Just some drabble about the first time Scorpius noticed Draco's Dark Mark. I was just thinking about what would happen when Scorp saw it, because after all they don't exactly go away.

Scorpius was 5 years old when he first noticed the strange mark on Daddy's arm. It looked like a face with a snake in its mouth, and Scorpius wondered what it was for.

He was climbing up Draco's leg, intent on sitting on his lap when he saw it. Draco laughed and stretched down to pick up his son, and his sleeve got pulled back in the process. Scorpius looked at the mark with wonder and put his hand on the strange tattoo.

Draco looked uncomfortable and started to pull his sleeve back down, but he knew Scorpius had seen it, and that meant questions would follow.

"Daddy, what is dat?" he asked, touching the Dark Mark again.

Draco looked to his wife for help, but she just raised her eyebrows sympathetically.

"You knew he would ask one day," she said, "It's ok, Draco."

He turned back to Scorpius and sighed. "That mark…is from when I was younger, Scorp."

"What is it for, daddy?" Scorpius asked with interest.

"Well….do you remember those bedtime stories mommy and daddy used to tell you?" Draco asked.

"The one about the big mean man and the boy who lived?"

"Yes, that one," Scorpius said, "You see….that story wasn't made up, Scorp."

"So the big mean man exists?" Scorpius asked, looking frightened.

"No," Draco said, "But he did. Remember in the end of the story, the boy kills the big mean man and everyone lives happily ever after?"

"Yes," Scorpius nodded happily, "That's my favorite part."

"Well, the boy was Harry, Daddy's friend. He saved everyone by killing the man," Draco said, trying to figure out how to explain to his son that he had been a Death Eater at one point in his life.

Scorpius' eyes widened in amazement, "Uncle Harry is a hero?" And Draco laughed as Scorpius kept insisting on calling Harry his uncle.

"Yes, he is. But you see, I was part of that story, too, Scorpius," Draco said.

"Were you a hero too?" Scorpius asked, his eyes growing even wider.

"Well…no," Draco sighed, "The big mean man made Daddy work for him."

"He kidnapped you?" Scorpius gasped, and Draco couldn't help but smile.

"Not exactly," Draco said, "The Malfoy family actually supported the big mean man, so I felt like I had to as well."

Scorpius nodded and knit his eyebrows together, as if trying to process everything. Draco was afraid that Scorpius would be upset, but the young child just flashed a huge smile and threw his arms around his father's neck.

"What's this for?" Draco wondered.

"I'm sorry you had to work for the big mean man," Scorpius said, "I know you didn't want to."

Draco felt a smile cross his lips and he hugged his son back.

"I guess Uncle Harry is a hero to you too, then," Scorpius said, and Draco nodded.

"He saved everyone," Draco agreed.

"Can we go to Uncle Harry's house now?" Scorpius yelled in excitement and Draco laughed.

"Sure, why not? You can go play with Albus," Draco said, and the two of them stood up.
"I have to go!" Scorpius said, running off towards the bathroom.

"See, it was ok," Astoria said, giving Draco a quick kiss. "Have fun at Harry's. Tell Ginny I say hello."

"I will," Draco said, and Scorpius came running back from the bathroom.

"Does Albus know his daddy is a hero?" Scorpius asked, looking up at Draco.

"I don't know," Draco said, "But I bet you're gonna tell him, huh?"

"Of course!" Scorpius exclaimed.

Draco laughed again, figuring that this was going to be quite an interesting visit to the Potter's.