It is summertime once again in Danville, and that means one hundred and four days of freedom for kids of all ages. For Phineas Flynn, Ferb Fletcher, and their friends, this particular summer promises to be one for the history books. The gang has just completed their freshman year of high school, and it's a whole new ball game they're facing now.

Romance has flourished among the group over the past year. Phineas and his longtime friend and neighbor from across the street, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, got the ball rolling by getting together at his fifteenth birthday, which was before the school year. Shortly after the school year began, and after resolving his old feelings for Vanessa, Ferb got together with Isabella's best friend Gretchen. A little further into the year, and with ample help from his friends, Baljeet finally learned of the years-long crush Ginger had on him and they too became a couple. Romance even found its way to Buford as he began dating Milly, who'd taken a liking to him ever since watching him play during the football season.

All of these teenage romances, however, paled in comparison to what happened during Christmas that year. Jeremy Johnson, Candace's longtime boyfriend, proposed to her on Christmas Day, and a wedding date was quickly set for late August of the following year. As time ticks down, Candace is busily trying to make final preparations for the wedding while also helping her parents mind her brothers for the summer. Long since over her former burning desire to bust her brothers for their logic-defying antics, Candace now does her best to give the boys guidance as they face situations and feelings that - while being totally new to them - she is all too familiar with.

It's now early June, just over two months from Candace's wedding, and the Summer of Love is about to get underway with, of all things, an intimate get-together.