Alright so I know I havent posted in a while and I got alot of stories that I need to finish but I NEEDED to make this one. Lets begin shall we? Oh and for the disclaimer, I do not own Megaman ZX, capcom does.

A futuristic world powered by technology, both people and machines co-exist in peace. A place where humans and machine lifeforms "reploids" with a goal of true recovery and peace, co-exist together. Two children will go on an adventure of a lifetime.

"ARF, ARF, ARF!" barked an energetic dog circling a young boy holding a pair of boxes.

"Calm down boy. You'll make me drop the packages!" said the boy.

"Hey Vent!" exclaimed a voice out of nowhere.

Just then, a girl who looked identical to the boy ran up to him and slapped his back, making him drop the packages.

"AILE!" screamed Vent. "You made me drop them!"

"Aw c'mon! You gotta admit it was pretty funny!"

"No, it's not! It was stupid! Really. Do you know how long it was for me to pack all of this stuff?"

"Hey, it's not my fault you pack like a snail."

"Knock it off you two." the voice came from a young man with long blond hair wearing red.

"Yes Boss." The two said obediently as if they were talking to their father.

"Now hurry up and get those packages loaded and let's get a move on."

As they were packing up, the young man's phone rang.

"Hello, Girouette express transporters, Giro speaking! We can take anything, anywhere...I see...yes...don't worry, we'll get the package."

"Another delivery, Boss?" asked Aile.

"Yes, and this one's important."

"But what about the other packages?" asked Vent.

"We can worry about those later. This one is urgent. C'mon, we have to get moving to area A."

"Area A? You mean outside city?"

Vent went silent for a moment.

"Yes, that is where we're meeting our client."

"But what about...the Mavericks?"

"I don't think we'll have to worry about that. Coming Vent?"

Vent was deep in thought. "Huh? Oh sure. I'm coming."

5 hours later...


A 8 year old Vent is seen in an area being attacked by Mavericks.


"That voice! Mom! Where are you?"

"Vent! Run! Don't look back!"



"Vent! Vent! VENT! WAKE UP!" screamed Aile

"Huh? What?"

"You were crying in your sleep screaming 'Mom'."

"Oh. It was-it was just a nightmare."

"So it was that one huh?"

"Yeah. Say, where's boss?"

"Now that you mention it, where is Boss?"

"He probably went out for a walk or something. Why don't we clean up camp before he gets back."

"Has anyone told you you're no fun?"

"Has anyone told you that you're too energetic?"

"Just one of my many good qualities."

"Ughh, whatever."

After a few minutes of clean up, Giro returns with the two packages to be delivered.

"Good, I see your ready to go." Giro admitted.

'Why can't they apply themselves this much with the delieveries?' Gire thought.

Giro's phone rang.

"Hello, Giro express transporters!"

"Giro? Is that you?" said a female voice.

"Ah, the guardian...or should I say client."

"Did you recieve that package from the archaeological recon unit?"

"Yes, I got it."

"My unit is headed for the agreed upon rendezvous point. It's a little sooner than expected, but let's meet up there."


Man I love this game!