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He held up a broad waistband. "This goes with the blue dress, to accentuate your hips. It is embroidered with silver thread."

She shot another disdainful glance at the two dresses. "Won't you try one on, your majesty?" He had made these dresses especially for the royal visit that afternoon. It had taken him many days. The tailor became nervous by her silence. She would like to make him feel less uncomfortable but wasn't in the mood to make the effort needed.

"I was told that your father would prefer the red one."

The red dress had a flowing skirt, it reminded her too much of the gowns Elspeth used to wear. Both of the dresses did.

The tailor tried to keep himself from sighing. It was terrible a pity that a beauty like the queen took no interest whatsoever in fashion.

"The court does not like way you are neglecting yourself. With your permission your majesty, a beautiful woman like yourself should take better care of the way she looks. You are a queen after all. It is your duty, to your husband and your people to shine at the side of the king."

She looked down at her lap. The whiteness of her skin perfectly matched the white fabric of her undergown.

She did not want to be here. She had checked the door when entering. The lock worked perfectly. She had inspected the walls as well. There were no hinges to be found indicating a revolving wall. There was only one mirror in the room.

Whatever ghost appearance had taken place the previous day, she was sure it would not come as long as she had someone with her in the room. Still nothing could lessen the growing premonition that she had to run away.

Queen Snow White slowly rose from her chair and began pacing around in front of the mirror. Clearing her mind before she addressed the tailor.


She was not sure whether this was the mirror room of her castle. It looked like it, and it didn't. It could be Elspeth's mirror room just as well. It could be a reflection of either of them. Mirrors locked inside a mirror.

She was sitting crouched on the cold floor. She couldn't remember how or when she got there. Her snow white gown spread around her. It had fallen to the floor. Reduced to shreds. She noticed her shoes lying afar.

Queen Elspeth was looking at her from a few meters off. Gracefully, teasingly she approached Snow White. Her gown was black as death itself. Her dress tightly embraced her body. Her hair was partly pinned up. A few lush locks fell down lightly caressing her shoulders. Her beauty was supreme.

The queen knelt before Snow White. To pick up her broken bones, wrap them in valuable cloth and burry them. Snow White's pale hands rested in her lap. She would not look at the queen. Elspeth lowered her slender hand to Snow White's. There it rested. The side of her palm gently brushing Snow White's inner thighs as she leaned in. Cautiously the queen savoured those blood red lips.

Her lips lingered on Snow White's like bittersweet honey. Against her wishes Snow White responded to the kiss. Smilingly Elspeth deepened it.

Snow White pulled away, breathing heavily. She remained silent, as ever. The one thing she had always been good at.

Elspeth's hand rested in the back of Snow White's neck, fiddling with her hair. "Your prince does not take good care of you." She pressed her body close to Snow White, who fell backwards. A creamy smile crept on Elspeth's face as she lay on top of the startled queen.

Elspeth drew sharp pins from her hair and flicked them into the wooden floor. Her hair fell around Snow White's face as a curtain of warm sunlight. Snow White found she couldn't breath as Elspeth closed in on her again. Her hands reached up, Elspeth swiftly took the crown that had fallen from the young queen's head.

She jumped up. Holding the crown up as a trophy. "Mine." She laughed, twirling around. I'm the fairest she smirked to herself. I am queen.

Snow White had difficulty recognising her distant and treacherous stepmother in the cheerful woman flaunting in front of the mirrors.

She looked around, there was no exit to this chamber. It appeared she had fallen from one of the many mirrors. Snow White had a vague recollection of ordering the tailor to leave her alone in the mirror room. She had come of her own accord. Through the mirror. That's where it had gone wrong last time, when Elspeth had tried to drag her in.

Snow White started pulling what remained of her dress to her. She carefully rose from the floor, holding the rags pressed against her. Elspeth was talking to her. Snow White did not listen. She had no reason to. Queen Elspeth's eyes never left her own reflection. Perhaps beauty had made her so insecure that she could not talk freely without being able to gaze at herself. Snow White had always taken her for a confident woman. But the young queen knew like no other that appearances can be deceiving.

As Elspeth was smiling happily to herself, Snow White grew sad. For the first time she saw her stepmother for what she truly was: afraid.

