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'Baby.' Ichigo shivered as the word that he craved was whispered sexily into his ear, his face tinting pink. Grimmjow, who was next to him on the couch, grinned and leaned back into the cushions; his arm around Ichigo with his hand massaging his shoulder. Ichigo tried in vain to focus on the action movie in front of him, but was difficult when a sexy god was teasing the hell out of him, threatening to turn him into a dirty sex fiend.

"Asshole, I'm tryin' ta watch a movie." The berry tried to shake of his arm, but as always it caused only more trouble from the bluenette.

"Shut up, ya know you love it… Baby." Grimmjow ran his opposite hand over Ichigo's thigh, causing his breath to hitch.

"D-don't call me that." His face was now a deep shade of red that grew as Grimmjow's hand traveled farther up to cup his hard-on, massaging slowly through the material. He smirked when he heard the first moan.

"You like it." Grimmjow leaned in and nipped at his neck, which was still red from their earlier playtime before the movie. Sucking hungrily, he steadily pulled down the zipper of the berry's pants and snuck a hand under the fabric, taking hold of the hard cock.

"G-grimm…" Ichigo laid his head on he back of the couch as the hand moved faster, stroking him with a firm grip.

"Yeah, Baby, moan for me." He stroked long and hard, Ichigo's head flew from side to side, his hands gripping the cushion he was currently thrashing on.

"Oh, god!" Ichigo's moans became louder as he was nearing release. Grimmjow grinned evilly, more so than before, if that was possible for the man.

"I may not be everyone's heavenly God... " He felt Ichigo was close to his climax so he slowed down his strokes. "But I can certainly be your personal god in bed." Ichigo was sent over the edge and he came in his pants with a long moan. Grimmjow pulled his hand out and licked his fingers.

After a few moments recovery, he gave the bluenette a definite look. "More like my personal Satan." He was about to turn back to the movie, forgetting his dirtied pants when Grimmjow pulled him up off the couch and dragged him to their large room.

"I was trying to watch the damn movie, you fucking blueberry!" Ichigo tried to escape but Grimmjow blocked the doorway and shook his finger in Ichigo's face, shaming him.

"Ah, ah, ah, I don't think so, Strawberry. You're staying here."

He sighed in defeat when he was pushed back onto the bed, the blush on his cheeks returning as Grimmjow stood in front of him at the foot of the bed, slowly pulling his shirt over his head to tease him. His cut hips and toned chest with those beautiful caramel nipples made Ichigo hot, dirty images roaming free in his mind.

The shirt flew across the room. "Like what you see, Berry?" The bluenette hardly had time to finish the sentence before he saw Ichigo's shirt join with his own. Grimmjow's cock twitched at Ichigo's readiness and he popped the button on his jeans, pulling down the zipper to let the pants become loose on his hips, the flaps open to show more skin. Ichigo ran a hand over his nipples and moaned as Grimmjow rocked his hips.

"You better get the fuck over here before I lose control, Grimm." He nearly growled out the sentence, staring heatedly at the one who was now currently taking off the rest of his clothes.

"Whatever you say, Baby." He crawled up to his berry and was pulled down forcefully by the shoulders, smashing their lips together.

"I love it when you call me Baby."

Grimmjow growled and tore off his pants, rubbing their bodies together. "Oh yeah? Why is that?"

"It makes me feel dirty, and oh so fucking hot. Makes me want to touch myself…" Ichigo ran a hand over himself and moaned seductively for Gimmjow.

Goddamn, his berry was going to kill him before they got to do anything.

He quickly changed his open mouthed stare to a sexy grin. "So you wanna feel dirty? You wanna be my sexy baby and thrash around under me and make your body hot for me, is that it?" He received a moan and a tremble as an answer and leaned down to kiss Ichigo, slipping his tongue between sweet soft lips to meet his berry's delicious warm one. Ichigo was submissive and let the bluenette lead the steamy kiss.

"I want you to call me Baby," he said through the kiss. Grimmjow felt his abdomen swell with heat and rubbed their erections together forcefully as he replied.


The berry bucked his hips in response and moaned softly. "Grimmjow… touch me."

"You're turning into such a slut." He smirked and nipped at his jaw before flicking his tongue against one of the berry's nipples, sucking and biting, turning the caramel bud red with abuse. He could hear Ichigo's labored breathing as he reached the untouched nipple. After abandoning the buds, he kissed his muscled chest and teased around his navel, running his hands over the boy's thighs.

