This story follows the ending of the game and moves on from there. The first few chapters will be of the recapture of San Francisco and the liberation of other cities. The beginnings are always hard for most people. Forgive me

Chapter 1


" Connor! Can anyone see him? Connor!"

End flashback

Jacobs witnessed Rianna fall apart. After the airstrike on the bridge the flames and fumes made it difficult for the military to continue. The Americans will push forward at dawn and liberate the city.

The casualties on both sides were very high. Many of the higher ups were killed in the assault so the experienced resistance cell of Montrose were a welcomed sight in the camp 5 miles out of the bridge. They were called in for a meeting just before dawn. The band of three entered the tent to behold the sight of 13 well respected soldiers arguing over what will happen the next day.

"Reinforcements will arrive soon from the north by 1200 hours. We need to attack and hold a moderate amount of the city before they land." Sgt. now Lt. Keyes yelled angrily.

"That has already been agreed upon Lt. Keyes. What remains is where to position our troops to do the most damage we can to their operations so they will crumble much easier." Growled Major Strong

An older man sat at the head of the table looked up at the new arrivals and smiled warmly.

"Ah the heroes of the battle have arrived." Said Army General Grant.

"Not all of us General." Spoke Rianna sadly.

A flicker of sadness controlled his face before he could cover it up.

"Connor Morgan was a good man and a great soldier."

Rianna just nodded and sat down waiting for the meeting to continue. A man seated next to the general stands up and Jacobs realized this was the second highest military man west of the Mississippi. Jacobs looks up at the man's face as he speaks. Colonel Moore started once the resistance cell of Montrose quit staring.

The Korean's are at their weakest point and now is the time to at-," The Colonel was cut off as a siren sounded indicating it was time. Everyone stood still for a moment then all of them leapt into action. Jacobs followed Keyes to a Humvee and manned the gun. The convoy lined up and moved out. Jacobs looked to the west to be greeted by the dawn of a new day.

Prelude to next chapter.

Deep in Korean Territory inside a jailhouse a body was being pulled by two men.

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