Unexpected Betrayal.
By PhantomChajo

(Authors Notes: I've written this for the enjoyment of it. My Characters belong to me, the rest belong to Marvel. I've taken the X-Men as they were back in the Mid-90's, way before Gambit's trial and all that other stuff. other wise, enjoy reading)

Chapter 1 - Quitting time.

The Bar was closed, and the Club itself was closing. The last of the stragglers were being herded out the door as I was sipping my coffee at one of the tables near the dance floor.

After the doors were closed and locked, Jake did one last sweep of the club then signaled for the House lights to come up. It was time to get cleaning. It also meant that I could relax. I mean really relax.

Standing up, I remove my work jacket and drape it across the back of a chair and remove my shirt. It lands on the jacket as I head to the middle of the dance floor. Making sure everyone is clear I relax and let my wings and tail morph out.

Like black ink stains spreading across my shoulders, then extending out and to the sides. Twenty feet from tip to tip, matt black and with the texture of the softest suede leather ever felt. That's how my wings have been described to me.

Ever time I do this all the employees stop to watch. Delight, awe, envy, even lust wash over me. It's strange feeling this from one's co-workers. But it means that I am not feared for being what I am. A Mutant.

Arching my back and raising my arms as if in benediction to the heaven and the gods that reside there, my head tilts even farther back as arch my wings upwards. I've been described by many as either as the Fallen Angel Lucifer, or one of those rare demons that have been taken back into heaven. In the background the song 'Angles Fall' by Ayla is playing. It somehow fits.

Muscles stretch and ache pleasantly, my back pops as I straighten up, curling them about me. Slowly dropping my arms then spinning on toe tip, I let them flare out again. I move in time with the music. Wrapping my arms about my chest, long slender fingers rest on my shoulders. A moment later they travel upwards over my closed eyes to release my hair from it's confining tie. Shaking my head letting the waist length mass of black silken strands cascade everywhere, I stretch upwards one last time then fold my wings around me.

Have you ever watched that cartoon about the gargoyles living in New York City? Have you seen the way they fold their wings about their shoulders? Well that's how I fold mine.

I get a moment of silence then a round of applause and whistles from everyone.

I feel my face heat up. Ye gods, I'm blushing! No matter how many times I do this at the close of the night I still blush.

"Drac, are you sure you won't consider doing erotic dances here? I mean come on! If you and your friends did one show a week, we could rake in a fortune." Jake comments with a grin. He's teasing me.

The first time he ever mentioned it, he was serious. But after I explained things he understood and accepted my reasons for refusing. Now it's just a game between us.

"Alright people, I want us to be out of here before sunrise!" turning to the rest of the employees that are still watching and shooing them off to get their work done. "And you," pointing at me, "Get dressed and go home. You've been working too much lately and I know you have semester finals coming up soon. Off with you now. Your off the clock, so don't even think about picking up a rag, a broom, or anything else."

With a chuckle and a shake of my head I turn back to retrieve my shirt and jacket. "Yes Sir" I say meekly, but with a glint of good natured humor in my blue eyes. Waving night to the others scattered about the place I head to the back to change into my regular shirt and jacket, tossing my work clothes into a bag as I do.

About fifteen minutes later, emerging from the back, wings and tail one again hidden, I head to the door where Jake is waiting to let me out.

"Night Jake" I say in passing.

"Night Drac, Take care on your way home. It's snowing pretty heavily and is pretty damned cold out there." Jake says as he opens the door and lets me out.

Stepping out onto the side walk, and heading home. He's right, It is fucking cold out here. I left my motorcycle at home tonight, feeling like walking when I came in. It's not that far from home, only about Four or Five blocks at the most. About a twenty minute leisurely walk.

Before I've even gone 10 feet from the doors, I have a layer of snow on my shoulders and in my hair. I look forward to climbing into bed with Gypsy and Kitty when I get home. They know just how to warm me up at night. My thoughts were on home, not on the dangers of the streets. That was my biggest mistake that night.

Little did I know that I was being watched, by more then one group of hunters. And they all had plans for me.