His image,

Hiyoshi had dreamt of the mansion again. Those dreams of things that happened so long ago they were merely an imprint of a time in his memory, so buried that it was like a dream in itself. When he sleeps he knows that it will seem real again and he wishes it was something that he could physically hold. He sits up in his bed and turns on the lights. It seems garish and it takes a moment for his eyes to adjust.

The light does not let him remember, nor does it let him forget.

He wishes that all the light in this world was sucked away by a black hole, and then perhaps he would dream forever.

He spends the night tossing and turning. He does not sleep again.

Well isn't this just fucking typical? He swallows, but his throat is dry.

As the sun rose and red light peeked through the Venetian blinds in the morning, Hiyoshi pretends that the world is on fire, and he would burn away rather than fade out.