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7. July – August: Big Changes

JULY (Part 1): Awkward

With a frown, Kelly stands against the 'faulty' vending machine at the community centre, her eyes lingering at her feet. She breathes out a sigh and bites her lip before glancing at the boy with the curly hair and the green eyes whose outside being an idiot as usual; the boy that she should be mad at.

It's been a month; a whole bloody month since she's kissed the twat and he's had yet to mention anything about it. Why hasn't he said anything about it? It's like they're tip toeing around each other, and she doesn't like this...awkwardness. He's calm, cool and collected around everyone else but when it comes to her, he can't even look her directly in the eye!

...Is she that unappealing?

No. That can't possibly be it. There have been far too many occasions where she has caught Nathan thinking something rather perverted about her, and even though it's rather disgusting she can't help but feel...flattered. He had seemed absolutely fine the night he'd bent down to kiss her, perfectly fine after he'd wished goodnight and strolled away with a grin on his face. Maybe he's just being a dick.

"Ugh, what a dick." She mutters to herself. Yup, he was most definitely just being a dick.


He doesn't know what to say to her...and it's been a month since this problem has occurred.

It's weird because he's Nathan Young and he has words for almost any situation he's ever been in. Yet he kisses a girl and the next day it's like he's tongue tied. He's been turning the charm on to any female with decent tits for years and now all of a sudden he's turned into a pussy, and all because o a girl.

But it's not just any girl is it? It's Kelly Bailey and she isn't just a girl to him. That's why this is so hard. He glance's through the window he's just cleaned and into community centre. There she is standing next to the community centre looking so lost it does something to his insides.

Because he knows it's his fault.


That night at the community centre, Nathan stares up at the ceiling from his pillow he's laid underneath him from the sleeping area he's arranged. She won't leave his thoughts and it's interrupting his sleep.

The kiss he shared with her a month ago shook him up. It was everything he's never experienced with a girl but at the same time everything he had but just better. His heart had been hammering and his lips had been tingling after they'd parted. He'd wanted to stay there at her door step just kissing her until the sky was a light blue once again – and that's what had scared him.

So he avoided her because he honestly didn't know what to say to her. It was better of this way anyway; if he did talk to her he'd probably fuck it up...right?

Of course it's not better off this way you twat! You want to be with her don't you? Just tell her that! His mind shouts this over and over again but he can't bring himself to listen to the advice.

"...But I can't." He's whispers to himself, as if his brain is an actual person.

What's stopping you? Oh that's right, just you're pussy self. Just go out there and tell her you're sorry for ignoring her then. That'll be a start.

He decides this advice is better, and quickly sits up and finds his jacket.


Somebody obviously has a death wish if they're knocking on her door at three o'clock in the morning. She groans and gets up from her bed slowly, taking her time as she walks to her door with a scowl on her face. She doesn't even bother to ask 'who is it; and instead just opens the door, intent on yelling at whoever it is to fuck off.

But then she see's those green eyes staring back at her and she freezes.

He looks like he's run a marathon to get here. He's wearing a jacket over what must be his pyjamas and he's gasping for air a winded look on his face. Though his eyes never waver from hers in those five minutes it takes for his breath to go back to normal and she doesn't even say or do anything at all. Until he composes himself and says something so sincerely she wasn't sure if it was actually him who uttered the words.

"I'm sorry." Under any other circumstances she would have accepted his apology straight away, maybe even invited him in to stay the night and not in the cold community centre with heating that wasn't absolutely shit. But since the current circumstances were him not speaking to her for a whole month...then he'd have to suffer for a bit as well.

"Go back to the community centre dickhead." Is her reply to his 'heartfelt apology'; before she slams the door in his face without another word.

Though it only takes another two weeks for her to officially forgive him, and boy does he appreciate it.

AUGUST (Part 2): Don't Leave Me Hanging

Another month has flown by, and things are about to change...well, they might change anyway.

Could she look anymore calm? Nathan asks himself as he stares at Kelly. She's sitting on a bar stool in the local pub he's taken her to on the nice warm August day that it is, and she's downing the drinks like no tomorrow. He looks and feels nervous, a weird and out of character thing for someone like him. He rakes a hand through his curly hair for the fifth time in two minutes and sighs to himself.

Today is the day he is finally going to ask out Kelly.

