The Lights…

Hannah opened her eyes and looked around. Did she just hear something? She was absolutely sure about it. She turned around and softly shook her boyfriend, Ethan slowly woke up. He looked a bit dazzled at her and ran his hand over his military short hair. He had a week off and they had spend the last couple days just together. It had been lovely and Hannah had enjoyed every moment of it. But suddenly she had heard this noise.
'Did you hear that?' she whispered, stroking her blond hair behind her ears.
'What?' he said, in normal volume. Hannah's heartbeat fastened. He should not talk so loud!
'Sht,' Hannah said and saw a bright blue light from between the curtains shining. It was pretty.
'What the hell…' Ethan got up and walked to it.
'Ethan-' Hannah said and reached her hand to him.
'Don't worry, babe,' he said and opened the curtains a bit. Hannah held her hand up to protect her eyes from the bright light. The sound became only stronger and stronger. She got out of bed and walked towards Ethan. Suddenly Ethan pulled the curtain away. Hannah saw his body shivering. She ran to the wall, stumbled over her clothes and fell in a darker part of the room. She gasped and screamed when she saw her boyfriend. Tears filled her eyes, making her view blurry. But still painful and horrifying. His eyes had gone from brown to almost white. And some dark poison was spreading through his body. He did not breath and looked like a cursed mad man.

'Ethan!' she called, but he did not hear her. She stood up and wanted to pull him away, when suddenly a large claw reached through the window and sucked on to Ethan's head. Hannah stumbled and almost threw up. Ethan's head was ripped from his body and sucked into something. Hannah cried and screamed. She hit the wall and kicked her feet. Suddenly something entered her room. It was large and it reminded her of a brain. Several tentacles were swirling around it.

Then a bright light. Bright as a light at the end of the tunnel. So bright, as Hannah had never seen before. Deep. Bright. Enchanting. Never ending. Light. Breathing became harder, but she did not care. She just wanted to touch it. Wanted to feel the light more. It filled her. Filled her heart. Filled her eyes. Filled her lungs. Filled her veins. Filled her soul. There was no need for breathing. No need for blood. Only for the light. Slowly Hannah tried to move forward. The light. All she wanted was to be with it. Touch it. Feel it. Experience it. Become on with it. She had to. The light. She wanted it. So bright. She needed it. So enchanting. She would do anything for it. Then Hannah felt something grab her head. Was it the light? She wanted it, so bad. She needed it. It was so beautiful.

Then, the light suddenly disappeared. A fierce pain spread from her head to her inner soul. Everything went black. And her brain was gone. The corps fell on the floor and the alien flew away.