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Call Me Baby Part 2

Ichigo woke with Grimmjow on his stomach, hogging the pillow that they shared. "Damn pillow stealer." He grabbed the pillow and yanked it from under the bluenette, watching him sit up in surprise. He glanced around the noticed Ichigo with the pillow and cocked his eyebrow.

"Hey, that's mine." Grimmjow reached for the pillow and was about to yank it back when Ichigo jumped back off the bed, the man falling on his face.

"I don't think so, you stole the damn thing and kept it all night! It's called sharing you asshole. Do you understand that term? Huh? do ya? Sharing."

"You fucking berry, get over here with it!" Grimmjow crawled to the edge of the bed only for Ichigo to step back and hold it away.

"No. Get your ass over here and get it."

Grimmjow growled and jumped off the bed and yanked the pillow out of his hands, scowling at a smiling Ichigo. He was about to crawl back onto the bed when Ichigo jumped on his back and wrapped his arms around his neck. "You're already up, you might as well take a shower like we were suppose to last night."

"What? I just got the pillow back and... I plan on hogging it some more," he said matter-of-factly. Ichigo got down and pulled him towards the bathroom.

"You've slept enough ya damn beast. C'mon." Grimmjow sighed and followed him to the bathroom reluctantly, wanting to just get back into his bed, relax, and have a few more hours of sleep. But Ichigo would have none of that. Once they reached the bathroom, Ichigo had the shower turned on and was already tearing at Grimmjow's half naked form.

"You sure are fiesty this morning, Ichigo."

The boy smiled at him seductively and answered back matter-of-factly, "Well, after last night I can't just stop there without getting a little wet, now can I?" Ichigo tore off Grimmjow's pants then stopped to cock an eyebrow. "And since when do you have pants on?"

"I have to take a piss every now and then you know. Besides, my poor balls were freezing." Ichigo rolled his eyes and grabbed Grimmjow's warm hands, pulling him back towards their walk in shower that was large enough to fit multiple couples at a time, with shower heads from all sides and black marble all around.

"Doesn't look like I'm going to bed anytime soon." The blue-haired man smiled, now very aware of his own growing erection. He was forced against the wall and kissed passionately, yet heatedly. The younger boy's hands roaming his chest, the water feeling almost cold compared to those wonderful hands. Ichigo played with Grimmjow's nipples as he licked teasingly at his lips, causing the man to pant and whine quietly. They looked each other in the eyes after Ichigo pulled away from the kiss and noticed the glimmer of lust and playfulness in his eyes.

"What do you want, Grimmjow." He took hold of his cock and squeezed to hear an intake of breath. "I'll get down on my knees for you." Following his own words, he slid down the man's body, running his hands down it as he went. Placing himself in front of his cock, he used only his eyes to glance up at the sexy face that opened his mouth to speak.

"Baby, suck me." He cupped Ichigo's cheek before grabbing a handful of orange hair, turned-on by the sight in front of him. The berry gave a seductive side smile at the name and teasingly flicked his tongue against the head of his cock. Grimmjow smiled at him before leaning his head against the smooth marble, feeling the hot water run down his sleek body. Ichigo, on the other hand, sat up straight as he ran his tongue over the head once more before licking around the shaft. Once he let his tongue roam the underside of the hard cock, he could hear the pants of his lover. Taking it all into his mouth, he sucked softly at first, feeling the hand in his hair tighten with impatience and begin to push his head forward. Ichigo pulled away from the cock.

"I don't think so." Grimmjow looked dangerously at Ichigo, who didn't even flinch, to his surprise. Instead, the orange-head looked menacingly up at him, a look of pure intensity in his eyes. "I said I would suck you, not you facefuck me. Now hold fucking still." All this came out as a first and last warning, his tone dark. Grimmjow couldn't help but gulp at this new Ichigo, and finding it hard to resist, he loosened the grip in his hair and let out a sigh. "That's much better. Now, I shall continue sucking you." Ichigo took in his cock once more and deep throated him, his own moaning causing unbearable vibrations and making the bluenette bite his lip hard enough to make it bleed. The sucking became harder and he could feel himself coming close to release. The moans growing louder was a signal for Ichigo to prepare for the oncoming climax.

