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I was staring out the window, watching the rain pound against the glass that separated me from the world outside. I didn't know what I was doing waiting here for my love to return. He had broken up with me months ago. It was still a wound that probably would never heal. I love him. That's why I must learn to let him go. He is never going to come back. He is all about family since he never had one. I sighed and rested my forehead against the cool glass, watching the cars go by.

The Daily Prophet that I had set on my desk reflected in the window, the moving picture on the front reminded me of what I had lost.

It was of Harry and Ginny kissing at their wedding. I couldn't believe that he had left me for her, but then she was pregnate and when she told him, he had immediately left me to be with the family that he had unintention started. The joy in his eyes of the fact that he finally had a family to call his own seared me with the fact that it was something that I could never give him. I love you repeated in my mind as I had spoken those words only moments before Ginny had knocked on the door to tell him the news.

Bile rose in my throat at the thought. Tears flowed down my face as I remembered the good days. The days when he had left her as he figured out that he didn't feel the same. The fact that he had come to me and we spent the last couple months of school together and graduated. Then she came and took it from me. He never giving me a second glace as he walked out the door talking about the wedding and what they would name the baby.

I sighed and pushed away from the window and walked towards the door. I opened it to find a soaking Harry standing there, his hand poised to knock on the door. "What do you want?" I sneered and that's when I noticed that tears are pouring down his face.

"Ginny…she…she died in labor….the baby didn't make it but…it wasn't mine anyway…she had slept with someone around the same time….I…I need…" Harry trailed off and I pulled him into a hug.

There was no way that I could ever say no to him. He means too much to me. "I can't be the same as her. I can't provide you with a blood family but know that I love you," I whispered in his ear and he kissed my neck.

"I know, but I love you anyway," Harry whispered back and my heart stopped for a moment then soared at the fact that the one I love loved me back.

I leaned back and kissed him passionately. He wrapped his arms around my neck as mine went around his waist. When we broke for air we rested our foreheads together. "Please don't leave me ever again," I whispered and he smiled.

"Not a chance," Harry whispered back.

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