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Chapter 5

The British reporter licked his lips and began to speak.

"Today the United Nations have agreed to help the Americans in their plight to gain their country back from Korean control. China has pledged their support by beginning to attack the Greater Korean Republic. Meanwhile England, France, and Germany have begun to cooperate with the American military on the East Coast. Our insiders have now reported that.."

"Hey Rook! Turn that shit off."

The young man known as "Rook" stood up and turned the television off and joined his fellow SAS members. They gathered around the briefing table and listened to their Captain begin their briefing.

"Now it seems that our government has decided to help the Americans in the fight against the Greater Korean Republic. We along with the entire SAS will be deployed in the southern tip of Texas. It should be far enough from the radiation so we won't need suits. We will be the recon force that will take the southern tip of Texas and hold it until reinforcements arrive. Now we leave Jamaica at 2200 hours tomorrow and should arrive in Texas before dawn. Now everyone get some rest we have a job to do."

The Rook got his name not because he was new but because when the group was bored they would play chess and he would always checkmate with a rook. Rook went to his make shift bead and fell asleep.

The very next day at 2230 hours rook was flying in a Blackhawk. They couldn't afford cozy warm aircraft, not with this economy. It was cold and they were flying low to the water. The entire SAS was on one of the 37 Blackhawks that took off from Jamaica thirty minutes ago. The SAS used to be bigger but everyone had to make cuts with the economy in bad shape.

Everyone was silent. They were about to glimpse America, in a few hours, in ruin and poverty. America can be used best as an example that all great nations can fall. Rook checked his gun and tried to get a few more hours of sleep.

Chinese Front

Private Ming was placed at the front almost immediately. China was one of the few nations that still retained a large military force. It is probably the only reason the Koreans didn't attack them. He followed the man in front of him to their objective.

His company of Chinese soldiers was to be moved to secure a section of the border not 7 miles from the temporary base of operations for the Chinese. Apparently the Koreans saw this coming for many years and had a large force ready for this eventuality.

The forest made sticking together hard. They could only see a few feet in any direction ad usually stuck to the man in front of him. This was his predicament now. Suddenly the man in front of him stopped and help up a hand. Everyone stopped and kept on the lookout for the enemy. Ming then noticed it as well, it was quiet. The animals stopped making their natural sounds. The forest was for once quiet. A shot rang out. The man in front of him dropped to his knees and then hit face first into the mud. Then more shots rang out and the forest suddenly became alive.

Ming ducked and brought his gun to bear. It was an ambush and they were surrounded. The screams of the wounded were loud and clear. Ming stood up and tried to make a run for it. His foot caught something and he fell down. The front of his helmet hit a rock and all he saw next was darkness.

Ming woke up in a cot. His head pounded in pain but he looked up anyway. Nurses were everywhere carrying bloody bandages. He tried to sit up but a nurse stopped him and looked him over. She gave him some pain pills then she was gone. He looked around for a superior officer and spotted a major in the corner. He was behind a desk and was in the process of handing out orders for those who have recovered. Ming walked up and told the major his name. He received his papers and walked toward a secluded area and read them. He was being reassigned! He was now to become part of the liberation of Japan.

The British reporter began to speak again.

"The Russian government has begun to aid the Chinese in its invasion of the Greater Korean Republic's homeland. We ask all citizens of the world to pray for those who are going to lay down their lives in the name of Freedom. It appears that World War III is finally here.

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