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Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron 2: The journey continues

Chapter one

Spirit ran to the top of the rise where a year ago he had watched over his herd. It was a sight he thought he would never see again. It was beautiful, made even more beautiful when his mate Rain ran up with him. She stood beside him, strong and proud as she neighed in happiness for her new homeland. All were rejoicing for they thought Spirit long dead, Killed by the humans he had tried to lead away from his herd. There was rejoicing for many days for Spirits return with Rain but eventually it all died down. All was well and everyone was happy.

1 Year Later

Rain yelped in pain as another jolt ravaged through her body. She lay on the grass about to give birth to Spirits foal. She along with the rest of the herd was taking cover from the thunderstorm when the pains had started and she went into labour. Then suddenly she saw a foal poke its head out and she gave one last push and out came a beautiful colt. Rain just had time to think, he's gorgeous before she whimpered as the pain came again. Some of the mares wondered what was happening. The birthing was over so the pains should have stopped Rain gasped as another foal was born, this time a filly. All the horses were muttering about how rare it was to have twins. Spirit pushed through to see his mate along with his mother Esperanza. They rushed over to see the foals. Esperanza said "oh Spirit they are beautiful" and the after a short pause she asked, "what will you name them". Rain said "the filly is storm" "Spirit may name the colt". Spirit thought for a while and finally announced "the colt will be named lightning after this storm he was born into". The two foals looked at each other blearily as if to say I don't know what's going on either. They tried to get up but had a bit of trouble, as they were not yet strong enough. Storm gladly accepted help from her mother but lightning adamantly refused to accept any help from his father or mother and attempted to stand on his own. Storm nickered at him when he fell over but he eventually figured out how to stand. Spirit took the moment and said "My son Lightning and my daughter storm. All the horses neighed in ecstasy as Spirit looked lovingly at his foals and said to himself "these will make me proud one day, I can feel it"