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"Misaki, what does 'venereal' mean?"

Misaki blinked and looked up from his laptop then down at Akihiko's frozen hand, the pen shaking slightly in it. Glancing upward, Misaki blushed under Akihiko's 'author gaze'- it was the one that was so intense and focused that Misaki forgot all reason for seconds and simply fell in lust with the silver-haired, purple-eyed moron that bonked him at every available opportunity… except when he was writing… when he would inevitably pull the 'author gaze' on him… and Misaki would, ironically and irritatingly, be the one who wanted to ride Usagi-san to the groans and moans of a sweaty orgasm.

"Misaki?" Akihiko asked again, voice sullen and low. Misaki gulped and typed 'venereal' into Google. The definition popped up with a bright sort of enthusiasm that made Misaki glare at the screen a little.

The glare turned into a full-on grimace as he read the words.

"Errrr…" Misaki began. "Like… serehl…"

"Serral? What, is that like a stone?"

Misaki sighed heavily, frustrated. Just say it, you idiot! Come on, it's not that bad!


"Sexual!" Misaki piped. Actually, he sort of screamed it. His hands were in tight fists over the keyboard as he tried to block out the restrained guffaws from Akihiko. He glared over at him, brow furrowed and lips pursed. That was all Akihiko needed to set him off as he threw his head back and laughed, his chest jutting out and in as he held onto his stomach.

I'm never going to live this down, Misaki thought simply before picking up the atlas under the table and hurling it so hard at Akihiko's head that he saw a floating image of a proud Kamijou-sensei in his mind's eye.

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