Blue Twilight and Silver Spirit-A Sonic/Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Crossover

Prologue: The Dusk Arrives

A small tribe was waiting until one member was ready. They were nomads, always traveling, always stopping. The member was carving something on a rock wall and when he was finished, he nodded to the rest of the tribe and they set off.

He did look back at his work for a moment and whispered, "This will come true or all will fall to darkness."

Here is the prophecy:

"Power shall guide Twilight to Spirit

Chaos will support the Spirit

Spirit shall seek out Courage to help

Wisdom will add to the knowledge of Spirit

As Courage and Power shall protect it

And Chaos shall empower it

Three will be four

One shall be silver

As the others shall be gold

And peace will be restored

As two worlds shall face the darkness

Of the pain from the past"

(Centuries later...)

"It's almost complete," a soft voice breathes in relief as he saw an almost complete large mirror in front of him, with one tiny piece missing out of the centre. "Now to finish the Mirror of Twilight."

A lone figure wearing dark armor was standing in front of the mirror, which seemed to be twice his height, and was grabbing a bag which had the final piece inside. He took the piece out and placed it in a small hole in the middle, which caused the mirror to glow and activate a portal on the opposite side against a large stone slab. He breathed a sigh of relief and satisfaction knowing he completed his task, but soon felt some presences behind him as he turned around.

"Oh wise sages! I didn't know you were there!"

They all seemed to be old ghostly scholars whose faces seemed nothing more than masks and on their fronts were a unique symbol each.

"We were watching the entire time young one," one soon said in an unearthly tone to his voice, as is the same with the others, and another added, "We deeply apologize for frightening you."

"It is all right, you only surprised me."

Another one soon had a grim looking mask and asked, "Did you feel the sense of dread that suddenly swept over Hyrule?"

"That I have not long after the Goddesses gave me this," he replied taking off his left glove to show a mark on his blue-furred hand which showed three triangles making a larger one with the top one glowing briefly.

"The Triforce of Power!" the fourth one exclaimed, "We were wondering the fate of it as soon as the dark thief lost it."

"But sadly it is not only Hyrule that will be affected." He replied grimly as he put his glove back on.

The fifth one gasped. "You mean…?"

"My birth world will suffer as well. I must return to the Twilight Realm and warn Midna before leaving to make THAT legend come true!"

The sages nodded in understanding of what he meant and said before disappearing, "May the Goddesses bless you on your journey."

Nodding thanks in silence, the figure stepped onto a glowing platform and disappeared to the Realm beyond. The Twilight Realm was as dark as he remembered, with only the red glowing markings and the sphere-shaped Sols for whatever light was needed. The people of the Realm, the Twili, looked almost like ghostly humans that were half black, half white with the odd teal markings on their limbs, noticed him and waved in greeting upon his return with him waving back at them.

"Ah it's good to return again!" the figure sighed and soon noticed one Twili, that looked more human than the others with her long orange hair that was held in front of her with a stone ring and eyes and the stone crown on her head, coming towards him and he kneeled in respect. "I have returned Midna, Twilight Princess."

"So I see," she replied with a kind smile. "I can see your mission was successful. But tell me, where did you go after Zant took over?"

The figure rose then explained, "I hid in a hidden cave behind Ordona's Spirit Spring before taking shelter in the Forest Grove after the Twilight over the Faron Province was lifted."

Then his expressions turned grim. "But Midna, I have a warning: a dark force far different from Zant and Ganondorf is going to threaten Hyrule and my birth world and I fear the worst now that I have the Triforce of Power."

She gasped as the golden mark suddenly started to glow with his words. "So I guess you're leaving?"

"Not right away, no since I plan on leaving in the morning. I understand this mission gives me the honor of being an Elite Warrior, am I correct?" He asked with an impish smirk which caused her to laugh.

"Yes it does and you've earned it. We kept prepared for when you were finished. Now you go get ready and take your time. Fyrus and Dia Baba said they will be late again."

He nodded in thanks and left for his room in the Palace so he would change his armor for the ceremony. It was a simple room with the odd little treasure on his shelves from his missions to the Light Realm. When he took off his original armor, he saw the mirror he often used to make sure things was fitting right. He looked at his slender body with dark emerald eyes that was covered with blue fur and quills that were patched with dark blue along with his right arm as the other one was the regular shade of blue and the oval of peach fur on his chest, muzzle, and torso, noticing that it was quite grimy since he never had the chance to bathe, thankful that he was close to the hot spring pools that only fill during the dry season of the desert outside.

After he cleaned himself up and put on a new set of armor that was more intimidating with the small spikes on the shoulders and helmet and the dark blue cape, a knock came at his door and a loud voice shouted, "HEY ARE YOU READY YET?"

"Yes I am!" he answered as he opened the door to see a large Twili male with flame-orange armor, the Twilit Inferno Fyrus.

"Good because you know how Dia gets with this ceremony."

"Yes she does get very impatient."

"I heard that," a spiteful female voice sounded as a very slender Twili female came over to them wearing her violet and green armor, the Twilit Parasite Dia Baba. "I can't believe she's letting a Non-Twili be an Elite Warrior!"

"Hey Princess Midna knows what she's doin' Dia!" Fyrus snapped. "If she feels he's ready for this then so be it! He proved himself more times over than we did when we were training and he DID put that Mirror back together to earn this honor, right pal?"

The younger one nodded in agreement as the three of them went towards the throne room for the ceremony to begin. The two Elites had already taken their spots as he walked casually and calmly towards Midna then knelt down, waiting for his chance to speak.

"My fellow Twili," she began with pride surfacing in her voice as she addressed the large crowd, "we come together to witness the chance of seeing a new Elite Warrior among us! Let us support this one as he performs duties far beyond that of a normal warrior of Twilight for he exceeded the expectations of this Palace to earn this honor!"

She turned her gaze to the kneeling hedgehog before her. "Do you take on the duties of an Elite Warrior, no matter how heavy the burden, with your life and honor?"

"I do," he replied calmly, even though his heart was pounding with excitement.

"Then from this day forward you shall now be known as Dusk, the Twilit Mobian! We honor your courage, strength, wisdom, and loyalty as a new Elite Warrior!"

A strange dark aura suddenly surrounded him as his powers increased ten-fold and he felt ready to take on his new duties as well as complete his new personal mission when the aura faded and he stood up to address the crowd.

"My fellow Twili," he began as his eyes shone with pride satisfaction, "to some I may not exactly be worthy of this honor but I will perform my new duties to the best of my abilities, no matter where my journeys and missions will take me, with the honor of the Twilight Realm, and the Goddesses of Hyrule!"

At first there was a moment of silence then a roaring sound of cheering echoed within the room to welcome him as a new Elite, with Fyrus being one of the loudest ones.

Midna waited until the crowd dies down before speaking again. "Dusk will now take on a mission that will return him to his birth world since Hyrule and our Realm are being threatened by a new force of evil. I too shall leave to aid in this fight but let us keep strong no matter what happens to us. We became stronger after the Hero of Courage saved us from Zant, so let us use this strength to help restore peace to all!"

The crowd roared up again in agreement to her words and Dusk absorbed it all in so he can leave the next day for his home world to complete this task.

And to see his brother again after so many years of being apart.

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