl."


It felt strange to be having such a casual conversation with Heracles, and Heracles felt the same about being able to talk so 'normal-like' with Sadik. He wasn't bothered by it, though, and it didn't feel as awkward as he thought it might have, which was a good thing. And that made him smile a bit.

Heracles sat up to stretch his back and yawned. He bent back down and put his head on what was left of his clothes. A blue tee. He didn't have anything else, and before this t-shirt not one of the items of clothing he had was date-appropriate. Heracles let out a quiet groan. He prayed his psipsina wouldn't mind too much.

Kku was sitting at a table in the Cat Cafe, waiting patiently for Heracles. Seconds later Heracles walked in in his blue t-shirt and a pair of old jeans – and despite the stated attire, he looked DAMN sexy. Like Abercrombie & Fitch Bag Guy sexy. He smirked at Kiku and sat with him.

"Hey," he said coolly.

His psipsina blushed and addressed the Greek man with a small smile. "Konnichiwa, Heracles."

Heracles' smirk blossomed into a full blown smile and he scooted over so that he was sitting next to Kiku. He kissed Kiku's cheek and let his hand rest atop his psipsina's. "How have you been? I missed you."

His psipsina let out a tiny chuckle. He flipped his hand, palm-up, under Heracles' and linked their fingers together. Entangling them like true lovers would do. "I missed you, too. And i've been lonely," Kiku stated with a small pout.

His pink lips shimmered with the candlelight, Heracles kissed them. His psipsina kissed back gently. Kiku whimpered,"I wanted to be with you this entire time. All I could do was think of you and- and-"

Heracles' free hand found itself at Kiku's cheek. The Greek shook his head slowly, an amused curve to his mouth. "I'm here now, aren't I?"

The other nodded.

Heracles leaned in to kiss him again, harder this time, more demanding, and he felt Kiku melt in his touch.

Heracles snapped his fingers and a curtain was pulled around them. He laid Kiku down carefully, and began to lift his shirt. Heracles broke the kiss, though their lips were within a whispers distance of each other. "Let me love you, Kiku" he whispered.

Kiku responded by spreading his legs and lifting his hips, his groin bumped against Heracles and to the Greek's surprise he did a little drag motion, grinding their clothed members together.

That had to have been a yes.


Heracles was given a start by the aggressive shout. He looked down at Kiku, the Japanese man's face was gone, a dark blue colour in it's place. In fact ... Heracles scoped the area. No more curtain. No nothing. He was back in his closet.

It was another dream.

Heracles grunted in frustration.

"Oi!" Oh, now he understood. That was Sadik's stupid voice that rudely yanked him from his fantastical dream.

Annoyed, Heracles got out. "What?!" he snapped.

Sadik reeled back, Demeter stirred on his lap and let out a tiny, grumpy mew. "I'm sorry, did I interrupt something?"

Heracles stopped glaring and let his shoulders fall. He sighed. "I don't have anything to wear." He reached over and pulled out the last blue shirt, showing to Sadik as proof.

The Turkish man didn't even seem surprised. He lifted Demeter, put her to the side and got to his feet. "C'mon, let's go."


"To my apartment. You can borrow something of mine. I mean, I'm a little bigger than you but it's not like you have anything else to wear." He started walking away, confident that Heracles would bend to his generosity. "And you're welcome."

In his apartment Sadik displayed a sleek, black suit to Heracles, it must have been ironed it was so crisp, and he'd even hung the tie, undershirt, and socks with it. His organization amazed his neighbour greatly – like, Heracles' eyes were twinkling.

It was the most perfect suit he'd ever seen.

"You wanna borrow this one?" Sadik asked setting it down next to Heracles.

He turned on his heels, back to his wardrobe, and started sifting through the colour coordinated clothes. "I don't know, I have more stuff ... but if you can't find anything you like you can try Sears."

Unhooking a few more suits he turned to face Heracles again and ...

"What the hell?! When did you put that on?!"

He was already dressed in the first suit Sadik had presented. Heracles swivelled in front of the mirror, shamelessly checking himself out. He did a bit of a hair flip and grinned. "I look hot."

"How humble of you," Sadik snorted sarcastically. He put the other suits back and sat on his bed, watching the Greek. "It does look good on you, you wearing that one?"

Heracles nodded. "Yes. My psipsina will think I'm ..." Cue spotlight! Sparkles! More sparkles! Mr. Karpusi needs to be shining! Edward Cullen up in this bitch! Perfect! And ... ACTION!

Heracle's smirked. "Absolutely flawless."

Sadik burst out laughing. "You're an idiot, Heracles Karpusi, y'know that?"

They laughed together, like real friends. And You know what, neither of them cared that maybe, just maybe, this could be the beginning of a great friendship.

Sadik pulled up along the curb in front of the Cat Cafe. Heracles was with him, he'd begged the man for a ride. And Sadik really couldn't say no, not after the how well things went the night before.