In many ways he can't believe he is doing this. Will she even say yes? Well, she better say yes. He's putting all the population of girls on the line just for her. Never in a million years did he imagine himself as someone's boyfriend, never mind wanting to be someone's for that matter.

After that horrible night she slammed the door in his face he realised almost instantly that he does want her for himself, and to be honest he doesn't give a fuck if anybody else wants her because she's his...well hopefully she will be.

He debates on practicing what he is going to say to her in a mirror or something, but the idea is immediately counted stupid as quickly as it was thought up. His facial expression looks appalled, his mouth forming an 'O' in disgust as he stares at her. What the fuck is wrong with you? He thinks to himself. Get a fucking grip Nathan!

Kelly stops mid swig of her drink, and looks over in Nathan's direction. Upon hearing what he just told himself in his mind she is now mildly curious. With the edge of the glass still to her lips, she finds herself staring into Nathan's troubled green eyes. He looks nervous for some odd reason, confusing her all the more and once he realises she's making direct eye contact he looks away.

"Oh Lord, she heard that didn't she?" He mutters aloud to himself. He counts himself lucky that she at least doesn't have the ability to read lips.

Kelly puts the rest of her drink down, and smiles at the bartender. Standing up, she makes her way over to Nathan who is standing right in front of the door leading to the men's bathroom.

"You alright? You seem...weird." She gives him a look that is a mix between amusement and curiosity. Nathan smiles, and although his lips curve upwards his eyes are showing his real emotion. Nervousness.

"All is well and good love." He shoves his hands in his pockets. "You want to get out of here now?" She would really like another drink, but then again maybe she's had her limit for today. She nods and begins to walk ahead, leading them out of the pub.

A calm summer breeze is in the air, lightly lifting Kelly's hair (which is uncharacteristically put down to pass her shoulders) and swaying it along in behind her. Nathan watches her discretely, and can't help but admire her features. She really is pretty, and sadly she can't see it.

"So why did you invite me out for a drink then?" She slows down her pace a bit to let him catch up with her as she asks. Nathan swallows. He looks ahead at the cars passing by in the street and refrains himself from awkwardly blurting out the true answer.

"We're mates aren't we?" Kelly nods her head slightly, though her heart sinks a bit at the term he uses to describe their relationship status. "So why can't mates randomly invite their other mates out for drinks?" She has no witty comeback for his rhetorical question because what he is saying is true. They walk on silently, though the silence is comfortable and not at all awkward.

Nathan would like to use this time to secretly come up with words that he plans on using in his amazing speech for when he finally asks her out, but of course she has to be telepathic and he has no choice but to walk on helplessly.

"Let's go in here." Nathan hadn't even notice that they'd reached the entrance of the park and stares at the sign of 'welcome' dumbly. Kelly grows impatient quickly, and beginning to grow tired of his off attitude she grabs his wrist.

"Come on then, what the fucks wrong with you today?" She murmurs this to herself as she pulls him along. Again Nathan has nothing to say, because the feeling of Kelly's surprisingly soft fingers wrapped around his wrist has rendered him speechless. He has the hugest urge to change the position of their hands and interlace his fingers with hers but the fear of rejection is too great.

Fear of rejection? What the fuck is she doing to him?

They eventually stop at the small mounted hill they had once been sitting on top of on Valentine's Day and there is an awkward few seconds before Kelly begins to pull her hand away from his wrist. Nathan doesn't like what is about to happen and overridden with panic, he quickly grabs onto Kelly's hand. He doesn't want to lose the feel of her soft skin on his; he could hold her hand for weeks on end and feel content.

Kelly looks up at him, completely astounded by his recent actions. His green irises are shining brightly, glowing up his whole face. His lips are curved upwards in a small nervous smile that makes him look uncharacteristically innocent and for the first time in her life Kelly Bailey actually finds someone adorable.

Not sexy, not fit, but adorable.

What the fuck?

"I uh, I like holding your hand." Nathan doesn't like the fact his voice is sounding so timid. He sounds like fucking Barry and as much as he likes the little freak this trait was meant for him and only him. Kelly continues to stare at him for a few moments, not being able to fathom this odd side of Nathan. He slowly sits down and without breaking his grasp on her hand tugs on her arm gently to sit down with him.

