Worth Its Weight in Gold

Isabella stretched her arms out over her head after stepping out the front door of her house. It was the last day of summer before school began again and she knew she'd have to be in top form for whatever Phineas and Ferb had in store for the day. In years past it had always been something truly spectacular and memorable, so she had no reason to believe it would disappoint. She was, thus, incredibly surprised to find the boys in the back yard of their house with a pair of shovels, a bag of plant food, and a sapling tree sitting between them.

"Uh, hey guys," she said in an uncertain tone. "Whatcha…doin'?"

"Oh, hi Isabella," Phineas said happily. "We're not doing much today actually. Just planting this tree."

"Is there anything special about the tree?" she asked.

"It's just a standard oak tree," Ferb told her.

"Is it gonna grow really tall really fast?" she asked.

"I doubt it," Phineas told her. "Trees do take many years to grow to great heights."

"Okay," she said slowly, trying to process the matter. "You guys didn't get hit with a Dull-And-Boring ray or anything today, did you?"

Phineas looked oddly at Ferb, who shrugged at his brother. He then looked back at Isabella. "I don't think so. We're just planting a tree today, that's all."

"It just seems so…understated for you guys, is all," Isabella said, now feeling a bit worried.

"Greetings and salutations, one and all!" Gretchen announced as she jogged into the backyard. "What amazing endeavor are we going to conclude this year's summer vacation with?"

"They're planting a tree," Isabella told her.

"…wait, what?" Gretchen asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"That's more or less my sentiments exactly," Isabella told her.

"Guys," Gretchen said, stepping closer to the two brothers. "Don't you think something's missing here?"

"Hmm…she does have a point, Ferb," Phineas said as he thought for a moment. Ferb then pointed down at two bottles of water that sat at his feet. "Oh, nevermind," Phineas added in relief. "I thought for a minute we forgot to bring water for drinking. We're good, I guess. Let's get digging!"

The two girls present could only stand dumbstruck and watch as their boyfriends set to digging in the ground to make a hole for the sapling to go into. They puzzled and wondered why Phineas and Ferb had chosen such a mundane activity for the day; not to mention their choice of such a mundane method by which to complete it. It was only when Gretchen finally noticed where in the yard the boys were digging did she realize what was actually going on. She nudged Isabella and pointed to the whole area around the boys. The ground was completely free of grass and was several feet away from the house. It was the very same spot the tree that had been so precious to the boys had previously occupied. Isabella just nodded to Gretchen once she understood and the two then approached the boys once again.

"I think I know what you're going to say already," Isabella said slowly, "but…Phineas, why are you guys planting a tree?"

"Our tree may be gone," Phineas told her while he worked, "but the memories we had with it will be with us forever. Still, it was something important to us, and I got to thinking…someday Candace and Jeremy are gonna have kids. Maybe Ferb'll have kids someday too. Maybe I'll even be a father myself. I'd want all those kids to have a tree to play around and under as well, and I figure by the time all that stuff happens this little sapling might be just big enough to be a part of those memories."

"Summer just isn't summer for a child without a tree to provide shade under which to relax," Ferb added as he also continued to dig.

"I think that's a beautiful sentiment, guys," Gretchen said. "Can we help out at all?"

"We appreciate the offer, Gretchen," Phineas told her, "but this is one thing we kinda wanna do ourselves."

"We understand," Isabella said, nodding at him. "Mind if we hang around anyway? There's not much else going on today."

"By all means," Ferb said as he hefted another shovelful of dirt out of the ground. "We do hate silence, after all."

"So what's everyone else up to today?" Phineas asked. "I'm kinda surprised only you two have shown up so far."

"Milly and Buford are spending the day at an amusement park," Isabella told him. "Milly's folks treated them to it after all the hard work they did helping people after the tornado."

"Sounds like a well-deserved day off," Phineas noted.

"Baljeet and Ginger are in full school prep mode," Gretchen said, continuing the run down. "They're holed up in Baljeet's house making sure they've got everything in order."

"Sounds like their idea of a good time," Ferb noted.

