It was around midnight when Roxas heard a soft knock at the door. Curious as to who would be visiting his new home at this time; he stood up and cautiously opened the door. He frowned as he pulled open the solid oak door, but soon he smiled as he realized who it was.

"S-sora!" He said surprised, flinging himself at him and wrapping his arms tightly around his neck. "Sora! I-I haven't seen you forever!"

The brunette laughed softly, wrapping his arms around his brothers waist and kissing his head softly.

"Hey baby bro." He said quietly, carrying him back inside the apartment and setting him down on the couch.

"W-what are you doing here?" The blonde asked, looking up at him with wide blue eyes. Sora touched Roxas' cheek, gently sliding his fingers down and under his chin.

"I missed you." He said simply.

Sora and Roxas had been having difficulties with visiting. Roxas, was recently adopted by his foster parents, Jane and Noah. At the time, both his parents were unaware that Roxas had anybody for a brother; soon though, the realized that Sora was a sibling and extended an invitation to live with them if he so pleased. Sora, thoughtfully rejected the offer. Sora, was currently living with his best friend, Riku, and leaving Riku on his own seemed selfish to Sora. This meant that Sora lived hours away from Roxas, making it too difficult to spend time together.

"I-I missed you too!" Roxas said with tears welling in his eyes.

Sora and Roxas were closer then anybody could even begin to fathom. When Roxas was adopted it hit him in a way, that nobody-not even his brother-seemed to understand. The separation from his brother caused him deep emotional pain. The brunette boy who was always there for him seemed to seemingly disappear overnight. It tore at his heart unlike anything else in the world; because of this he developed an unhealthy habit. Roxas had began cutting.

"Don't cry love." Sora said in a whisper, kissing his baby brothers forehead softly.

"I-I've just missed you so much!" He exclaimed, wrapping his arms around Sora's waist tightly and burying his face in his chest. Sora gently stroked Roxas' hair, enjoying this time that he got to spend with his one and only love. Little was that known to anybody though. Twin brothers who slept together wasn't exactly an acceptable topic to bring up at the dinner table. They had managed to keep it a secret from everybody so far, and they weren't planning on telling anybody soon.

"Hey love?" Sora said after a few minutes of silence. Roxas looked up at him, his eyes glistening with tears. "You want to go to your room?"

Sora hadn't meant for his statement to sound sexual. His statement simply was implying that he wanted to be totally and completely alone with his brother; where they could share stories and cuddle without having the chance of an unwanted interruption. Of course, Sora wouldn't mind doing sexual things to his brother, but that was Roxas' choice, not his.

Roxas nodded once and grabbed Sora's hand gently, dragging him down the apartment hallway and into a fairly large bedroom. Sora shut the door quietly behind them and wrapped his arms around Roxas' waist tightly, holding him close. Roxas loved it when his brother held it. It was almost like, in that moment the screaming and static would disappear from his mind and he could just be happy. He didn't have the urge to cut.

Roxas looked up at Sora and kissed him on the lips quickly. Sora smiled at his young brother, "If you want to kiss me, you have to do it properly Roxy." He said teasingly, rubbing his nose against his brothers. Roxas started to blush a deep red, something that Sora always loved to see, and buried his face in his chest again.

"Oh so now I don't get real kisses?" Sora asked kissing his head. Roxas smiled into Sora's chest. A real genuine smile, something he hadn't experienced for a long time. He loved his brother he really did, if it wasn't for Sora, then Roxas would most likely be dead.

"Nope. No real kisses." Roxas said brightly. He pulled away from his older brother and walked over to his bed, sitting down on it, his legs crossed. He looked curiously up at Sora, waiting for him to follow. Sora smiled softly and sat down next to Roxas.

"Well that's not very nice." Sora said kissing his nose. "I think I deserve at least one. I did come all the way here." Roxas giggled softly and cupped Sora's cheek carefully in his hand.

"Okay maybe one." He shut his eyes and gently pressed his lips against Sora's. Sora smiled into the kiss and wrapped his arms tightly around Roxas. They pulled away as Sora laid back and pulled Roxas on top of him. Roxas looked up at him, love glistening in his eyes, and kissed the bottom of his chin.

"Hmm?" Sora said, slinging his arms loosely over him and adjusting himself in order for them both to be comfortable.

"I just…I miss you so much now." He said quietly running his hand down Sora's chest. Sora shivered and shut his eyes.

"I'm here now." Sora slipped his hands underneath Roxas' shirt and slowly began rubbing circles on his brothers lower back. Roxas relaxed noticeably against Sora and rested his chin against his chest, still focusing in his face. Sora looked at peace, relaxed, like he didn't want to be anywhere but here. Roxas slowly moved himself up and kissed Sora gently, slipping his own hands up Sora's shirt. Sora kissed back, deepening the kiss, it had been so long since he's felt Roxas' lips, he needed them. Roxas sat up slightly and looked down at Sora, cocking his head to the side.

"Sora?" He asked, slowly inching up Sora's shirt, hoping that his brother would end up taking it off. Sora, of course, knew what this meant. His brother wanted to do more, and like hell, of course he was going to give it to him. Sora slipped off his shirt and smirked at Roxas.

"Your turn, cutie." Roxas blushed again and shook his head slightly.

