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Chapter One: LiberateKonohagakure no sato: Oct 10

In the village of Konohagakure no sato, the Village Hidden in the Leaves, a young Uzumaki Naruto was making his way home from his first day at the Konoha Ninja Academy. While he was only seven years old, two years younger than the usual academy entry age, the Hokage had been willing to make an exception for young Naruto. As he walked through the back alleys of the village, Naruto thought back to the day he had convinced the Hokage to let him attend.

Flashback: Three weeks ago

Naruto was walking to the Hokage tower to collect his monthly check. You see, most of the village despised Naruto. Every day the villagers would glare at him, curse at him or shout insults such as "monster", "demon brat", and "fox child". Some of the braver ones would get together and beat him, sometimes to the point of unconsciousness before the Hokage and his ANBU would show up and arrest them.

So, it came as little surprise when Naruto was kicked out of the orphanage at age four. When the Hokage had found out, he had been furious. But there was little he could do about it, as Naruto was classified as a civilian, and therefore fell under the jurisdiction of the civilian council, who hated him viciously for what he contained.

Naruto had no idea why he was hated so much. Unbeknownst to him, he was the container of the mightiest of the Bijuu, and Lord of all demons, the Kyuubi no Kitsune, which had attacked the village on the day of Naruto's birth. The Yondaime Hokage, widely revered as the strongest shinobi in the world, had chosen him to seal the attacking Kyuubi in, at the cost of his own life. His last wish had been for Naruto to be seen as a hero by the villagers.

However, it was not to be. The Sandaime Hokage, having taken up the Hokage title again after the death of the Yondaime, announced to the village that the Kitsune had been sealed away into a child, at the cost of the Yondaime's life.

Their reaction was not what he had expected. They had immediately called for the child's blood, blaming him for the death of the Yondaime and calling him, "the Kyuubi reborn."

After Naruto was kicked out of the orphanage, he had been given an apartment and a monthly allowance of 10,000 ryo. It was enough to buy him food for a month and to replace any of his possessions, few as they were, should they happened to get damaged. The check had originally been sent to Naruto's apartment every month, but that stopped after it kept getting stolen out of his mailbox.

Which is why he was currently on his way to the Hokage tower. However, since he was busy thinking about his up coming birthday and where he should hide from the annual mobs this year, he failed to notice that he had walked straight into the market district. Naruto typically avoided this area of the village unless necessary, for this was where most of his beatings occurred. He began to get nervous as he noticed the angry glares he was getting.

"How dare that demon show its face around here…"

"Let's go teach it a lesson."

This statement made several civilians murmur in agreement. Naruto watched in fear as a group of seven civilians walked towards him with malicious looks on their faces. Just as they were about to corner him against the wall of a shop, two ANBU, one with a dog mask and gravity-defying silver hair, and one with a weasel mask and medium length black hair, dropped in front of the crowd off of a rooftop, where they had been observing Naruto.

"Alright folks, just move along before we decide to make some arrests." Said the one in the dog mask.

"Yes, we'd hate to have to use force, now wouldn't we?" remarked the weasel-masked ANBU in a tone that made it clear he would love to use force against them.

"Ah, erm, yes ANBU-san, of c-course. No trouble here." Stuttered the civilian in front nervously, as the group of people dispersed.

"Good. You all have a nice day now."

Naruto watched this interaction with relief clear on his face. He had been expecting another beating for his careless wandering. Turning to face him, the weasel-masked ANBU spoke, "Well, Naruto-kun, now that they're gone, we'd better escort you to the Hokage tower."

Naruto nodded and said, "Thank you for saving me. I thought I was gonna get beat up again."

The dog-masked ANBU only laughed, "No need to thank us Naruto-kun. We're glad to help. Let's get to the tower."

Naruto nodded, and with that both ANBU put their hand on Naruto's shoulder and all three of them disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Hokage's office

Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage, was sitting at his desk filling out some paperwork, when suddenly, a puff of smoke appeared in front of his desk, making the old man jump.

Out of this smoke came two ANBU, along with Naruto. Sarutobi was confused. He had not sent anyone to get Naruto. "Naruto-kun, may I ask why you are in the company of these two ANBU?"

Naruto enthusiastically responded, "They saved me from getting beat up, Jiji! It was so cool! They dropped down out of nowhere right before I got attacked. They scared those mean people off real good!"