Kelly smiles, a genuine one that hasn't had the chance to grace her lips all day. She squeezes his hand and sits down next to him staring at their clasped hands and never wanting to let go. Nathan notices the way her blue eyes light up and his heart hammers in his chest. He is sitting in the spot he last held hands with her and the weather is one shot of amazing. She looks amazing in her simple white V neck and casual jean skirt and a rare authentic smile is resting at the bottom of her face. If there wasn't a better time to ask her what he really wants to it would be now. Clearing his throat he begins.

"So, I like you. You know that right?" Kelly looks up at him, her face still the image of contentment

"Of course I know that you twat." He smiles at her response. Trust her to answer in such a way.

"And you like me right?" The look on her face changes to one of bewilderment.

"Course I do. I wouldn't put up with you being a dick all the time if I didn't." He looks down at their clasped hands again, the smile on his face still there once his eyes flicker back up to hers.

"So you I like you, you like me...why don't we make this official." There, he's said it. Not in so many obvious words but it's out there now. He hopes she's understood what he's trying to say and that she gives him the answer that he wants. That doesn't seem to be happening however because her face is screwed up in confusion and she's looking at him so carefully that he wants to lean in closer and kiss her confusion away.

"Make what official?" She asks; her eyebrows even furrowed showing how confused she was. She didn't understand what he was trying to say. Fuck, don't make me say it again. He says this in his head and his eyes are giving her a pleading look as he watches her silently.

"...Say what again?" She asks slowly. She's seriously beginning to not like this feeling of being so lost. Aw, shit she heard that – you are such an idiot. Wait! She can hear that too – fuck! Nathan shut up! After hearing his troubled thoughts, Kelly's puzzled face quickly turns to an amused one, her lips turning upwards slightly and her blue eyes sparkling.

"You are such a dumb arse sometimes you know that?" She squeezes there's clasped hands, but doesn't take her eyes away from his face.

"Yeah, don't remind me." He murmurs to himself, although it's not quiet enough for she chuckles at what he had just uttered. Nathan likes the sound of her laugh, she doesn't do it often and when she does, to his ears it's beautiful enough to beam fucking sun rays down and make the usual shitty London weather disappear.

"Look," He sighs, "I've told you this before...except it wasn't really you... but that's beside the point." He holds in a breath for a good few seconds before looking at Kelly directly in the eye and saying what is needed to be said.

"I fancy you okay?" And there it is, the bomb has been dropped. Kelly stares at him silently, not at all sure of what to say in this moment in time. It's like she can't hear him but at the same time she most definitely knows she can.

"And I thought hey since I fancy you, and you like me – why not do something about it?" Kelly still has yet to say anything and it's making him practically sweat. His eyes hold fear in them, something she's never seen on him unless he's being hit by her and/or someone else or being threatened to be hit by her/and or someone else.

"Come on Kelly, say something." His still looking directly at her and although he looks nervous as fuck his green irises don't waver away from her blue ones. That for some reason stirs something inside of her.

And she still doesn't say anything. Anything at all. She doesn't need too now. Her silent lips will do all the talking.

While pressed against his.

Nathan is frozen at first, he's in so much shock that his body is stiff and his eyes are still open staring at Kelly's closed ones. It's not until after Kelly has let go of his hand to hold both of her own at the nape of his neck does his finally shut his eyes and kiss her back. Her lips are as soft as he remembered from her birthday two months ago. They move skilfully against his and he has no problem showing off his skills for her also. As cliché as it may sound it's like the park disappears before them and they are in a world of their own, hearts hammering, tongues colliding, stomachs aching with need.

Kelly pulls Nathan closer to her and caught off guard they both topple down towards the grass, with him on top of her. The kiss doesn't break however, in fact if anything it intensifies. Both lost in each other and both not wanting the moment to end...

But of course, oxygen is always a problem.

Pulling apart, the two break the kiss so that air refills their lungs once again and while panting heavily the two look at each other with a certain gleam in their eyes. Somewhere midst the kiss, Nathan had moved his hands to rest against Kelly's cheeks. He makes sure his weight isn't crushing her though, and he knows he's doing a good job or she would have used her known strength to throw him off her by now. He leans down, her face still in his hands and her hands still at the nape of his neck to whisper something against her lips.

"So is that a yes?" Kelly doesn't reply with a direct answer, she just lets her lips form a smirk as she pulls him a fraction closer to her lips so she can whisper back.

"Just kiss me you dick." That's all the confirmation he needs, and with a grin he complies with her demand.

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