Chapter 4c


The boy stopped and looked at him.

"You found out," he stated in tone far too serious for his age.

"It was kinda hard to miss when you move like that," Richard smiled a little, hoping it would lighten the mood.

Jason shook his head. "You found out earlier, that was why you acted so strange."

Finding of Lois's betrayal was still fresh, not to feel bitter while thinking about her, but Richard suddenly couldn't stop wishing she was here. It must been half wild guess and half brilliant observation from Jason's part. She would have been beaming with pride.

"Yes, I found out earlier." Richard agreed.

"Are you going to leave me?"

"Never! Jason, this hasn't changed that you are my son and I love you."

"But you are just my other dad, aren't you?" Jason sounded uncertain.

Richard could probably use a merciful lie, but he felt it would be the worst way to approach the situation.

"Yes, but I believe I'm the more important one."

Jason nodded and even smiled.

"I wasn't thinking about it till mom died, but then I couldn't help wondering if I am like Tiffany from our class. She has two dads. One she lives with and the other that looks more like her. And I think it's same with Eddie even if he never talks about it."

"You are right."

"I wish I had asked mom. I have never done anything strange before I broke that camera. I was really scared then. Mom told me, it was all right, that she loved me, just that other people mustn't find out. She even told me that you wouldn't stop love me too, that she just wanted to tell you herself. I think it's because you didn't know I have another dad. Was she afraid you would love me less?"

Possibly yes, though Richard, and even more she must had been asking what it would do to their relationship. But he wasn't about to reveal this part to Jason. Superpowers or not, he was still too young to be discussing themes like misleading and betrayal in adult relationships.

"I couldn't do that but I could have been selfish a little to have to share the son as great as you."

That wasn't exactly the answer for Jason's question but it certainly was the truth.

Jason frowned. "But you don't have to share me. Superman is my other father isn't he? And he is away."


Just after he answered, it occurred to Richard that even if Jason was half kryptonian it didn't have to necessarily mean he was son of the Metropolis former hero. There have been other two men from the same planet. Zod and the other, whom name he didn't even remember. They were here just for a brief period, but it was about the point of time in which Jason had to be conceived. They had been less then friendly and he heard that Lois had not so pleasant meeting with them. He never saw any indication of that, but there still was an ugly chance, even if a really tiny one, that Lois had been raped.

"Is something wrong?"

Two blue eyes were watching him intently. Richard often thought color of Jason's eyes appeared almost unearthly. Now he discovered that word almost wasn't quite right. He knew those eyes. Saw them on the lot of iconic pictures. Yes, there had been three kryptonian men, but only one had eyes that matched with blue spandex. And it wasn't just the eyes. Would he be for the rest of his life wonder about glimpses of Superman's personality in Jason? Maybe, but he will never allow it to affect his relationship with his son.

"Nothing is wrong. It just occurred to me, it´s kinda cool to have Superman as a second father."

Jason just shrugged. "I wouldn't mind, if I have just you, you are the best dad ever."

Richard had to admit selfishly that it was good thing to hear for one's ego. But then again, even if Superman was awesome figure, he was hardly collecting good points being missing for years. Had he knew Lois had been pregnant when he was leaving? Somehow Richard doubted it. Had either of them knew it was even possible? How long their relationship lasted? What it was like? Why they broke up? Was it why he left? There were a lot of questions and no one left to answer them. And those were only selfish curiosity, but there were other considering Jason and Richard was no wiser. He would have to learn in process.

"Jason, I'm really glad you told me. And I'll repeat what your mom already told you. I still love you, but you have to be careful with displaying your abilities, like when you run right in front of me."

Jason looked at him with the same expression Lois used to wear when she had to clarify him one of her famous wild leaps in logic. It was mix of impatience, amusement and leniency.

"I have done it on purpose."

Richard gaped shocked.

"It was easier just to show you. I was thinking about how to tell you whole evening because I knew you knew but I was still scared and couldn't find good words. Then I got an idea."


"But I'm really sorry about what happened to Bobby. I didn't mean it. Sometimes it's hard to control it, That had been the first time I was really angry since it started. But I'm getting better. I broke only one thing since Bobby."

"I'm sorry too, Jason. I should have believed you. So what you can you do?"

"I can't fly," sighed Jason disappointedly.

Yeah, Richard could understand it must be frustrating to get so close to being able to do it, but not achieve it in the end. Was it because Jason was only half kryptonian, or could it depend on age, and he had just to wait a little longer? He didn't know, but he still wanted to cheer Jason a little.

"Well, you can, you just have to do it more usual way. If I remember right, someone promised to take you flying after Christmas."

Jason's face lit up.

"So, any other abilities aside from inability to fly?"

Jason smiled and continued.

"I can run really fast and I'm really strong. I don't get scratches any more. When I try I can hear what the people in the house across the street are talking about. Sometimes I can see trough things. But I can't really control that one."

Richard had to made morbid thanks, that there was no body during Lois memorial service. He couldn't even imagine what it would be like if Jason peeked then.

"I'm sure you will learn to control it like everything else and from this moment on you'll have my help." Spoke Richard and in same instant his cell phone suddenly started ringing. He had to roll his eyes.

"Or right from the moment, you end this call." giggled Jason. "Who's calling?"

"Uncle Perry."

"Take it," suggested the boy.

Richard had initially planned to turn the phone off, his attention too focused on Jason, but his son didn't appear to mind and it hadn't proven clever to ignore Editor in Chief in recent time. If anything else he still hadn't returned that damn pick lock item.

"H- "

„We've cached Luthor," his uncle interrupted.

It will take another few hours till Richard will understand the whole meaning of those three words.

The End