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Chapter 3- On the Queen Anne's

Step, clunk, step, clunk, step, clunk. Blackbeard approached the terrified sailors, a sinister smirk playing on his lips. The youngest of them, a boy no older than ten, whimpered. Erin, however, tried to look as brave as she could. She had never cried in front of anyone, not even her own mother and she wasn't about to start now.

"No use giving them the satisfaction" she told herself, working hard to keep her face an emotionless mask.

Blackbeard was now circling the mast to which the sailors where tightly bound to. Erin could hear the sailors scrambling against the mast, trying to escape. The young boy had begun screaming. He screamed for his mother, he screamed for God to come and rescue him. His pitiful sobs grew louder and louder and he started banging his head against the mast when suddenly- bang! - His sobs where silenced. The boy's head now hung limp, blood streaming down his face from his forehead where the bullet had hit.

"That's better," said Blackbeard, blowing away the smoke which was hissing from his gun. "Now the brat might stand a chance at meeting God"

It sickened Erin at how this man and his crew boomed with laughter, pointing and making evil remarks about that poor boy... That poor, innocent boy who they killed. Rage seared through Erin's body and clenching her fists she opened her mouth wide and yelled:

"You're a coward, Teach! You're nothing but a coward!"

The laughter stopped abruptly. Tension was in the air from both the crew and the captives. Blackbeard slowly turned, his eyes searching for the source of the voice. Then his gaze settled on Erin who was holding her breath, now anxious.

"Now what do we have here? A skinny little rat that talks!" his voice was heavy with sarcasm.

Once again, fear and anxiety left Erin in an instant. Angrily, she yelled: "Better than a bloody coward and a fraud! You can't run away from the facts, Edward Teach! You killed a young boy because you were too scared to pick on someone your own size like a man!"

Blackbeard's eyes flashed as he raised his gun. Erin closed her own eyes, readying herself for death. The shot rang out and Erin waited for the excruciating pain that was sure to follow. Instead, she heard a loud gasp from the sailor next to her and his head fell backwards onto the mast with a sad thump.

"A coward, am I? A pitiful fraud? How dare ye even say me name, you filthy bilge rat?" Blackbeard yelled. His eyes were rolling around in their sockets, his arms flying all over the place and the tips of his hair were hissing more smoke than ever before! For that very moment, he actually seemed crazy. Not crazy like Jack, oh no. Crazy like a murderous psychopath.

Erin was petrified. Never before had she come face to face with someone who had every intention of killing in their eyes. If anything should happen tell them Jack Sparrow's your uncle... Might save your life! The memory echoed in her head.

Erin swallowed her fear (or at least tried to) and glared up into Blackbeard's cold eyes so forcefully she was surprised her neck didn't snap. It was then that she realised that the insane captain and half his crew were pointing their guns at her.

"Now, you wouldn't be wantin' to do that, mate" Erin said, stiffly.

Blackbeard raised his eyebrows in surprise at her sudden change of tone. "Now pray tell, why wouldn't I want to be killin' ya?"

"Because, I be the great Jack Sparrow's niece! If ye kill me then that'll jus' get him mad. And then he'll come on The Black Pearl and kill ya all!" She replied, proudly.

The crew's silence broke into whispers. Blackbeard stared for a moment and then gave a loud, cruel laugh.

"I have a bone to pick with you're uncle, young lady. So maybe I shouldn't kill ya and instead keep you hostage. You'd be excellent bait to lure Jack Sparrow to his demise!" Blackbeard was now pacing the deck and seemed to be speaking with himself now instead of Erin. "However," he debated. "He is a deceitful oaf so I wouldn't hold my breath for a rescue from the likes of him!"

"You're lying! My uncle loves me. Once he hears about this he WILL come for me, just ye wait n' see!" Erin yelled, desperately.

Sensing the sorrow in Erin's voice, Blackbeard decided to torture her some more. "Jack Sparrow is a treacherous dog who doesn't care about anyone but himself. He wouldn't give a damn if you were dead or alive! Don't you see? You mean nothing to him! Absolutely nothing!" the captain tormented.

