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So Quinn, you see, it was Gabrielle who was the wisest of all of them, even though Xena tried to reason with her that this was war and…"

Quinn was annoyed.

Actually, the above statement is false. Quinn was completely beyond annoyed. She was practically about to explode with annoyance. First she gets paired with Rachel "talks a lot" Berry for a dumb school project, then she finds a magical scroll that whisks her away to the past that probably only existed on a 90's television show with "deplorable CGI" (as Rachel so deftly pointed out, as she had been rambling about the show for an hour.) Then there was the fact that she was now trampling through a forest with no food, a ripped dress, and the possibility that no one would understand a word they were saying once they even reached any civilization. Because they were in Greece. Because people spoke Greek in Greece, especially Ancient Greece, because she honestly didn't know if English was even the same sort of language back then. All because she listened to the voices.

It was a bad day.

The scenery around them was pretty, however. Even though only Rachel seemed to appreciate it in her delirious happiness, despite their current situation. Everything seemed….greener. Less industrialized. The flowers seemed brighter, and sky bluer. Birds nested undisturbed in the trees. There was not a single tree cut down. Leaves fell of their own accord. Said birds that were nested began to chirp. All in all, it had the potential of being both peaceful and a philosophic revelation if Quinn weren't so fucking pissed off.

"Now Quinn, when we meet Xena and Gabrielle…" Rachel said after rambling about Gabrielle giving birth to a demon child…wait what?

"We're not meeting them, Rachel." Quinn snapped.

Rachel huffed, and put her hands on her hips. She tended to do that a lot. It was actually kind of cute…wait what-

This was what Quinn got for staying outside too long. She put her hands on her head, making sure that irritating headache didn't reappear.

"Of course we are! That's the whole point of us being here! The scroll was Gabrielle and Xena asking for help!"

Quinn paused then to glare at Rachel, arms crossed and put on her "Do not fuck with me, I am Quinn Fabray and I will cut you face."

"And what, pray tell, will we be helping them with?"

Rachel sputtered at this, obviously not expecting to have to answer this question. Thinking about it for a minute, a wide smile spread across her face, and her huge enthusiasm level grew larger.

"Maybe they're captured by a king! Or an evil warlord! Or we're in the time when Eve was born, so they're trying to prevent the Gods from killing her..Oh my gosh! We could fight alongside them, and learn sword fighting and-"

Quinn stopped in her tracks, alarmed.

"What? Warlords? FIGHTING? I did NOT sign up for this, Berry. This may be your fairytale happening, but I really would just like to-" At this Quinn stopped herself. Because she didn't know what she wanted to go back to. Did she want to go home? No, because it wasn't a home. When her father and mother were still together, it resembled a home, even faked a home. But now that her father is more of a douchebag, and is gone for good, all Quinn has is a broken home life, friends who really hate her, and a regret of abandoning her baby girl. But she didn't want to stay here with Berry in her deluded fantasy. Fucking scroll.

She glanced at Rachel then, who was looking right at her. Almost in a concerned way. Looking through her. Seeing her.

"Why us anyway?" Quinn muttered, finally turning her head away.

Rachel shrugged. They started walking again, and Quinn noticed the dirt accumulating on her shoes. The birds chirped again, but nature thrown off balance. Was it even on balance to begin with? Clouds accumulated, she also realized. White and fluffy, but blocking the blue all the same.

"I have no idea. But if there's anything I learned from watching Xena, it's that there's a reason for everything life throws at you."

"Philosophic." Murmured Quinn, who suddenly wished that she had pockets to put her hands in.

The sun was starting to go down. And civilization was nowhere to be seen. Quinn was about to mention that they should probably figure out where the hell they were going to sleep tonight, when Rachel stopped abruptly and thumped the front of her shoulder.

"Ow, what was that for-"


Rachel grinned. Quinn glared, and rubbing the spot where she had been thumped.

"I smell fire!" She said, clapping her hands together.

"Then why did you tell me to stop talking?"

"Because I heard voices too! They must be close by, and they were distinctly female."

"Let me guess, you think they're Xena and Gabrielle?"

"Of course!"

Quinn face-palmed as they slowly they inched they're way towards said voices.

"We should stop to set up camp here."

At the sound of her friend's voice, Gabrielle woke up from slight dozing. Her slight dozing on a horse. Panicked by the sudden realization of almost falling asleep on a horse, she immediately calmed by the feel of Xena's hands on her thigh. She really disliked being on that horse, but as she was nursing a swollen ankle, she admitted walking on it would have been more painful. She felt her lover's arms around her, as she was helped down.

Once she was firmly in Xena's arms, she tried to put her feet down. The warrior's grip on her tightened, and Gabrielle looked at her slightly angered. A smirk resided on Xena's face, but it was something of a flirty smirk.

"I can walk you know. The ankle's better."

Xena's smirk turned into a grin.

"I know, but this is more fun, don't you think?" Gabrielle sighed, and placed her head on Xena's broad shoulder. She snuggled deeper into her arms. Life was surprisingly…happy right now. After all the heartache with Hope, and with Chin…somehow, someone had decided to let them have a moment of peace. They had been changed for good because of these memories, but it was turning out for the better. Somehow. Xena understood Gabrielle more, and Gabrielle understood Xena more. It was like a strange fog had been lifted from the mysterious fog. A layer or two of it anyway. It allowed them to put the past behind, and relish in having survived, and relish in each other. Relish being in love with each other.

With a start, Gabrielle realized she had almost begun to fall asleep again.

Xena slowly put her down and kissed her gently, cupping her cheek as she did so.


"It's not my fault you're so comfy." She said, flickering a gaze up into blue eyes.

"Me, comfy?" Xena asked with a raised brow.

The question was never answered, as Gabrielle yawned.

"I'll go get some firewood, if you'll get the bedrolls?"

Gabrielle nodded, and two started off in their individual tasks. After not moving even two feet away from each other, Xena grabbed Gabrielle's arm. The warrior visibly tensed, and Gabrielle recognized the look as one that suggested they were being watched. Her playful features were gone, in their place a suspicious glare. Eyes shining with attentiveness, it was her warrior mask.

"I hear something in bushes, rustling, voices. Listen."

Gabrielle blocked out all other sounds, and focused in on the area Xena was pointed too. She heard it then, whispered, hurried voices. The two women glanced at each, a silent agreement between them. Xena unsheathed her sword from its scabbard on her back, and Gabrielle reached for her staff, ready to strike. The two edged their way to the rustling bushes, the whispering growing louder.

"Oh my god, Quinn! It's really them! I knew-"

"Shut up, Berry! Oh god they're coming this way.."

Xena glanced at Gabrielle one more time as they stood in front of the bush, and with an affirmative nod, quickly discard of the leaves that protected their supposed pursuers. An audible gasp sounded, as Xena pointed her sword at them. It was not pursuers, however. It was in fact two young teenage girls, one looking excited and scared beyond belief, and just terrified, wearing the absolutely most strange clothing imaginable.

Xena lowered her sword ever so slightly, a steely glint still in her eye. "Well? Would either of you two like to explain why you felt the need to spy on me and my friend?"

The two gulped, their eyes straying to the blade.

"…..Hi." The smaller, dark haired one said after a moment's pause.

"Berry, this was a really stupid idea." The blond one hissed.

"Xena, put down your sword. They're not going to hurt us." Gabrielle whispered, placing her hand on the warrior's arm.

Xena's eyes narrowed, but she relented. She did not, however, put the sword back into the scabbard. Suspicion was still evident in her eyes.

"Well? I'm still waiting for an explanation."

The two girls looked at each other, and wondered just how they were going to explain this.

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