"Grimm, please… More. I want it." Grimmjow stopped his kissing and glanced up at him with hidden intentions.

"What do you want, Baby? Tell me what you want." His hands were still massaging his legs, dangerously close to Ichigo's manhood. He whined then gulped.

"I-I want you to suck me." The blush on his cheeks appeared once more and shivered as the man wrapped a hand around his cock.

"How bad do you want it?" He moved his hand up and down at a painfully slow rate, causing Ichigo to bite his lip.

"Bad. I want it badly." His wish was granted with a sexy wink. Grimmjow ran his tongue over the head, digging his tongue into the slit. Wrapping his lips around his cock, he descended down to the base. He could feel fingers curling in his hair as he moved faster, his head bobbing up and down. He wanted to finish this quickly so they could move on to the action.

"Ahh, G-grimmj-ah, yes!" He felt Ichigo's cock twitch before the cum shot into his mouth, Ichigo's body shuddering at his release. The man swallowed and was pulled up for a kiss, the berry tasting himself on the other's tongue.

What Ichigo did next almost made his body melt with surprise.

He slipped out from under his lover and crawled up further onto the bed. Sitting up on his knees, he took hold of the top of the headboard and stuck out his ass. Finally, he looked sexily over his shoulder and spoke in a deep, commanding voice, his eyes clouded over with pure lust.

"Now get your ass over here, fuck me like a maniac, and call me your mother fucking baby." Grimmjow nearly crumbled to the bed after his body faltered, his cock completely hard and throbbing painfully. Crawling up behind him, he grabbed his hips and leaned forward to whisper in his ear.

"You're such a fucking tease. You want my dick up your ass that bad? Well guess what. You'll get exactly that." He reached for the lube on the bedside table and snapped it open loud enough for Ichigo to hear, shivering in excitement. But Grimmjow wasn't done with his dirty talk. Sticking in a lubed finger up his ass to the knuckle, he continued into the berry's ear as he was groaning quietly.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard, Baby, you won't be able to sit on your ass for 2 weeks. I bet you'd like that." He pulled out and plunged back inside with two fingers, then quickly three, stretching him out. "I can already see you screaming my name as I slam into you, god I can barely contain myself.

"F-fuck, Grimm! You're driving me insane!" He pushed back onto the fingers and moaned, feeling them brush over a sensitive bundle of nerves. Arching his back as Grimmjow repeatedly hit that spot, he gasped and whined, throwing his head back in pleasure.

"Goddamn, you're so fucking sexy." He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his cock, but paused at his entrance.

"Grimmjow, don't make me wait, I want you." Ichigo tried to push back onto his cock, but the older man held his hips firmly in place. His cock throbbed, but he made himself wait. He ran his hands soothingly up his back and over his shoulders, letting them rest over Ichigo's, whose hands were gripping the headboard with impatience.

"I know, Ichigo." He felt the boy shiver. "I know how bad you want this." At a slow pace, he pushed in, burying himself to the hilt. The berry's moans were faltering. "You want me to call you my sexy baby with a cock up your ass, pounding into you. God, I love you more with every breath you take." Grimmjow pulled out and snapped his hips forward harshly, Ichigo screaming out with his back arched to extremes. The bluenette continued his harsh thrusting as he took hold of his berry's hips once more.

"Grimm-ah! D-deep-ah, deeper!" He struggled with his words but managed, wanting more friction and pleasure. Grimmjow made sure to give his berry what he wanted and thrust deeper, his pounding causing hard knocks to the wall as the bed slammed against it. His moans escalated as Grimmjow gripped his hips painfully, enjoying the sensations coursing through his body as he was fucked long and hard. Wincing as Grimmjow dug his nails into his skin, he cried out in a high-pitched tone when that same bundle of nerves was hit.

"Right there! Ahh, yes! M-more, I need more, Grimmjow…" Ichigo pleaded until Grimmjow's breath caught in his throat at Ichigo's begging and sat back, pulling his berry into his lap.

"And you say I drive you insane." Grimmjow rolled his eyes and guided Ichigo's hips up and down in a fast, even rhythm. Ichigo laid his head against the bluenette's shoulder, turning to lick and suck at his neck and causing Grimmjow to groan and thrust deeper up into him. He heard the berry moan in ecstasy and whisper something into his ear.