She limped towards the mirror closest to her. She had twisted her ankle while fighting Elspeth last night. She reached out for the mirror. Guilt flashed over Snow White's face as Elspeth turned her face. For a moment the evil queen looked alarmed.

"Uncover yourself, girl." Snow White did not. She touched the mirror's hard surface. She pressed against it with all her might. The mirror glass remained in place, so did she.

"You never did know how to take pleasure in beauty." Elspeth mocked. "Or in anything else." She had turned her back on Snow White again. Her fingers were fiddling with the cords at the back of her dress.

Snow White had no choice but to stay and watch.

Elspeth continued talking. " I tried to deny it, to fight it." She sighed softly. Her eyes focused on Snow White's reflection. "I have lost my place. I have accepted the truth." That did not sound the least bit credible to Snow White. Elspeth stressed her words: "You no longer are my enemy."

Snow White's face remained blank. "You are the beautiful one. Always were, always will be." She said in a level voice.

"Sweet of you." Elspeth giggled, observing herself once more in the mirrors. "Look at me" she smirked. "all dressed up."

She glanced back at Snow White. The sad, lost queen who still held her torn dress to her. "This beauty contest can not be called fair. We'll have to equal the chances." She started loosening her dress.

"I see no reason for measuring our beauty. Beauty doesn't prove anything."

Queen Elspeth shrugged. "It is in a shallow world we live in. The concept of inner beauty you refer to has little to no value."

She took off her crown with care and put it on the floor.

"I have often been irritated" Elspeth hissed. "by your lack of showing emotions."

"I never was dull."

Elspeth gloated, she knew that sentence from their last conversation would have lingered in Snow White's mind.

She turned to her, stepping closer. "Prove it."

"A vain hearted person like you would not understand any other form of beauty."

Elspeth smiled and nodded.

She walked towards the girl. Her lips slightly parted. A predator approaching its prey. "You need to grow up."

She knelt down in front of Snow White, leaving her shoes behind. Snow White showed no emotion. She was in need of the mother she never had. She was scared of growing older. She was furious at herself for fearing that.

Elspeth's thumb slowly caressed her temple. It was a matter of mere months before Snow White's first wrinkles would appear there. "It hurts." Snow White whispered. She sat perfectly still, as if paralysed.

"I know it does."

Snow White's eyes would not let go of the queen's lips. If she kept staring any longer her gaze would trip, making her own lips fall on those beautifully painted ones. Elspeth took the young queen in her arms. Allowing herself to let her lips glide over Snow White's smooth hair. She closed her eyes. "I have held you in my arms before." She whispered. "I have felt your loneliness."

"Before you poisoned me." Snow White tried to break away from her, Elspeth kept her down.

"You are beauty." Elspeth breathed into her ear. "I crave you, my dear."

She brushed away the pieces of cloth Snow White had modestly kept in front of her.

"Oh how I do…" She kissed her neck up to her face. "wanted. to. claw out those pretty, innocent eyes. Tear that silken hair from your head." It was the yearning in her voice that made Snow White shiver as Elspeth embraced her.

Elspeth looked her in the eye. "Remember when I offered you the apple?" she asked fondly. "That desperate expression on your face. I really thought you beautiful then, my pet." She smiled eagerly, amused, like a child. "Wasn't it the sweetest death you could ever have imagined?" She stroke Snow White's tightly clenched jaw, wishing away the hateful look in those dark eyes.

Snow White's body shook, holding back tears and anger. She wanted to smash that witch against a mirror. Hoping it would break or that Elspeth would fall through it and be gone forever. She had never felt such destructive rage before.

She wanted to yell at her. She did not find the words to. She had managed to get up and push Elspeth away. Now she stood there, silent, alone with her frustrations. Still shaking.

Elspeth grabbed Snow White by her upper arms, watching her eyes become watery. "I am not used to…" she muttered.

"Hush, I know." Elspeth took her in her arms again. She doubted she knew any nursery rhymes to calm the white queen. It took Snow White quite some time to notice that Elspeth was raking her hair. She was surprised to find this did comfort her.

Her head rested against Elspeth's chest. Her skin smelled of apple blossoms. Snow White started to relax. She softly kissed Elspeth's collar bone.

"Better?" Snow White smiled.