Sarutobi sighed. The attacks always got more frequent towards October. It was something he had tried to discourage in the villagers, but they were too set in their hatred. He pitied them. "Is this true Inu?" asked the Hokage.

"Yes Hokage-sama. When we saw him enter the market district, we followed on the rooftops to make sure he stayed safe. Fortunately, we were able to prevent an attack."

The aged Hokage nodded at this while taking a whiff of his pipe. "Excellent. Well done, both of you. Take this note to my secretary, and she will give you each payment for a B-rank mission." He said as he handed them a note with his signature on it.

Each of the ANBU thanked the Hokage before saying goodbye to Naruto and walking out the door. "Now then Naruto-kun, let's get to business, shall we?" said Sarutobi with a chuckle.

"Um…what was I here for again?"

Sarutobi sweatdropped. "Your monthly check, remember?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Heh heh…oh yeah. I guess all the excitement made me forget. Sorry Jiji."

The old man chuckled as he handed Naruto a scroll. "That's just like you to get caught up in the moment like that Naruto-kun. Anyway here's the usual 10,000, plus a little extra so that you can buy yourself something nice."

"Wow, thanks Jiji! I'm gonna go buy a set of kunai so I can practice to be the greatest ninja ever!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Hold on there, Naruto-kun. You're still too young to think about becoming a ninja. However, if you wish, you can enroll when you reach the proper age."

Naruto pouted and whined, "But Jiji! That's such a long time! Besides, if I enter the academy, I won't be able to get beat up as easily. I want to be able to defend myself!"

Sarutobi puffed on his pipe while thinking 'Hmm. I can't really deny the boy a chance to defend himself, can I?' After several minutes of contemplation the Hokage finally agreed. "Very well, Naruto-kun, I cannot in good conscience let these attacks on you continue without at least giving you a way to defend yourself. Let me finish signing these papers, and then we'll go to the academy to enroll you in the upcoming classes."

"Yay!" Naruto cheered. "I'm going to be the best ninja ever!"

"I'm sure you will Naruto-kun. I'm sure you will."

Flashback end

After that the old man and the blond ninja-to-be made the trip to the academy to enroll Naruto in the classes that would be starting on his birthday, less than a month away. Naruto was a bit wary of going out on the day when he was most likely to be attacked, but he spent the entire three weeks practicing with the full set of kunai and shuriken that the Hokage had given him.

Before he knew it three weeks had come and gone and he had started his first day at the academy. He had met his new sensei, Umino Iruka, and all of his classmates, who were all two years older than him. Apparently, their parent's dislike had rubbed off on their children, none of whom went near or spoke to Naruto. The rest of the day passed without incident, leaving Naruto excited to start learning to be a ninja.

So, we currently see Naruto heading back to his apartment through Konoha's back alleys, hoping not to be spotted by anyone. But it seemed that luck was not on his side this night. As he rounded a corner, he saw a group of ten to fifteen drunken chunin who were known to hate him very much.

Naruto quickly ducked behind a dumpster, praying that he wouldn't be found. 'Oh please don't let them have spotted me…please.' He thought. Unfortunately, no such luck.

"Hey!" one of them shouted. "Did you see that? That was the demon brat! Let's get it!"

The rest of them shouted in agreement.

Naruto, for his part, simply screamed and began to run away. Not looking where he was going however, he soon found himself at a dead end. "No! Stupid wall! Get out of my way!" he yelled frantically as he began to pound on it with his fists.

"There it is! Down here!"

Naruto screamed in pain as he felt a fist connect with his face.

"Ha! Take that demon! You'll die here tonight!" the one who hit him shouted.

"Please! I didn't do anything!" Naruto screamed.

This only made the ninja madder. "Don't lie to us, demon! You know what you did! You killed my family, and many more innocents! And now you will DIE!" he yelled as he thrust a kunai into Naruto's side. The others soon followed suit, stabbing, punching, and kicking any part of him they could reach.

Naruto's screams of pain were drowned out by the sounds of the festival close by.

Hokage's office

'Hmm." Sarutobi wondered to himself, 'I hope Naruto made it home all right. I'll check on him.' He pulled out his scrying orb and focused on Naruto. What he found shocked and enraged him beyond all reason. There were fifteen of his chunin, his chunin, stabbing and beating the motionless form of Naruto. It looked like this had been going on for a few minutes.

