Nowaki x Hiroki: Rainbow

A Junjou Egoist Fanfiction

Hiroki was in the living room drinking coffee and reading the news paper waiting for his lover, Nowaki to return home. He said something about cloths shopping, which Hiroki would've gone, but there's one problem, he hated it. Why need more useless clothing when you have tons already? Hiroki looked up from the newspaper when the door opened.

"I'm home!" Nowaki yelled and Hiroki turned around

"Welco…" Hiroki stopped dead in his sentence had had shock written on his face, "Nowaki what the hell are you wearing?"

"Oh this? Well when I went out shopping I saw this and had to get it" Nowaki said wearing a bright rainbow colored shirt and was smiling and Hiroki looked at him with an annoyed look

"And why did you have to get it?"

"Because I've heard that rainbow represents that you're gay and I had to get it" Nowaki said with a smile and Hiroki turned around

"Take it off" Hiroki mumbled with a slight blush and Nowaki walked closer to him

"What? But why Hiro-San?"

"Because you look ridicules" Hiroki said

"But" Nowaki said reaching in the back he was holding, "I got Hiro-San one too" Nowaki said with a smile and Hiroki blushed

"You're crazy to even expect me to wear that thing when we're alone" Hiroki mumbled and Nowaki smiled

"But eventually Hiro-San always succumb to my commands" Nowaki said and Hiroki glared at the younger man

"I'm not wearing that thing even if it was the last shirt in the whole world" Hiroki said "you can try all you want but you can't—" Hiroki was cut off by a pair of lips

"Hiro-San" Nowaki said in a seductive way

3 hours later:

Nowaki and Hiroki were holding hands in the middle of town, both wearing the rainbow shirts. Hiroki was glaring to the side with a blush

"How the hell did you get me to wear this thing in public?" Hiroki asked

"Semes always have the advantage over ukes" Nowaki said grinning.

When they returned home Nowaki had a big bump on his head and Hiroki was planning to give Nowaki the cold shoulder.

The end