Hello, everybody. It's me again. This is just a small one-shot for 10/11.0 (you know, the pairing that FEW appreciate) and it also tells how they first meet. So…you know the drill.

"Hey! Nice hair, EvangeLOSER! If you live in the circus!" Five-year-old Eva Roberts sat on the swing set and cried her eyes out as the vicious schoolgirl teased her, while her bully friends laughed. Meanwhile, five-year-old Kade Jackson just stood in the background watching all this happen and felt the need to do something. "Aw, what's wrong? Crying because you got rejected from the circus for being uglier than a clown?"

That's when Kade's expression became more serious and he slowly approached them. "HEY! Leave her alone! What did she ever do to you?"

"Hey, look girls! Evangeloser's got a BOYFRIEND to back her up!"

Kade blushed at this, then became furious. "I SAID LEAVE HER ALONE!"

The cruel girls looked in fear and slowly backed away. Eva looked to Kade and smiled, touched that he would do that. "Um…Thanks."

He smiled and approached her. "No problem! Those girls were stupid! You have pretty hair!"

Eva giggled. "Thanks! I'm Evangeline Roberts!"

"Evaga…Evango…Evanguh…" Eva giggled at him failing to pronounce her name. "Uhhh, can I just call you Eva?"

"Sure! Eva sounds great!"

"Great! And I'm Kade Jackson! My family just moved here!"

She hopped off the swing. "It's nice to meet you, Kade. Thanks again for sticking up for me."

Kade blushed. "Uh, it's nothing, really. Hey, do you like video games?"


"Wanna come over to my house and play? I've got tons of video games!"

"Sounds great! Sure!" With that, the two walked out of the park and to Kade's house. After this short meeting, the two already knew this was the start of a beautiful friendship.

Well, there you go. Sorry it's short, but what can ya do? This pairing needs more love, so that's mainly why I wrote this. Well, see you around the other end.