With a furious shout he leapt out of his chair and shouted, "ANBU! With me!" and jumped out his open window with five ANBU in pursuit. As he jumped from rooftop to rooftop at speeds only a kage was capable of reaching, he could only hope he had not once again failed the boy he saw as his grandson.

Back alleys

Even though Naruto had passed out soon after the beating began, still his attackers persisted. They had not noticed that he had stopped breathing.

It was to this that the Hokage and his ANBU arrived. Fifteen chunin beating and stabbing one helpless, unconscious, and probably lifeless seven year old. This last thought sent the Hokage into a mindless fury. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? YOU ARE ATTACKING AN INNOCENT CHILD!" He screamed at the drunken attackers.

One of the chunin turned around. "Hokage-sama!" he greeted cheerfully, "We've done it! We've killed the demon!"

With that the Hokage let out a scream of primal rage, and punched the chunin so hard in the head that he literally caused it to explode.

His shout drew the attention of the remaining fourteen chunin who all turned to face him with terrified looks on their faces.

"ANBU! Take these bastards to the middle of the festival and keep them there. They will be publicly executed as soon as I get there."

"H-hai, Hokage-sama." Stuttered an ANBU who were all shocked at the level of violence and anger their kindly old leader was displaying.

After they departed Sarutobi walked over to Naruto and was immediately overcome with a sense of great despair and grief. Naruto lay there, with several dozen kunai sticking out of his torso, both arms broken and bent at unnatural angles with bits of bone sticking out, senbon needles stuck in each of his eyes, throat slit open, left foot barely hanging on to his leg by some skin and muscle, stomach cut open with his entrails hanging out, and some one had cut out his tongue.

And yet though it seemed that he would be dead Sarutobi could detect the barest hint of chakra in his body. When he sensed that he immediately stood up, shouting "Naruto-kun!"

Sarutobi gasped. He needed to get to a hospital ASAP. He created several shadow clones to go deal with the chunin, while he himself scooped Naruto up and rushed as fast as he could to a hospital.

Naruto's mindscape

When Naruto regained consciousness, he was laying in a pool of water about as deep as his ankle. ' They threw me in a sewer?' he thought. ' Oh well, at least they didn't kill me. Speaking of which, I could've sworn they stabbed me a couple times before I passed out. Where are the wounds? I heal fast, but not that fast.'

After picking himself up, he took a look around. He was in some kind of sewer, and a crappy one at that. There were cracks all along the walls, water on the floor, and leaky pipes everywhere.

He took a closer look at the pipes. One of them was a big red one, and it had a smaller blue one next to it, and they both seemed to be glowing. The pipes also had cracks running across them, and the liquid they dripped seemed to glow as well.

When Naruto turned around he saw a pulsating red glow, which seemed to call out to him. He felt compelled to follow it, so he did. He followed through many twists and turns, and after what seemed like hours, emerged into a large room with a cavernous ceiling, and what looked like a gigantic gate held shut by…a piece of paper? Naruto moved closer to the gate, trying to make out what the tag said. He got close enough to read it, and saw that it read "seal" in kanji. While he was staring at it though, a gigantic pair of blood red eyes with slit pupils opened right in front of him.

"So, my jailer finally decides to pay me a visit, eh?" Naruto heard a deep, rumbling voice say from inside the gate.

"W-whose there?" Naruto asked fearfully. "Who are you?"

The voice let out a deep chuckle. "You are wise to fear me, human. After all, I am the greatest demon ever known."

As he heard this, Naruto's eyes widened. " T-that can't be true!" He stammered. "The greatest demon ever known was the Kyuubi, and its-"

"Dead?" the beast interjected, "Ha! As if a mere human could kill me. No, I cannot be killed. I was sealed away. Inside you, specifically."

"What! How? The Yondaime… why me?" naruto yelled as his mind tried to process the fact that he had an ancient demon sealed inside him.

"The yellow-haired bastard had some honor, it seems. He would not ask another family to sacrifice their child, so he used his own."

Naruto's eyes widened in realization. "But that would make me…Jiji knew. He knew and he never told me!"

Naruto turned on Kyuubi and shouted, "This is all your fault! You're the reason he's dead! Why? Why did you have to do this?"

