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"On the first page of our story the future seemed so bright." -love the way you lie part 2


I was running late for my first day, and was beyond frazzled. I'd over slept my alarm and had to skip my shower as a result. Doing the best I could with my frizzy bed-head, I threw on some make-up and the clothes I'd thankfully set aside the previous night, and ran out of my apartment.

It took me ten minutes to drive the typical fifteen to the hospital. I parked without paying attention to whether the spot was reserved or not, and took off for the front entrance, barreling through the automatic doors.

I was volunteering for the summer before I started college - something my mom said would look excellent on my records. I'd done it at home in Phoenix for the past three summers, and decided one last summer wouldn't be a big deal. This year I am in Forks, Washington with my father, so he secured me a place at the local hospital.

It was much smaller than the one I'd worked in before, but I thought it might be nice- quaint. I'd missed the orientation day though because of a surprise graduation trip my mother took me on. So as I stand just inside I realize I have no clue where to go.

Everything is so white and clean. There are only a few people dotting the hallways. I search for someone who looks helpful as I wander deeper into the building. That's when I see him. Leaning against a bright white wall, he stands out like a streak of gold. His bronze, tousled hair is unruly but perfect for his features. Sharp lines pronounce his eyes and nose, a strong jaw line curves into his neck, which looks soft and supple in comparison.

I realize I'm staring. I look away belatedly, but he's already spotted me. I just catch the small smirk he gives before my focus glues to the floor. I can feel him approach. For some inexplicable reason my fingers itch to reach out to him, so I bury them in the pockets of my sweater.

"Did you need some help Miss?" He asks with the manners of a young gentleman, his voice creamy and gentle.

"I, um … am supposed to be starting today. Volunteer," is all I can gurgle out. My checks burn all the way to my ears. Glancing at him from the corner of my eye, the dazzling smile that lights his whole face garners my full attention. My face lifts up towards him like he's the sun. I smile back.

His smile is radiant. "Wonderful, I'm volunteering too, I'll show you where to sign in." He steps away, gesturing to have me follow but pauses abruptly and turns back. I nearly smack into him, but catch myself just in time.

"I'm Edward by the way."

"Bella," I say with a nod.

His grin widens impossibly more, "Very nice to meet you - Bella."

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