"Aren't you too early?" He asked.

Heracles shrugged. "Things have to be perfect ... I just want to make sure." He yawned. He was so tired. Curse the morning.

Sadik unlocked the doors and gave the other a sympathetic look. He'd never seen him so insistent or dedicated to anything. "Well don't push yourself too much. And try not to get any cat hair on my suit."

Heracles nodded. He opened the car door and produced a small smile. "Thanks," he muttered and shut the door behind him.

"Yeah ... no problem." Sadik yawned and drove off.

Upon entering the cafe Heracles saw the Cat Lady, she was laying faux candles down on the tables along with plastic, red roses in thin glass vases. Instead of the usual bright lights, the bulbs were dim, shading the area over with a romantic ambiance. Every where he looked there was something red or pink or just lovey-dovey, but it didn't look bad – not tacky at all to his surprise.

He was actually kind of pleased.

The girl turned around, she gave Heracles a huge, toothy smile. "Hi!"

Heracles waved. "It looks great."

She stood, dusting off something Heracles couldn't see, and put her hands on her hips. "I know right? I've been here since ... well ... I don't know, but the sun wasn't up yet!"

The Greek man simply bobbed his head up and down. He walked around the Cat Cafe slowly, inspecting everything. It was all so perfect. The only thing that could make it any better would be cat waiters, but that was pushing it.

"Um, if you're wondering, I closed off a section for you and your date. If you want to see."

Whether or not he did she was already headed to said area.

Heracles followed her with his eyes to a spot near the back of the cafe. It was curtained off ... just like his dream. He couldn't help the warm feeling of delight that shot through him. Heracles joined her just as she pulled the curtain back.

There wasn't a very big difference between this area and the rest of the cafe, but he didn't care. It was closed off and there was more than enough room for the both of them. That was nice enough.

"Thank you ..." he said.

"Hehe, it's all good. The least I can do for a frequent, yeah?"

"Yeah ..."

The Cat Lady undid her bun and re-did it. "There's still some other things to take care of, it'd be well appreciated if I could get some help." She poked him and he looked at her. "Yes you. I know your date doesn't start for a few hours, buddy and I still have to put the cakes and stuff in the display cases."

It was the least he could do. He shrugged. "Alright."

She gave the taller man a satisfied look and thanked him gratefully before they got to work.


It was Friday morning and Kiku Honda was leaving the house early. He had no class that day so he had no reason to get a ride anywhere – and he'd never been so thankful. Kiku just really did not want to have to face Matthew, and he was afraid that bumping into Alfred might mean an awkward conversation between them, so he was already headed to the Cat Cafe. He'd just text the brothers that he'd left early and let Heracles know when he got there.

Kiku was carrying the cat stuffed toy that he bought for Heracles. It was gift wrapped now, with a cute bow and everything. He really did hope that the Greek man would like it.

Rounding the corner he got to the bus stop and waited patiently for the bus to come.

The memory of Matthew and Gilbert continued to occupy his mind, following it was the set-in-stone proclamation that he was going to move out.

He'd thought a lot about it. He couldn't go back to Yong Soo's – that just wasn't possible – and he didn't know of any other places he could stay save a hotel, or maybe a motel.

The gloom set around Kiku like bees to a flower.

Maybe he'd just apply for housing at the school.

When the Kiku got to the Cat Cafe he was surprised to see how fancy it looked. Nothing compared to what he'd imagined simply because it was a cafe for/about cats.

Maybe they are having a theme day, he thought as he opened the door.

Inside, cats hopped from little jungle gyms, they played with little toys and each other while people spoke with one another, or just to the felines that surrounded them. At the counter Kiku noticed a certain brown haired Greek man wearing an apron and chatting away happily with one of the customers.

His mouth fell open slightly. Heracles.




Kiku bit his bottom lip. He didn't even know he was nervous. A few seconds ago he wasn't nervous. But he now was nervous. Damn nervous.

Kiku looked back at the door. It would be a perfect time to run ... He was sure Heracles wouldn't mind too much if he just didn't show. ... Oh, but he couldn't do that. It wouldn't be right.

So taking a deep, shaky, nervous-as-hell breath, he walked – or more like stumbled – over to the counter.


The Greek man turned his head toward Kiku. His green eyes met with brown and he smiled. "Kiku..."

"ME!" A girl next to him with a messy bun squealed. "Hey there, Heracles' date – Kiku, right? Anyway, hey!" She poked Heracles. "Thanks again for the help, and good luck." She winked at Heracles and Kiku and pushed Heracles from behind the counter. "Go get 'im, tiger."

Kiku could have sworn he saw Heracles blush a bit before swatting her hands away. He untied the apron, revealing a suit underneath, and offered a hand a to Kiku. "Ready?"

Kiku's heart was pounding in his ears. "h-hai." He took Heracles' hand. "Ready."


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