A/N: First Easy A fanfiction. :D I love this movie && well it's a great movie to watch. It reminded me a lot of Mean Girls too. Anyway, just a short little one-shot about after Olive and Todd drive off on the lawnmower...

Olive and Todd were on the lawmower, driving (if that's even the word for it) along an old country road to nowhere when the lawmower stops. It just stopped, no warnings. Todd tried to restart it but tug on the string but nothing happened. The engine roared loudly and then it cut off almost immediately. Olive sighed and pulled out her phone. She tried called her mom. "Shit, just my luck," she said under her breath when it said Sevice not available.

Todd tried his phone too but the same words printed across the screen. Service not available. "That's just dandy," Olive said sarcastically, then started laughing. Todd looked at her oddly and then just started laughing too. You would think they were mentally unstable in you saw them. They were laughing like maniacs. "Looks like we're stuck out here," Todd told her, stating the obvious, when their laughter died down. "I guess we are," Olive smiled.

Todd wrapped his arm around her shoulder and they walked in the direction where they came from. Olive started to shiver even though it was about May in California. "You cold?" Todd looked concerned. Olive smiled at him. "Just a little, I will survive though," she assured him. Todd hugged her closer to his body.

"Thanks." Olive looked up and met his eyes. They walked a little more before Olive almost collasped. "You definitely need to go to sleep." Todd told her, setting her down by a huge oak tree. He held her tightly and she started to drift off into a sleepless sleep.

Olive woke up in Todd's arms the next morning. She shook Todd slightly. "Hey Todd, wake up sleepyhead," she whispered in his ear. He stirred and rubbed his eyes. "We better get going," Todd said and Olive agree.

It took four hours to walk back to Olive's house. "I am tired, hungry and thristy," Todd complained. All Olive could was laugh. Olive check her phone. 2 new text messages. She decided to open them later and enjoy time with Todd. So that's what she did.

The following Monday at school, everyone looked at her in sympathy. Maryanne walked up to her and wrapped into a bear hug. "I am so sorry I slapped you and called you a whore," she screeched into Olive's ear. "It's okay Maryanne," Olive said, not really caring. She and Todd spent all weekend together and no, they didn't sleep together...yet.

:] Sorry for the ending, it was horrible, I know. :P I hope you liked my quick one-shot.