"Ichigo... Baby..." Grimmjow moaned once more before spilling himself into the boy's waiting mouth, who quickly swallowed it all and came up to kiss him, wraping his arms around his neck. The taste was good, his tongue warmed by the other's as they fought. Ichigo kissed his ear, longing to hear the word again.

"Grimmjow, call me Baby. I want to hear it again and again as I let you fuck me. I want you to say it and moan it and whisper it in my ear. It makes me tremble when I hear it... I don't know why, but..." He closed his eyes and let his lips graze over his cheek as he came back around to face him. "Tell me now..." Grimmjow wrapped his arms around the slender body and pulled him closer, their bodies brought together in a warmth no one could compare to.


Grimmjow inhaled his scent after the word passed his lips and he breathed out seconds after. "I could really get used to this, you know." Ichigo rolled his eyes and rubbed their erections together, almost laughing out loud to feel that his lover had already grown hard once more.

"I can tell, Grimm."

"So are you still gonna be the little IchiDevil like you were when you were in the process of sucking my cock?"

"Why, were you scared, Grimm?"

"No! I was just a little surprised, that's all. It was a side of you that I have never seen before. I mean, I knew you could be fucking bossy, but goddamn, that look you gave me scared the sh-" He shut his mouth when he realized what had just come out of it after just telling Ichigo that he didn't scare him. "What I meant was..." He tried to come up with an excuse that sounded close to what he had just said that was reasonable and believable, but came up empty handed, the 'don't even try to deny it cuz you just busted yourself' look with the cocked eye brow and side smirk that Ichigo had on his face made him squirm against the wall in defeat.

"Riiight, Grimm. So you were scared. Huh. Guess I could use it to my advantage next time, because yes, there will be a next time with the way your ass gets. Pushy, demanding, impatient jackass."

"What the fuck, and you aren't?" It was Grimmjow's turn to cock an eye brow at the berry who shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah, but you can deal with it." Ichigo shoved the bluenette back against the wall and gave a sexy smile. "Time to get down to business." With quick movement, he brought a leg up around Grimmjow's waist and pulled their bodies closer, their faces merely centimeters apart. Ichigo had his hands on the back of the man's neck and ran his fingers through the blue strands of soft hair, bringing their lips together finally and moaning with the friction of their bodies and erections grazing each other.

"I think it's my turn, Baby." Grimmjow said seductively, earning a moan as an answer. He switched their positions to where Ichigo was backed against the wall and began biting his neck, his hands firmly grasping the smaller waist. Their cocks met and they moaned together in pleasure, pushing themselves closer to feel more of each other, but not getting enough. Grimmjow grabbed Ichigo's hand and placed it on his cock, waiting and finally getting the response he wanted as the boy began to pump quickly. As he pumped, Grimmjow placed his hands on the wall on either side of Ichigo's head, letting his forhead rest against his lover's. "Nn, Baby. Faster." Ichigo pumped faster at the command and felt him cum into his hand. He covered the cock with the cum until it was slick and ready to be used.

"Are you ready to be fucked once again like a slut, Baby?" He whispered to him, watching his berry's facial expression change to one of concentration to one of lust and submission.

"Yes, Grimmjow..."

The man smiled maniacally and grabbed Ichigo's other leg and brought it up to rest around his waist like the other had been. He pushed Ichigo back to the wall as far as he could go to assure them both that he would not fall. Wasting no more time, he thrust in quickly and clenched his teeth at his tightness.

"Why is it that no matter how many times I fuck you, you still feel like a damn virgin just getting slammed?"

