Exactly A year prior to Hinata's death. ( Hinata is 16 when she dies, Itachi is 18 )

I decided that I am going to cut the Uchiha massacre down signifigantly, Mikito, Shinsui, his wife Taeko, Sasuke, and their grandma will all be alive. Itachi still fled the village.. Blah Blah..

Sasuke knows the reasons why Itachi killed his father .. blah blah blah


OH! I will be continuing Past memorie's still, its easier than doing flashbacks all the bloody time.

Year's from now, I look back and wonder to myself, Do I regret anything?

Loving Itachi , Loving Sasuke.. Or even dying...

But I can honestly say, that all the tears and the pain was worth it.. If only it meant I healed old wound's of those I loved..

Hinata sat alone in her bedroom, it was another day, it had been exactly half a year since he left her.. She had known when he came to her room with that same sad bitter distant smile he had worn all yeara.. That something terrible had happened..

Shinsui had been the first to visit her, after her father told her of course.. He told her how everyone was faring.. He was the first to ask her about the cuts on her arms..

She had simply smiled and told him that she hurt herself training, it was a shallow lie.. After all the time Itachi had spent training her it was so unlike her to hurt herself.. But yet he didn't bring it up again.. Time past and eventually everyone stopped asking, everyone but Sasuke.

He was always so angry with Hinata, always glancing at her arms, and her face as if evalutating the damage that had been done. And she hated it..

Because he knew, because he cared .

Noone was suppose to care, not when she couldn't . She didn't want to replace Ita- She winced when she thought about his name.. She just wanted it to stop aching...

She had decided to walk to the forrest again.. She did this on the difficult days, she would walk to the forrest gash her arms and walk back home.. It had become routine..

She wasn't paying attention, her thought's had been far away.. So she bumped into a boy..

Hinata froze when she realized it was Sasuke, in the short six months since.. He left Sasuke had matured ..

Sasuke grasped her shoulder's when she tried to walk around him , " What are you doing Hinata." He asked softly not meeting her eyes. Hinata faked a smile " Just walking ."

Sasuke let out a frustrated sigh . " Itachi wouldn't want you to do this.. He loved you Hinata! He loved all us , but he cherished you the most." Hinata winced when he said his name " I don't know what your talking about Sasuke.."

" Bull shit!" Sasuke growled, he ripped her arms away from her side's and shoved her sleeves down revealing her scars for the world to see..

All the anger disappeared from his eyes, he slowly lifted his own arm and pushed up his sleeves to reveal his own thin white scars..

Hinata gasped " You?..."

Sasuke nodded slowly " Me.."

" Sasuke.." Hinata trailed off, Sasuke smiled softly before gently pulling her sleeve's down again.. " Your not alone in this Hinata."

He caressed her cheek , " I use to feel this way too.. But don't you see?... He would die if he saw this Hina.."

Hinata closed her eye's, and let the tears fall for the first time in months.. Sasuke smiled sadly but embraced her.. " If he can.. One day he will come back." Hinatas eye's fluttered open..

All the raw pain and sadness made Sasuke's heart ache, Hinata shook her head.. " Please don't mention him again.. If you want me to let go.."

Sasuke wasn't sure what to say, so he pressed his lips to her forehead and took her hand to pull her along with him..

Oblivous to young pair, a pink haired girl was slumped against a tree not far away.. Crying and unknown to all planning to get her own revenge..