Login: Longbow Intelligence
Password: ***********

-Security Clearence: CRIMSON

-Accessing detailed information...

User Input: Obtain information on The Advanced Cybernetic Weapon Program-

-In an effort to un-man the front lines of war, the Advanced Cybernetic Weapon Program was started. Soldiers who joined up were given the opportunity to continue their service after they'd already given their life. The soldiers were augmented with state-of-the-art robotics and given new life with which to serve their country at the cost of the physical bodies post mortem.

User Input: Unit Types-

-Numerous units with varying degrees of abilities built. From C.Q.B. units with a focus in melee combat, to Advanced Recon units with stealth abilities. All fields were covered. Each unit was given a serial number to differentiate them, since none stood out from one another.

User Input: Mission History-

-One mission on record. During the First Rikti Invasion, the Weapons were given their first field test. They were teleported directly onto the Rikti mothership and given the command to fight to the last. When the ship crashed, numerous units were lost.

-The Project was shut down shortly after, deemed a failure with more than 90% of the units lost. Those that remained were classified Anomalous/Damaged Beyond Repair and given to various Paragon City services such as MAGI, to assist with the growing Super Powered Population.

User Input: Define Anomalous/Damaged Beyond Repair-

-Definition: Surviving Units redeveloped original human behavior and memories. Several units were unable to cope with these events and went insane. Units 666, 100, 630, and 041 are included among these, and have been given the "-X" serial number modification to represent this.

User Input: Elaborate-

-Elaboration: Weapon Program Combat Cyborgs regained memories of their lives post post mortem. Most units seemed confused when confronted by Program scientists. Some became inquisitive, asking for clarification on time, location, etc. Others became violent or insane. The latter are the "-X" series.

User Input: Status of Unit 723-

-Unit 723 Status: Joined the group known as Strikeforce Nova. Attempted to contact the woman who was his fiancé peri-mortem. |NAME REDACTED| declined further contact from the Unit. Unit 723 continues to serve Paragon as a Freelance Law Enforcement specialist enlisted by Longbow, Vanguard, Paragon Police Department, etc.

User Input: Copy Unit 723 data and transmit to ***-**-****.**

-Data Copied and Transmitted

User Input: Logout-

The man leaned back in his desk chair and sighed. He leaned sideways and pulled the cell phone he'd been given from his pocket and punched in a few keys. After two rings the line connected.

"Did you get it?" he asked.

"Of course I did."

"And my payment?"

"Transferred to your account as promised."

"Fantastic. What should I do with the phone you gave me? Its really nice."

"Don't worry, you can keep it. For the rest of your life. Pleasure doing business with you."

"Wait... wha-" he stated to say, but his words were lost in the explosion.

Unit 666-X took his thumb off the detonator and looked at his monitor. His face was hidden behind his mirrored faceplate. His remaining eye darted across the lines of data while the optic attached over his right eye whirred and clicked as it copied the data to the cybernetic portion of his brain. He balled his hands into fists and turned his back on the screen.

"I have you now... brother..." he hissed, his dead lips curling into a wicked grin.