"Come on love." Sora teased. Roxas shifted uncomfortably, if he took off his shirt, Sora would know about his cutting. His cuts weren't exactly…discreet. Half his mind wanted to let Sora in, to know what he was feeling; the other half screamed for him to stop, Sora didn't need to worry about him. He shut his eyes and slowly slid out of his shirt, scared at what the brunettes reaction might be. He opened his eyes seconds later and stared at the perfectly structured body of his brother; he wished that he had that, instead of one covered in scars. Sora's smirk slowly began to fade as he noticed scars over Roxas' chest, stomach and arms; it seemed there wasn't a spot where there weren't any.

"Baby…" He started, touching one gently on his shoulder, "Oh baby." Roxas looked up at him with sad eyes.

"I-I…I-I'm okay." He finally managed to get out, forcing a small smile along with it. The static and the screaming came back to his head; he desperately craved his razor blade. Sora shook his head and ran his fingers through his brothers hair.

"How can I make it better?" He asked, worry lacing his voice. He couldn't lose Roxas, Roxas was his everything. Roxas looked at him for a second and leaned down, kissing him roughly. Sora moaned quietly, Roxas wasn't the one to usually be so rough, Roxas was soft and gentle, but Sora, Sora liked rough more. Roxas smirked into the kiss; letting the moan fill his mind instead of the screams telling him that Sora was only using him. He grabbed on to his brothers pants and forced them down.

"R-roxas." Sora started, kicking his pants off regardless.

"I need you Sora." Roxas murmured in his ear, biting his earlobe and sucking on it briefly. Sora suppressed another moan and nodded. Roxas let out a small little whimper as Sora felt the bulge in his brothers pants grow harder. He helped the blonde out of his own pants and gently pressed their bodies together. Sora flipped them both over so he was on top and gently began sending kisses down his brothers jaw and neck. He laid extra soft kisses along the pink scars that looked like they couldn't have been any older than two days.

Roxas shut his eyes tightly and knotted his hand in Sora's spiky brown hair. Sora continued his kisses down his brothers chest, leaving one long one on his belly-button, and gently nudged Roxas' boxers down.

"S-Sora…" Roxas started, his eyebrows furrowing as he let out a plead for more. Sora smirked as he kissed both of his hips before gently licking the length of his brother.

"N-nygh…" His hand in Sora's hair becoming tighter as he felt a need for Sora to be closer, doing more. Sora took him into his mouth and started rhythmically bobbing his head.

"F-fuck…!" Roxas exclaimed after he felt the warmth and wetness, making his body heat up more, the static in his head growing louder and louder. He felt like he was going to explode and quite frankly that frightened him; he pushed that aside though and just tried to focus on the tongue skillfully pleasuring him.

Sora continued to bob his head, slowly gaining speed with each passing second, until he heard Roxas let out a tiny scream and felt him explode into his mouth. Sora swallowed willingly and kissed back up his chest, planting a rough kiss upon his lips.

"S-sora…" Roxas moaned quietly, digging his nails into his back and grinding his hips against him. "M-more…" He begged, pressing himself against Sora. Sora stopped fighting and let out a moan; feeling the way Roxas pressed against him and hearing his begging sent him over the edge every time. He kicked off his boxers and kissed Roxas' neck gently but then biting down hard, drawing a little bit amount of blood; feeling slightly bad because he didn't need any more scars on his damaged body. He heard Roxas whimper again, begging, pleading that Sora do more to him.

Roxas' head had gone blank. He didn't hear anything now; not even the sound of Sora whispering lovely things in his ear. He enjoyed the quiet, something he didn't seem to have often anymore.

Sora smiled into his neck and started sucking softly; he gently worked his fingers in to Roxas and began prepping him. Roxas whimpered again, cupping the back of Sora's head and using the other to slowly drag his nails down Sora's back.

Sora could never count how many scratch marks this boy had given him, it was his signature. He slowly removed his fingers and positioned himself in order to not hurt Roxas too much. He quickly slid in to Roxas and shuddered as he wondered how he was still this tight.

Roxas let out a loud moan, half screaming, half moaning; it was a miracle that his parents weren't awake yet. Sora left his neck and returned to his lips where he kissed him passionately as he slowly worked his way in and out of him, trying to make it last as long as he could.

"H-harder…" Roxas murmured against his lips. Sora moaned in return and hit Roxas harder, making sure that this time he hit his prostate. Roxas moaned loudly again, moving in time with Sora, making it certain that Sora was hitting him in all the right places. Roxas, in this process had become hard again. Sora felt him rubbing against his stomach, only making he himself harder. Roxas, though, reached down and began pumping himself, wanting himself and Sora to end close. Roxas whimpered loudly again and Sora begun to thrust faster now, he could feel that he was about to finish.

"R-roxas…" He moaned, "I-I…I…" He felt his eyes roll back in his head and he hit Roxas as hard as he could a final time and released his load inside him. Roxas screamed again once he felt Sora's orgasm and he himself exploded across Sora's chest. Sora panted and kissed Roxas' cheek gently, before removing himself and lying down next to him. Roxas grabbed a box of Kleenex and handed them to Sora. They both cleaned themselves up and Sora wrapped his arms back around Roxas. Roxas looked up at him and nuzzled into his neck.

"Mm…Sora…" He sighed happily, smiling a small smile and pulling himself close to him. "My Sora."

"My Roxas." Sora answered quietly, pulling the bed covers over both of them and cuddling Roxas closer.

The noise in Roxas' head slowly returned, gaining volume with each passing minute. He was thankful that the noise had disappeared for a while, but his depression was setting back in now. A good moment here and gone the next.

Roxas listened as Sora fell asleep; his chest slowly rising and lowering. He stayed awake though, afraid of what horrors may await him when he was left alone with nothing but his own mind.