Kyuubi glared at Naruto and said, "Konoha attacked me first. They killed my family. They started this! Not me!" By the end, Kyuubi was standing at his full eight hundred foot height, shouting at the frightened boy in front of him.

"No…Konoha wouldn't do that! Konoha wouldn't attack you like that!" naruto yelled at the huge demon before him.

"Naïve child! Of course they would! Humans fear any power greater than themselves that they don't control. It was their fear, and their greed that caused them to attack me. And I WILL make them pay. Well, I would have, had you not gotten yourself killed."

Naruto's head shot up when he heard that. "Wait, what do you mean killed! I feel fine!" he yelled.

"Well, you're here for a reason, you know. When you were attacked, your mind retreated here to escape the pain. They may not have actually killed you, but even with my healing, I'm afraid there's no way you'll survive, which means I'll die along side you."

"Huh? What do you mean? Why are you dying?" Asked Naruto confusedly.

The seal that your father used to seal me inside of you was designed so that I would die alongside you."

"Huh. You seem awfully calm about dying."

"Calm?" Kyuubi snorted. "Not at all. I'm absolutely furious that I won't be able to exact my revenge on this pathetic village. I just have more self control than I used to."

Naruto sat glumly on the cold, wet ground and began to look back on the life he'd lived. There weren't many good times that he could remember, but the ones he could were the best times of his life. He came to the conclusion that he didn't want to die. He couldn't do that to the few people that cared about him. The Hokage. The people at Ichiraku's. Even his new sensei Iruka had been nice to him.

Naruto began to tear up saying, "Kyuubi…I don't want to die."

"Yeah, me either, kit. Me either."

Sarutobi's shadow clones

As the Hokage was rushing Naruto to the hospital, his shadow clones went to the center of the festival to deal with the chunin that had attacked Naruto.

When they arrived, the saw the chunin being held by the five ANBU in the middle of a large group of curious people. "Attention!" One of the Hokage's clones yelled. "These fourteen men have been brought here to be executed for the crime of attacking and nearly killing Uzumaki Naruto."

This announcement brought shouts of anger from the crowd, who were all people who hated and despised Naruto. "Silence!" Sarutobi's clone commanded. "These men have committed an act of treason by harming a civilian of this village with intent to kill him. A child no less! Therefore, their execution will be carried out immediately. ANBU, begin."

And with that, the five ANBU began to decapitate each of the chunin, one by one. When it was over the Hokage's clones let out a sigh, before ordering the ANBU to clean up the mess and dispelling themselves.

With the real Sarutobi

As the aged and weary Hokage received the memories from his clones, he thought to himself, 'These people need to learn that attacks on Naruto will not be tolerated. It was the only thing to do.'

As he came upon the hospital with Naruto in his arms, he burst through the doors of the emergency room and yelled, " Doctor! Where's a doctor?"

A doctor in a white coat quickly walked up to him and asked, "What's the problem, Hokage-sama?"

The Hokage replied, "This child is in extreme need of medical attention. He's barely holding on to life."

The doctor looked at Naruto's motionless form, and back at Sarutobi, and said, "Are you sure he's alive? He doesn't look like he's breathing."

"I'm sure, just help him already!" The Hokage shouted.

The doctor nodded and took Naruto from the Hokage's arms.

The doctor took Naruto to an operating room and set him down on the table. A green glow appeared around his hands, and he ran them over Naruto's body. "Well, Hokage-sama, aside from the damage you can see, both of his lungs have been punctured multiple times, almost every bone in his body is broken or fractured, he has a big hole in his stomach, one of those senbon is almost poking his brain, and he's been stabbed in the heart. It seems his 'tenant' is the only thing keeping him alive right now, and I don't know how much longer that will last. I'm sorry, but at this point it'll take a miracle to save him."

Sarutobi bowed his head with tears in his eyes. 'Naruto, Minato, I've failed you.'

Suddenly, a bright red glow appeared in the room. Sarutobi looked up, and saw that the glow was coming from Naruto!

Meanwhile, in Naruto's mindscape

Naruto and Kyuubi were sitting quietly, waiting for death to take them, when suddenly, a flash of purple light appeared in the room. Both Naruto and Kyuubi turned to look at it warily.

Out of the flash appeared a spectre-like figure, with purple skin, and long white hair with a tanto in between his teeth. Kyuubi bowed respectfully to the figure and spoke, "Greetings, Shinigami-sama."

Author's Note

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