"I love the way you fuck me, Grimmjow," he paused to moan, then continued, "You fit so perfectly inside me, and how you drive me insane with your dirty words." Ichigo's hands ran over his chest and he bit his lip, then let his hands snake around behind them to grab a handful of blue hair. "Tell me dirty things, Grimmjow. Call me Baby." He nipped at his ear before returning to suck at his neck, his moans becoming pants as his pace continued.

No. He needed to hear his berry moan.

Ichigo suddenly felt a change in Grimmjow and yelped in surprise when he felt him give a sharp, hard thrust, feeling hot breath in his ear. "You are so fucking naughty, Baby. Such a goddamn tease." He gave another sharp thrust and moaned to himself when Ichigo cried out and tightened his grip in the blue hair. Grimmjow flicked a nipple and rubbed it, sending his berry into a wild frenzy of moans and gasps. "You like being fucked, Baby? Do ya?" He thrust harshly to hear another beautiful cry of pleasure before returning to the fast pace. "Answer me, Ichigo."

"Y-yes! Yes, I love being f-fucked."

Grimmjow gave another hard thrust. "What was that?"

"I love being fucked by you, Grimmow!" The blue-haired man gave his signature grin, though tainted by dark intentions and roughly threw Ichigo onto his stomach, hearing a gasp slip from his lips. Grabbing his hips once again, he lifted them so his ass was in the air and slammed back into him.

"How about this, Baby? You like this too?" Ichigo was screaming in deep pleasure as the man fucked him without an ounce of mercy, his cock sliding out of his ass almost to the point of pulling out all the way before slamming back in.

"Yes, ahh!" Ichigo threw his head back as he gripped the bed sheets tightly, his knuckles turning white. Sharp pain ran though his scalp as Grimmjow grabbed a handful of hair and pulled back forcefully, leaning forward towards him.

"Say that again, because I don't think I heard you right through all that screaming." Ichigo tried to focus through the cock that was pounding into him and the hand that was yanking his hair. The pleasure of the pain was overwhelming and he couldn't help but to smirk.

"Yes, Grimmjow, I love it when you fuck me this way. Please give it all to me, I'll take it!" His words earned him deeper thrusts and a long moan from the man behind him. He tilted his hips a little more and moaned along with Ichigo's cry of pleasure as he hit his prostate. The grip on his hip became a death-grip, his fingers now had a warm substance coat them. Letting go of his hip, he reached around to take hold of Ichigo's cock, feeling the hardness of it and the pre-cum that dripped made him realize his upcoming release. He pumped and almost came when Ichigo whined in an unmanly tone.

"Nnn, Baby… Ichigo, I wanna see your face when you come… And I want you to see mine." He pulled out and rolled Ichigo onto his back, thrusting back in and feeling smooth legs wrap around his waist. Ichigo dug his nails into Grimmjow's shoulder hard enough to draw blood and leave marks. The bluenette had kept up with the killer pace and was now begging in his mind to come inside his lover.

He wrapped his hand once again around his cock and pumped. He looked Ichigo in the eyes as he spoke. "Let's come together, Ichigo." Ichigo shivered and smiled up at him. Grimmjow sped up the pace for the last time and angled his hips to find that spot for the last time that night.

"Grimmjow!" Ichigo's muscles clenched and tightened around his cock and he moaned out his name.

"Ichigo…" They both came at the same time, the look on each others' faces making their stomachs flutter. Cum covered their stomachs and dripped out of Ichigo as Grimmjow pulled out and fell heavily next to Ichigo, licking his fingers as the berry watched. He noticed the blood on his fingers and glanced down at his side with a gasp. Four puncture wounds aligned together on his hip, he looked back up to his lover.

"Shit, really Grimmjow? Really?" Grimmjow shrugged his shoulders and cocked an eyebrow.

"You're not the only one." He rolled over onto his stomach so his berry could see the marks he had made on his shoulders.

Ichigo bit his lip before saying, "You deserved it."

"What, and you didn't?" He gave him a smart ass smile and pulled Ichigo down next to him, who curled up to rest his head on Grimmjow's chest, his fingers tracing patterns.

"Should we take a shower?"

"Really, Ichigo? Both of us in a shower will never get us clean."

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "You're perverted. Fine. Tomorrow then."

"Alright, tomorrow." Ichigo didn't see the devious grin on his lover's face and instead closed his eyes.

"Night, I love you, Grimmjow."

"I love you too, Ichigo." Grimmjow ran his fingers through orange hair and soon, the only sound was that of gentle breathing.


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