She felt Elspeth's dress against her hands. She fingered the fabric of it. She found the half undone state of Elspeth's dress most attractive. Her hands acted as by themselves as she started unlacing it further.

For a moment that calculated look returned to Elspeth's eyes as she placed her pale lips on Snow White's again. Almost hungrily the young queen kissed her. Snow White's hands dwelled down her arms. She slid the many rings that Elspeth wore off her fingers. Those cold rings that had scratched her skin but the other night. When trying to escape what she was now running into.

"If it means that much to you, let us settle this beauty contest." Elspeth smiled, liking the way Snow White was thinking.

Snow White helped her out of her dress, leaving Elspeth's hair slightly dishevelled. They both stood in front of the mirrors. Equal chances. Elspeth paced around Snow White. Her hair loose, long and shiny it flowed on her back as she moved. "We're not done yet." Snow White said. Elspeth took off her necklace. She offered it to Snow White, holding it in front of her. She shook her head. Elspeth threw it to the ground.

Snow White smeared the thin lines of make-up from the queen's eyes.

She pressed her against one of the mirrors. Carefully, as if not to break her. Elspeth wrapped herself around Snow White, digging her fingertips in her shoulders. The soft edge of Elspeth's tongue stroke against her skin, leaving a faint trace of lipstick behind. Snow White's skin truly tasted like snow. Cool and soft.

Most of the time Snow White did not know who was pressed against the mirror. Nor which mirror they were pressed against. In Elspeth's mirror room, in Snow White's own castle, in the world between mirrors. They kissed and bit each other's lips until they bled. All this time they made no sound. Their movements slowed down. Snow White had lost almost all feeling in her legs. She held Elspeth against the floor, having no idea when Elspeth had guided them there. The former queen softly started purring.

She arched her back as Snow White kissed her way down. Her purrs turned to soft shrieks of pleasure. Elspeth drew the girl- Snow White would always remain a young girl in her eyes- up to meet her lips again. Her silken hair shielded the queen from the world. Covering her in night.

Elspeth rolled them over. Teasingly kissed her, then rolled over again. There was such fire in Elspeth, such fear of losing what she had. After a while they lay next to each other catching their breath.

"So is …" Elspeth smiled light-heartedly. She couldn't remember his name. "that silly boy, the little king still to your liking?" A finger trailed down Snow White's side. "I recall I soon lost interest in your father's bed. "

Snow White lay motionless on the wooden floor, looking more like a marble statue than a human being.

"If I am not mistaken I am making you angry. Can you not, for once tell what's on your mind."

"Why? You never listened to me." Silence fell. Snow White shifted, looking back at Elspeth. "I do not want you to talk about my father. He would be ashamed if…"

"We don't need to talk at all." Elspeth grinned.

Elspeth took her hand. She moved on top of her, entwining their hands.

"Killing me twice wasn't enough?" Snow White whispered slowly as her breathing became deeper.

Elspeth did not reply. Snow White saw the twinkle in her eyes. Showing emotion was just what the queen wanted her to do. That witch would love to see Snow White try taking revenge on her.

"No," Snow White started panting, too late. Her voice was fragile as belonging to the little girl they had never allowed her to be. "I am married."

"I am dead." Espeth laughed, loving her own sense of humour.

Snow White gasped at those words. Elspeth's hand had slid between her legs.

Elspeth had been right. Talking was unnecessary.


Self-satisfied Queen Elspeth lay on her back. Completely relaxed with her nudity. She looked like she ruled the world. Snow White, having the uncontrollable desire to touch her again, lay her head on Elspeth's chest. "Am I awake now?" she asked silently. Elspeth caressed the tired queen. A vulnerable girl, who had crept close to her. Snow White kissed her breasts.

"This has been fun." Elspeth grinned. She lifted Snow White's chin. "I need you to get back now." Her voice remained as playful as ever. She stood up, drawing Snow White up with her.

Snow White smiled to her. A smile of innocence. How deceiving appearances could be. They both knew that neither of them was innocent.

"I don't want to go." she said.

"Tsk tsk" Elspeth took up her own dress and helped Snow White get into it.

"You will go, I want you to." She kissed the back of her neck as she tightened the strings of the bodice.

