I was studying when my inner pixie started running around my head with loads of fanfic material.

"Not now. I need to concentrate."

The pixie leaned over to see my course book. "ooh, what's it about?"

"How different languages relate to each other."

"Pff, boring!"

I would have hit her off my shoulder hadn't she been hugging my neck.

I continued studying, while she was humming, distracting me. But I persevere. Every few seconds she softly tugged at the choker I'm wearing.

Finally I lost my patience. "Yes? What is it?"

Delighted my inner pixie jumps on the table. She opens my agenda and points to a picture glued in it.

"Ok, queen Elspeth. What about her?"

My pixie's eyes lit up she opens her mouth and an explosion of fic-ishness enters my mind. I feverishly try to pen it all down.

And that's how this story came to be. Enjoy the first chapter.

I do not own the film nor characters.

She had been his queen for fourteen years now, give or take a few. Their people celebrated the royal marriage each year. It was a quick reminder of how long she had been stuck in this never changing situation. One day of festivities after which she could forget the exact number again for an entire year.

Snow White looked up at her husband as he entered the room. Her one true love. Sadness glistened in her eyes. He was a caring, honest man. She continued to love him for that. The queen sighed.

"Is anything wrong, my love?"

"Nothing's wrong. I just feel… awkward today."

"You are troubled because there still isn't an heir to the throne." He inhaled, making a rueful sound deep in his throat.

"No, yes. I do not know." Snow White smiled tenderly at him.

He laughed at her confusion. He placed himself beside her, wearing his most boyish and endearing smile on his face. "One of us will have to live forever then and rule the kingdom." He took her hands in his. Trying to lift her spirit.

"Don't joke, I'm not in the mood."

For a moment he stared at her. "You are still as beautiful as the day I first saw you."

She shook her head. "No I'm not."

"You are, you always will be to me." He placed a hand over her cheek. "Stop worrying." He kissed her softly. "You are still beautiful."

"Yes," she muttered as he crushed his lips to hers again. His neediness made him aggressive. "I know I am." She whispered, turning her head slightly away from him. But you are not.

He saw her eyes grow cold. "What is it?" His were filled with concern. His entire soul was. He behaved like this on all the days she kept a distance from courtly life. She was starting to dislike him for it, wishing she wouldn't.

"Could you leave? I need a moment to myself." He did as she wanted him to. When the door closed, Snow White was suddenly able to breath freely again. Knowing that he wasn't there to see her feeling miserable. She buried her head in her pale hands. Slightly trembling. External beauty had never mattered to her. Then why did it scare her to loose it?

"I don't want to be beautiful!" she cried out. Less people would love her if she hadn't been this pretty. She would have had friends who mostly loved her for who she was on the inside. Now she was unsure who might abandon her as she grew older.

Appearances were far too important in these royal circles. Beauty had only one face to Snow White. Elspeth's.

And she was pure evil.

On the brink of sobbing she started muttering to herself. "Mirror… mirror…"

"Now you are the fairest of them all."

Snow White's tears turned cold on her cheeks. "I am not." She stated, not lifting her head.

"You are the fairest of them all."

"No!" She jumped up to see the form of her stepmother coming out of her mirror.

"You are…"

Walls turned to reveal more mirrors hidden on the other side.

"You are the fairest of them all."

"No," In dread she watched the illusions reach out to her. " you are...

You are dead! I.. I…"

"… buried my bones yourself." Queen Elspeth's likeness smiled at her. "Under the Juniper tree."

"I did." Snow White whispered incomprehensively.

"How does it feel? When someone who you wanted and believed dead, in fact isn't. Don't you just hate when that happens?" Elspeth laughed. Her voice echoed through the room. "Doesn't it make you want to go up to her and strangle her yourself?" The images of Elspeth enclosed Snow White. Anywhere she looked she saw her right in front of her. "Doesn't it make you want to shout?"

"Go away!" Snow White ran towards the door, staying well out of the illusions' reach.

"Shout, little girl. Shout!"

The door snapped shut before her eyes.

*author's note: shout, shout, let it all out. These are the things I can do without. Come on, I'm talking to you, come on.*

Only two, maybe three, more chapters to go. I already made a draft, written when taken over by the pixie. I will finish and post it when I find time to.

PS I do not own the song 'Shout' either. :)