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Summary: Itachi had just returned after several year's to find Hinata dead, driven by grief he searches for a way to bring her back from the land of the dead.

"That it only come's once is what make's life so sweet."

- Emily Dickinson -

Sweet, gentle lavendar eye's, that glowed and shined when she twisted her plump rose petal lips in to a smile.. Now dark, and lifeless... Dark almost violet, indigo twists of hair that smelled richly of kiwi and flowers..

was fanned out over her shadowy white pillows... I flinched when I saw her white sheets stained crimson in large blotches..


I cradled her against me, and began to rock back and forth,

" Wake up! .. Wake up... " I cried...

She was gone...

I didn't realse I was sobbing until I felt the tears sliding down my cheeks..

" I'm so sorry Hina... I'm so sorry.."

I murmured as I carressed her pale cheeks , over and over...

My heart didn't ache, no it felt like it wasn't even there..

I grimanced.. It wasn't she had always held it... And now she was gone..

I would never hear her name leave her lips,

Never see her smile brightly, or hear her melody like voice..

My Hinata.. My sweet Hinata...

Regret , tugged at my heart, as memorie's from before I had left..

Where was the light hearted girl, I fell in love with?...

I began to sob..


She was gone...

And nothing I could do would bring her back, in the corner of my eye I saw a shining piece metal..

I picked it up in one hand, it was nothing special, a simple dagger really..

I kissed Hinata's cold cheek..

" Don't worry Hinata, we will be together soon.."

Author's Note : THat is the beginning [ Prelude] to Suicide Angel, any way off to finish the first revised chapter of the Nighten gale's story, later!