Erin could feel tears stinging in her eyes for Blackbeard had found her weakness. Her uncle not caring for her was her biggest fear and now this Satan of a pirate was picking at it like a scab, making it bleed and hurt. Erin tried to blink back the tears but one escaped and delicately slid down her cheek. She hoped that due to the dark sky her tear wouldn't be visible but there was no such luck. Her tear glistened in the moonlight like a pearl for all to see.

"My, my, what a predicament!" said Blackbeard, mockingly. "The odds of him not coming are piling up high, aren't they? So I guess it's best we kill you now. You know, to save you from being disappointed later. No need to thank me, dear, I'm just a man trying to help," he and his crew laughed and pointed their guns at her once more.

"This is it," Erin thought. "This is now my time to die. And I am ready. Like they say, Death is the next great adventure, right?" she joked with herself and closed her eyes.

"Parada, Padre! Stop, Father! " someone yelled. It was a woman's voice and never was Erin so relieved to hear someone speak. Her eyes snapped open and she looked at what had happened. A very beautiful woman with long brown hair had stuck her hand in front of Blackbeard's gun.

"Angelica? What are you- "

"Father, please do not kill this one," she spoke calmly with a strong Spanish accent. Erin felt a big wave of gratitude crash onto her. But her gratitude was short lived because the next thing this woman said made Erin want to slap her.

"You know as well as I that Jack Sparrow is a deceiving arse but I know for a fact he does care about one person other that himself and that's her," She pointed at Erin. "I suggest throwing her in the brig and using her as bait like you said. No doubt it will bring him to his end. Then, Father, you'll be the captain of two of the three most feared ships in the Caribbean! Imagine the Queen Anne's Revenge AND The Black Pearl under your command!"

A far away look had appeared in Blackbeard's eyes while his daughter spoke.

"Yes," he said. "I'd just have The Flying Dutchman left. Why, I would be unstoppable. Even more powerful than Davy Jones himself!" he spoke, his lust for power clear.

Erin realized that this woman had tricked her father to save her. Erin looked quizzically at Angelica while Blackbeard's head was turned and she could have sworn that the woman winked at her.

Blackbeard was now speaking with his crew but Erin wasn't listening. In her mind questions were whizzing around like an angry tornado. Who was this woman? Why did she save her? Why would she risk her father's wrath for Erin? Could Erin actually trust her? Or if she did would Erin regret it for the rest of her life? Should she trust this woman who would trick her own father to get what she wanted?

Before she knew it, Erin was being hoisted up to her feet by two huge men. She looked them over up and down and then she noticed the blank look in their eyes and the mechanical way they picked her up. And that's when it hit her hard. From the icy coldness of their skin, to the stitches on their foreheads and mouths Erin knew that these men were not alive. Terror seared through her as these monstrous creations held her firmly by the arms and waited for their master's orders.

"Send them all to the brig and everyone but the girl will die at sunrise!" Blackbeard yelled, menacingly. And with a swish of his cloak and an evil laugh he left for his quarters.

The two men nodded picked her up and then went down to the brig. The brig was a long corridor practically at the bottom of the ship. On the side of the corridor were large metal cages and Erin noticed that the other sailors were being herded into them. She began wondering why she wasn't being thrown into those cages along with the other captives.

No sooner had the thought crossed her mind, when one of the pirates spoke. "You'll be havin' yer own private quarters, poppet. Nuttin' but the best for the hostages of the Queen Anne's!" he laughed, pointing at another cage but this one was a lot smaller and three times more narrow. In fact it was no bigger than a cupboard.

With another laugh the pirates threw her into the cage not caring whether they hurt her or not. Having both her hands and legs tied, Erin had to squirm and struggle to sit upright. It took her quite a while and the whole time the pirates were looking at her through the bars and laughing.

So this is what it feels like to be a caged bird. Erin thought, her eyes pricking.

"We 'ope you'll enjoy yer stay with us on the Queen Anne's Revenge" one of them said, mockingly. And with that he and his shipmate left closing the door, leaving the captives in the dark...