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The story has made people cry, so keep some Kleenex handy, just in case.

Pieces of Me

Part 1

I knew I shouldn't want him, or at least, that I shouldn't have him, but that didn't stop me, not once. When he called, I answered, and I hated us both just a little bit more every time. Because when this all blew up in our faces, and it was inevitable that it would, I was going to lose him, and the best parts of me would go with him.


"Fuck, Edward! Yes!" I screamed, my body overcome with pleasure, every nerve ending on fire, searching, reaching, as he continued to pound into me. He leaned forward, nipping at my neck; his arm wrapped around my waist, his other hand pressing against my clit, causing me to rear back and meet him thrust for thrust.

"Come for me, Bella, please. I...you...please," he panted incoherently in my ear.

It was the 'please' that did me in, the desperation in his voice, knowing that he was as hungry as I was. I exploded around him, tightening until he was groaning out his own release.

He collapsed beside me, immediately pulling me towards him. The heat and sweat rolling off our bodies didn't deter us in the least. Our time inside this room was limited; we wouldn't waste a moment of it separated by even a couple of inches.

The first time I met Edward Cullen I had no idea who he was. I liked to think if I had known, I would have walked away without a word. But I knew deep down that it wouldn't have mattered; we would have ended up exactly where we were eventually. There was something about the way he made me feel that felt timeless and infinite, bigger than either of us. I had never thought much about questions of faith or origin before, the only things that mattered were tangible and corporeal. But one touch from Edward and I knew that I had loved him before, and I would love him again - these bodies were just a single stop on a journey of a thousand lifetimes. I was born to love this man, and I would die only to love him again.

And when I realized that he was the one man completely forbidden to me, that belief was the only thing that comforted me. If we couldn't have this lifetime, then surely we would have the next.

"Love?" his voice whispered against my skin, as he nuzzled into my neck.

"Sorry...I..." I trailed off. But he already knew, which was why he pulled me out of my thoughts. There was an unspoken rule that inside this room, for the brief reprieve we were granted, there was no thoughts of what kept us apart. No thoughts of our deep betrayal, no thoughts of the ghosts who had been granted dominion over our lives.

"We'll figure something out. Please, don't be sad. I don't ever want to see you worried or sad; it kills me," he begged.

And I understood, because I felt the same, which was why it was so easy to set aside the searing pain in my heart, knowing our time was coming to a close. So, with a passable smile plastered to my face, I looked up at him. "I know, it's just hard. But you're right, we'll figure it out."

He tightened his hold on me, kissing me deeply, and we lost ourselves in each other for a few more precious minutes until the alarm on his phone began to toll the death knell on another stolen afternoon, and we showered together, washing away the evidence of our selfishness. And we began to dress, every article of clothing becoming another piece of the masks we were forced to wear on the outside, while on the inside, we burned and loved and longed.

And then we left the room, just as we had entered: separately.

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