"Katie and Holly have a repeat performance of their recital pieces for a senior center today," Isabella said proudly. "They're both still kind of buzzing from the results of that recital too."

"Can't blame 'em, that was a pretty big deal for them both," Phineas said. "So I guess that leaves…"

"Adyson," Gretchen said, filling in the blank Phineas had left. Both boys stopped their shoveling as they turned to face their girlfriends.

"Is she doing any better from yesterday?" Ferb asked with true concern on his face.

"We treated her to ice cream and did our best to cheer her up," Isabella said, sounding uncertain about the effects of their efforts, "but it's clear that she really misses Django. I hope he manages to get back in touch with her soon."

"It really isn't fair that they had so little time together," Gretchen added. "But on the other hand, it's clear they really had a lot of fun this summer and got really close."

"I think the same goes for all of us for that matter," Phineas noted. "Not that any of our previous summers were boring, of course, but there was something really special about this year."

"Agreed," Ferb said with an agreeing nod. He then looked at Gretchen with a sly, knowing smile and added, "And I think I know why."

"You're showering and changing clothes before you touch me, baby," Gretchen told him with a wink.

"That goes double for you, Flynn," Isabella said directed at Phineas.

"Yes, ma'am," both boys said in unison, complete with salutes.

"You're right, though, Phineas," Gretchen said as she and Isabella sat on the grass to continue watching them work. "This summer has been full of fun and surprises."

"If you ask me, it's been a summer of love," Isabella added with a happy sigh.

"I like the sound of that," Ferb said, nodding at her. "Like Phineas said, it's been that sort of summer for everyone; a truly unforgettable time for us all."

"And every single moment's been worth its weight in gold," Phineas said. He paused after what he'd just said and got a blank look on his face as he looked over at Ferb, whose face had a similar expression.

"Ferb, did you just have a massive moment of déjà vu just now?" Phineas asked his brother.

"I was going to ask you the same thing," Ferb said. "It's like I've heard that line you just said before somewhere."

"Go fig," Phineas said with a shrug as he picked his shovel up again. "Still, we should remember that line. It might make for a good lyric for a song sometime."

The boys returned to their work on earnest, striking up further conversation with their girlfriends about their plans for the afternoon and evening as they worked away under the warm sun of the last day of the summer of love.

Adyson chewed on her lower lip as she watched her computer screen nervously. Not even a minute earlier she'd received a text message prompting her to get to her computer and load up Skype. Now in the program, she waited anxiously and impatiently until finally the call came through. A quick click later and she was greeted by a different screen with two video panels on it. One was smaller and showed her as she looked on her webcam. The other was black for a moment and then came to life showing the face of who'd called her. She fought with her eyes to keep her tears at bay as she saw him.

"Hey there," Django said, waving to her with a smile.

"Hey," she said back faintly. "You sure know how to keep a girl waiting."

"I would've been on sooner if these two knuckleheads hadn't slowed me down," Django said, pointing to two teenage boys who walked into the view of his camera. "Addie, these are Martin and Vic. Guys, this is the girl. I told you she was real."

"Ah, so this is the one who stole my Django's heart away from me," Vic said melodramatically. "Though I can see I was no competition at all. She's as beautiful as you said she was, D."

"She got any sisters?" Martin asked. Vic and Django both looked at him with narrowed eyes. "What? I'm still strikin' out over here!" Martin said defensively.

Adyson couldn't help but laugh at their antics. "I'd accuse you of planning that exchange out, but I know you better than that Django."

"You'd better by now," Django told her. "I'd hope your memory wasn't so bad that you'd forget everything we did this summer."

"Trust me, baby," Adyson told him, a warm smile on her face as she settled in to enjoy her conversation with her boyfriend and his buddies. "This is one summer I will never ever forget."

It's summer! Every single moment is worth its weight in gold!

Summer! It's like the world's best story and it's waiting to be told!

It's finding love and going places where we've never been!

It's summer, man where do we begin?

It's summer, man where do we begin?

The End.