Snow White moaned ever so softly. "Is it too tight?"

"No, please continue." Jolts like lightning jumped from her groin to her spine as Elspeth tightened the dress.

Elspeth's hands now slid over the back of her neck, through her midnight hair, leaving white pearls and red ribbons there. Snow White had such straight hair it hardly ever needed brushing. With a sensual touch Elspeth continued to pin up her hair. After she had put her own necklace tight around Snow White's neck her hands lingered on the girl's shoulders.

Snow White turned round, grabbing hold of Elspeth, kissing her. "How" she said huskily "how can you be the same person who died all those years ago?"

"Oh she is, I am quite dead."

For a moment Snow White's mask of silent suffering returned. Closing off her feelings. Yet she did not back away.

"I made queen Elspeth who she was. I was her very reason for joy, sorrow, insanity. In a way it was I who made you suffer."

"Then you are…"

"I am her." She smiled at Snow White's confussion. "An impression held in a mirror by magic. It was a spell granted to her before you knew her."

"What spell?"

"Eternal beauty. You see? That is why she, why I can not die."

Suddenly Snow White felt embarrassed, felt sick, felt all she knew she should have felt moments before but for some reason had not.

She looked away. Her eyes skimmed the floor.

Her shoes were lying at the other side of the room. "Take mine." Elspeth said. Snow White did what she said.

"Now look in the mirror."

Snow White, feeling every bit a small child again, stubbornly shook her head. She gazed up anyway. She saw both of them standing there. One dressed, one not. The same as they had started out here. It did not look real. She turned to Elspeth. The former queen was the only thing which did look real to her in the entire room.

"How do I look?"

"Beautiful." Elspeth smiled mirthfully. Not a trace of contempt or envy left.

She placed the crown back on Snow White's head and pushed her through the mirror.


A body was lying on the floor. Elspeth laughed. It was white as snow, black as ebony, red as blood. Thankfully not much blood on the floor, not even on the white undergown the corpse was wearing. Having lifted the crown from the body, she shoved it in mirror.

For some seconds the surface of the mirror blurred. She turned to the empty chair in the room. Her hand mirror lay there waiting for her. She pressed a kiss on her lost love. A moment she wistfully gazed into the mirror on the wall.

Elspeth closed her eyes in anticipation. She took a deep breath. Then she spoke those dreaded words she could never keep from her lips.

"Mirror, mirror" she whispered. Her voice shrill from excitement as she addressed the mirror. "am I still the fairest?"

Snow White's likeness appeared out of it. "You are the fairest of them all." Elspeth's heart leaped.

She stayed in the room admiring herself and teasing Snow White's likeness for a long time. The blue and red dress caught her eye. She discarded them for they were too simple for her taste.

Feeling very content with herself she left the room to find herself a more elegant gown and new jewellery. She chose a glistening dress from Snow White's wardrobe. It was pale green leaning towards the colour of soft sunlight. It perfectly matched her skin tone and hair.

When she joined king Alfred in the throne room Snow White's father had just arrived.

He truly was old now. A horrifying and hilarious sight. She lightly put her arms around him. "Welcome, father."

To her delight the men did not recognise one face of beauty from the other anymore. She was cheerful, more than Snow White ever was. Both kings only had eyes for her happiness. Even the bond of true love could not see through her guise.

Elspeth's old husband petted her bright orange locks which he held for black. "You looking so much better than last time I saw you."

"I am feeling much better as well. I have decided to take care of myself. Do you like it?"

"Very much. My dear, dear Snow White." He embraced her, she pulled away. She forced herself a pleasant smile as she quickly cried out to fetch dinner. "I'm starving, papa."

She sat down before either of the men did. During dinner Alfred whispered her sweet, hollow words. As the riffraff came to take away their empty plates he bend over to her. His hand firmly on her thigh. "My love, you knew I could not stand your moodiness a day longer. Didn't you? Thank you." He softly kissed her lips. "You look so extremely beautiful."

"Imagine how beautiful I will look tonight, in your bed." "oh I am." He said with a soft growl. When I slit your throat with one of my hair pins. She sweetly smiled at him once more.

Soon she would be alone with her one true love. Cold and superficial as mirror-love may be, it was and always would be the only lasting love.


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