Rating: T (for maturity)

Summary: reverse time angst fic

Pairing: Atoji, Dirty, Silver, HiyoGaku, HiyoTaki

Category: Angst/General

Characters: Hyotei

Disclaimer: POT IS NOT MINE (if it was, I'd know what i'd do with it ;)

Years later

Time was in reverse as the rows of cars pulled up from the weeded gravel. What was once a proud mansion was now a chest of forgotten memories. There was no resistance to the opening of those memories except for the creaking of the floor as the door was gently pried open. It was the sound of old hardwood and decay but to them, it might as well be the cry that came before the veil was lifted on unrevealed secrets. The workers entered the abandoned mansion with a sense of trepidation. Dust and cobwebs lined the once decadent display of wealth. As they climbed the heavy staircase, its marble covered in plastic and grime, the wind lifted the layers of dust around them. The ancient blueprints they used were frayed at the edges, and the wording and lines hard to make out, but they stumbled their way into the bedroom. One worker lit a cigarette, and the thin wisp of cigarette smoke joined the gray dust.

They walked and catalogued, objectifying memory, sorting recollections. The vandals had strewn the expensive silk across the floor, and they paid no heed to its fragility as they moved across the vast hallways into the maze of the house.

The house had no nursery, no sign of childhood, but for two dolls that lay side by side, so out of the way, so proletarian, that it seemed to have been misplaced. They sat together on a marble pedestal. It was the only thing in the house not directly covered by the thin sheets of plastic. It was the only thing in the house that resembled some sort of human sentiment, a lasting echo by those who had once lived there.

The house was a mystery that nobody could solve, and those workers that were there merely tried to document what they saw for posterity. The house would be torn down, the memories erased and the impressions gone. The mansion itself seemed to wish for it. For the crumbling end of its life, it seemed overburdened, old and lost in nostalgia. It concealed too much, and it would be put out of its misery, its secrets filling the very air with lost hope.

Its last inhabitants were long dead.

A young man in a silk suit followed the workers, his eyes narrowing as they adjusted to the darkness of the mansion. He was the young Atobe heir, and this was the house of his ancestors. It was built in the western fashion, this long forgotten house of the formidable Atobe dynasty, a mere line on their yearly review that they never paid heed to. The young man was the first one in many generations to come back to the place where it all started. As he walked through the house, his Oxford shoes and blonde hair blended so perfectly with the Neoclassicial architecture that he looked like some sort of ghost from times long past. The workers seemed to pay him a certain reverence as he lit a cigarette with them. For a while, he paused, surveying the heavy marble and the golden facades of the halls. As he watched the silver decanters and the crimson snuffboxes, packed in dull cardboard boxes, make their way out the intricate layout of the mansion, his eyes delighted on those two dolls.

For a moment he didn't know what to make of them, for a moment he stood transfixed at the two dolls. They were a recollection of the past, a past he didn't dare explore and of ghosts he didn't dare disturb. So he walked away.

The house was demolished two days later, and the property sold to the government. It was the last of the Atobe properties in Japan. As they watched the house disappear, they did not wonder why its previous residents had left it.

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