Spirit 2: Stallion of the cimarron 2

Chapter 4

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Thunder cursed himself for suggesting his idea of splitting up. He and his sister had never been sepparated for a for more than a few hours. He was depressed that the sun had not moved since they left and he was already missing his sister. As he plodded along he thought he saw some movement in a bush but when he went to check he could not find anything. He went in the same direction for three days before he found anything. As he was skirting a strange structure made of tree trunks he pondered the name little creek. It did not sound like a horse name. As he wondered this he failed to notice that someone was once again watching him. He saw two people following him


Coal was out on patrol with the colonel. As they they trudged along with the sun on their backs. Coal wished to gallop ahead and be free from the other soldiers but he knew that if he started galloping he would be whipped, for although he was the colonels favouite horse the colonel believed in strict discipline above all else. Instead he pondered how the colonel had reacted when they bought in the herd of horses that they had captured. He acted normally until he saw the last two horses to come through. The first was a paint mare with a long mane and white patches all over her. When he saw her the colonel stifenned and walked towards her but that was nothing compared to when a kiger mustang with a long jet black mane. When he saw him the colonel froze as did the mustang. They stared at each other and as they did the mustang started smiling and stopped fighting the men wo were trying to hold him. As they stood there the colonel called out "Hey Murphy get over here. I got someone you want to meet". As e saw the mustang Murphy turned white and said "Oh No, I ain't doing that horse, not again, not after what happened last time". I looked between them in puzzlement. How did they know this horse. As he was pondering this one of the soldiers shouted "look over there". "I see a horse". I looked towards the direction that he was pointing and I saw a horse that looked a lot like the kiger mustang but with brown patches like the paint mare. He wondered was this their foal. As he was thinking this the colonel jabbed him with his spurs and he ran. The colt saw them and started galloping out of the valley. He thought he was fast but he was blown away by the speed of this colt. He might actually be able to beat me thought Coal. It doesn't matter anyway though thought coal. He's running into a dead end. When they reached the end Thunder stopped and turned around. It might have been a trick of the light but it seemed that thunder was smiling. But Coal said to himself that he would not be smiling if he was trapped with no way out. However as coal watched thunder turned around jumped onto a ledge ran along it and leaped over his head. Everyone just stared as Thunder as he raced out of the trap.


Rain was quite nervous as she and the other mares were herded into the breeding pens. They had each ben paired with another stallion and to her dismay she had not been paired with Spirit. Apparently the army preffered purebread horses and were pairing horses with others of their breed. She was paired with a pure white paint stallion named snow. Rain was trying to take he mind off what was coming and wondered why the army always gave their horses such generic names. The names for the white horses were all like Snow and Cloud and the black horses were all named things like Coal or night. Rain was jolted out of her thoughts as she heard the corporal calling for the next horse. As she walked in she saw Sun, a palamino mare walking back with a glazed expression on her face. Rain watched her in dismay and resigned herself to the fact that she was going in whether she liked it or not


Spirit was exhausted as today yet again they had tried to break him. So far the colonel had yet to try but Spirit knew that he would fight until his last breath. As he was being escorted toward the breeding pens he pondered upon his match, a kiger mustang mare named dust was to be his. However he would fight to escape. He could not blame Rain. Snow was an amazingly strong horse, in fact he was the only other one to fight off the colonel however he had been broken after four days at the post and then being ridden by most of the officers and the colonel. He stopped thinking this when they began ushering him in. As hey did this he noticed that the gate was open to let a patrol in. As he saw this they let go of the ropes to let him in. As soon as they let go he ran faster than he had ever run before. When he was almost out he heard Rain, Esperanza and the rest of his herd cheering him on. He ran now not just for himself but for the others to even if just to show them that escape was possible. He ran out the gates as they were closing kept running until the fort was out of sight. As he ran though his thoughts were not of freedom but of his herd and his children. He knew that he could not help his herd now so there was only one thing to do. He needed to find little creek

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