It was a cold Wednesday. The CSI's were on a lake looking for evidence, on the recent murder.

"So... what are we looking for?" Danny asked.

"Evidence," Flack replied.

"I know that," Danny said.

Danny was walking across the ice on the lake when he slipped and fell on to his butt. Flack burst out laughing.

"Get up Danny!" Mac sighed.

"Okay I'm up," Danny replied standing up.

Lindsay was smiling, trying not to laugh and Danny smiled back. A confused frown replaced the smile though when he heard the sound of a crack.

"What the…" Danny muttered and stood still.

After a minute of silence, Danny shrugged his shoulders and continued to walk on the ice. He must be imagining things.


Okay… that was a definite crack. Danny grew worried. He increased his walking pace trying to get back to the more stable ice. His breaths quickened as crack after crack spread through the ice. He could make it; he could make it.

"AHHH!" Danny screamed as the ice gave in.

The nippy water flowed over the ice, and snapped at him like hundreds of piranhas. He did the only thing he could think of, and it was most definitely not the intelligent choice. He panicked. He could feel his heart pounding against his chest at an abnormally high speed. He gasped and spluttered while reaching his arms out.

The ice was too slippery to grab… and the pieces that he could would just break off in his hands. Danny's body was going numb. It was a horrid feeling. He never knew water could be so frigid and anguishing. He was about to give up hope when he heard a shout.

"Danny!" Lindsay cried upon seeing him fading away into the water.

"Danny!" Flack shouted.

"He-" Danny was cut off by a mouthful of the frosty water. He choked harshly as more water filled his lungs. He slowly slipped under the water. His body couldn't hold out any longer. He prayed that they would make it in time.

"Danny!" Mac shouted as he dove straight in to the water with no second thoughts. He had no problem risking his own life to save his friends. Mac swam faster. Everything stung. The water pierced him like a thousand daggers.

Then he caught sight of Danny. It was a ghastly sight. Danny was pale white, his eyes were closed and his body completely limp. Mac charged forwards, grabbed him tightly and swam to the surface. He gasped as the fierce wind bit at his face.

Taking deep breaths, Mac swam over to what looked like thicker ice and placed Danny out of the water with Flack's help. He then dragged himself cautiously on to the ice. Not even stopping for a break he held Danny and crawled away from the hole and back on to safe ice.

Lindsay lay Danny on his back and felt for a pulse. She let out a deep relieved sigh when she managed to find a pulse, but it was very faint. Growing extremely concerned when she realised he wasn't breathing, she knew she'd have to give CPR.

"Flack, call 911!" Mac ordered.

Flack nodded and dialled the 3 numbers.

Lindsay tilted Danny's head back, pinched his nose and knelt down giving him a breath. Lindsay waited a second and gave another breath. There was no movement from Danny.

"Come on Danny," Lindsay urged.

She went through the process again. Mac resorted to the chest compressions. After a few minutes and still no movement from Danny.

Tears streamed Lindsay's face. There was a pain filled cough. Danny was alive… alive but coughing up a ton of water. Mac shot up and rubbed his hand on Danny's back trying to comfort him. Once he had a steady breathing rhythm, Lindsay didn't hesitate to pull him in to a hug.

"Montana…" Danny croaked.

"Thank god," Lindsay stated.

"You okay Danny?" Mac asked.

"Yeah... Thanks," Danny coughed.

Lindsay smiled at Danny before leaning down and kissing him. Sirens were heard in the distance and Flack smiled.