Ichigo let out a thick moan before he replied to him. "Oh shut the hell up. You know you enjoy it, now just fuck me already."

Grimmjow complied and thrust again, hearing the same moan. Ichigo's hands gripped his shoulders tightly, digging his nails in as he had done just last night. He fucked him into the wall, his hips snapping forward repeatedly and hearing wet skin meet in quick succession as he fucked him.

"Ahh, fuck. Just like that, Grimm..." The orange-haired boy panted as he spoke, his head rolling back to lay against the wall, eyes half lidded. With every thrust came a moan or a gasp, yet it wasn't enough. He wanted to hear his berry screaming his name. He wanted to hear it as he heard it last night, ahh, those beautiful screams made him almost lose it. He quickly gained control again and pounded into him deeper, causing Ichigo to arch his back and scream out once. The pleasure that Ichigo felt was overwhelming and he knew that his lover would do all the more to make him scream profanities.

His hips rocked against Grimmjow's in time with his thrusts, the man panting with each forward snap of his hips. He was loving the look of complete pleasure on Ichigo's face, making him smile at the thought that only he could be the one to do this, only he could make Ichigo feel like the world was gone and that they were the only ones there.

"Grimm, I-I can feel myself about to... To... Ahhh!" Ichigo suddenly screamed as the tip of Grimmjow's cock slammed against his prostate, the one spot that made him wreath under Grimmjow every night and scream dear Lord Grimmjow. "Sh-sh-shit! Fuck, yes, Grimmjow!" He threw his head back and dug his nails deep into the skin on the man's shoulders. "Right there! Don't s-stop! Harder, please, God!" The bluenette had no intention of stopping in this moment of madness and thrust harder, his leg muscles straining to keep them up as he used all his strength to fuck his lover sensless.

"Baby, yes. Scream my name. Scream it!" He was looking directly into his eyes as he spoke through pants and heavy breathing. Ichigo screamed out and squeezed his legs tight around the waist, feeling his oncoming climax. He couldn't bare to hold it in for any longer, he was about to come, and he would come hard. His stomach was hot and going wild with the pleasure as if he were on a roller coaster, moving through the sky at an immeasurable rate.

"God Baby, Im gonna come. Im gonna cream in you so fucking hard... Ahh!" Grimmjow threw his head back and moaned loudly. Ichigo grabbed the bluenettes hair and brought him in and smashed their lips together hastily. They both came at the same time, saying each others' names as they did. Each released heavily, Ichigo and Grimmjow both groaning. Their bodies were aching, and Ichigo would have fallen to the shower floor if it wasn't for Grimmjow holding onto him. The water had run cold as they took deep breaths, calming themselves before turning off the shower and stepping out to grab towels.



"Go to the fucking store and get heating pads. My ass hurts." Ichigo walked to the bed and fell back after dropping the damp towel to the floor, laying flat on his stomach and groaning, feeling the pain shooting up his back.

"No fucking way, Berry." He crawled next to Ichigo and pulled him close to his body. He groaned into Grimmjow's neck and sighed.

"You fuhing affhole..."

"Say that again? I couldn't understand you." Ichigo brought his hand up and it landed harshly on the man's chest. "Ouch! What the fuck, Ichigo?"

The boy lifted his head and glared at him. "My pain is caused by you, so you deserve to have it back."

Grimmjow rolled his eyes and smirked. "C'mon, Baby. You love it more every time." Ichigo blushed and burried his face in his neck once more.

"I wuff yoo..."

"I love you too, Ichigo." He ran his hand up and down Ichigo's back soothingly, earning a now relaxed sigh from him. Before falling asleep, he simply stated.

"You need a new nickname."



Okay, so there will be an extra to this story, it will be a request from one of my dedicated friends. This story was dedicated to her because if it wasn't for her and her obsession with Grimmjow, I would never have thought of writing anything other than Gin/Ichi Renji/Ichi! So, dedicated to Fawn4Ever. 3