Chapter 11-Tribal Flames Part 1

"-and after I stopped Merlina and her plans as well as gave her a few gentle words about enjoying life before it ends, the knights respected me as their king since Caliburn chose me to wield him but I had other things to do so Merlina sent me home…only to meet up with a very angry Amy because I forgot we were supposed to be on a date."

Link, Dusk, and the children laughed at this since Sonic turned so red in shame and embarrassment at his mistake while he sat on top of the covered wagon. The older ones were bringing the children, Uli, and Ilia to Kakariko Village as a favour to her father Bo since the Sheikah started appearing more each day and Renado the Shaman sent a letter offering to watch them since Ordon Village isn't exactly fortified. Link and Sonic decided to pass the time by swapping stories of their adventures to get to know each other more, with Sonic just finishing his Arthurian adventure.

Rusl also gave Sonic a new sword, the Ordonian Sword, to use just before they left since his old one from Chun-an was somehow wearing thin and had a good-sized crack in it, most likely from the battles on Mobius and in the Forest Temple for it really wasn't that well made for such heavy fighting. He said that he would meet up with his group in town and would let them know if they heard anything about Sonic's friends.

"I can see you are no stranger to battle with each tale!" Link said with a half-chuckle as he decided to tease him a bit. "But when it comes to women, that seems to be a different story!"

"Says the one who has more than one woman in Hyrule falling for him," Midna perked up from his shadow with a laugh causing Link to blush brighter than Sonic did as he yelled, "MIDNA! They didn't need to know that!"

"HA! NOW who's the one with women problems?!" Sonic shouted, causing more laughter and Link said nothing as he pulled down his cap over his eyes to hide his embarrassment and possible humiliation.

"Alright everyone that's enough teasing for one day," Uli soon said, bringing on the calm as she rearranged Anea's blanket while holding her, then giving a somewhat stern look to Link's shadow. "That means you Midna."

A nervous, yet apologetic, chuckle only sounded from within. Lately Midna had been making herself known more because she thinks it would help her get more respect from the light-dwellers towards her people as a way of healing old wounds. So far it's been working as the villagers from Ordon had accepted her right off the bat and, of course, Dia is helping out Princess Zelda with the guards.

"Hey how fast can you really go, Sonic?" Talo piped up from inside and the hedgehog smirked. "I can go so fast that you'll miss seeing me when you blink!"

The children gasped in admiration at this, then they all heard someone call out for Link so they stopped to see nothing more than the mailman running up. Link grumbled in annoyance as he got a letter from Zelda and the mailman soon ran back towards Kakariko village.

"Geez didn't that guy notice the monsters?!" Sonic asked in confusion and sarcasm and Dusk only shrugged.

"Listen to this!" Link suddenly said and soon read the letter out loud.

"Dear Link,

I thank you, Midna, Dusk, and Sonic for sending the help and for sharing the good news about the rumoured fourth piece. Miles, whom you know as Tails, had been helping in not only researching the connections between our worlds but also is using his flying skills to watch out for monster attacks from the air. Dia wasted no time in starting to train my guards to do their duties properly; even going as far as scolding, then punishing them for sneaking away to the bar to try to "skip class" as she put it.-"

At that note they all started to snicker before Link continued.

"-Telma also asked me to let you know that she and her group are looking into more information, especially with the help of two new members from the Shiekah Clan and Gerudo Tribe respectfully. If I also find anything of interest I will let you know.

Good luck and may the Goddesses protect you always.

Princess Zelda."

"The Gerudo Tribe has returned as well?!" Dusk shouted in disbelief. "When did this happen?!"

"Must've been while you were at my place looking for Mobius' shards," Sonic replied. "I mean you didn't mention anything about them being back while you were there."

"That's true but this is still a surprise! I thought they've been long lost since the end of the era of the Hero of Time!"

"Well they are also nomads Dusk," Midna perked up. "They were probably away from Hyrule until the time was right for them to return."

He gave a sigh. "You're probably right. I forgot that detail. Well, let's see if we can make it through the Goron Mines to find the next shard after visiting the Sheikah Clan."

Sonic, Link, and Midna agreed as they entered the Eldin Province and eventually Kakariko Village.


They were welcomed with quite the sight when they entered the village: The village seemed repaired and there were men, women, and children in clothes similar to Sheik! The said Sheikah also noticed them when he was talking to an older man and a young girl near a house that was next to a vast spring.

"Welcome to Kakariko Village my friends!" he said with such mirth in his eyes that reflected the smile on his face when he pulled down his mask. "As you can see my Clan took no time in repairing the homes and shops, especially with help from the Gorons up on the peak."

"I'll say!" Link said incredulously as the children, Sonic, Ilia, and Uli got off the cart.

Some Sheikah children soon came over. At first they were shy, but it didn't take them long to make friends with the Ordon Children that it made everyone else smile.

An older Sheikah, dressed like he had more authority, soon came over. His own blond hair showed signs of greying and he wore a tan cloak over his clothes that was held by a clasp that was in the shape of the Shadow's Tear. His deep copper eyes showed wisdom and leadership that was now mixed with the mirth of seeing the children play.

He gave a chuckle. "It's nice to see the children make friends with those outside the Clan."

"Yes it is Chieftain," Sheik replied and the others were surprised at this great man being the leader of this clan.

"I apologize for not introducing myself," the chieftain soon said. "I am Sirius, the leader of the Sheikah Clan. I heard from Sheik here that you'll all be coming as well as your recent adventures thus far. I trust you in the defeat of Vaati."

"It is a pleasure and an honour to earn your trust Chieftain," Dusk soon said with a bow. "I am Dusk, the Twilit Mobian and current chosen one for the Triforce of Power. The plain blue hedgehog is my twin Sonic, and this young swordsman is the Hero of Twilight Link, with my princess Midna hiding within his shadow. And these two women are from the Ordon Village; Uli is the mother of two of the children and the wife of Rusl, and Ilia is the daughter of Bo, the mayor."

At that note, Midna, still in imp form, popped up. "Nice to meet you at last Sirius. Sheik told me all about you."

"As the did about you Princess Midna," Sirius nodded and looked towards Sonic. "And I heard about your unusual speed as well young one."

"Well not to brag but it is how I got my name after all!" Sonic replied as he rubbed his nose a bit then jumped when some smoke appeared near the general store. "What the-?!"

"Ah that must be my son returning from town," Sirius replied as the smoke cleared to reveal another young Sheikah wearing a similar uniform to Sheik, except his was grey and black instead of blue and white, but unlike the other two, his hair has flame-like streaks and his eyes were more the colour of Amethysts than copper. "He just recently joined this group in the town's tavern to help Hyrule."

"I have returned father," the young warrior said and then noticed the others and his eyes widened in surprise. "Oh pardon me! Was I interrupting something?"

"No Heilos you weren't," his father replied gently, "Link just arrived with some children and women from his village so they can be safe here. I mentioned this would be happening before you left for Telma's."

"I must have forgotten since I was busy with my duties. I apologize."

"No need," Link replied. "I sometimes forget things too when I'm busy with things myself. I'm Link by the way."

Heilos shook hands and was introduced to the others, but Sonic couldn't help but notice the odd flashes of guilt in those violet eyes but shook it off for the time being since his new friend was offering to show them around.

"As you already have heard," Heilos began, "as soon as we returned we took the time to bring the village back to its former glory from the attacks of the Twilight Beasts several months ago. And it was done even more quickly with the help of the Gorons that live on Death Mountain since they helped provide some materials and labour as we also helped with the construction. They also told us of little Malo's marketing and shop keeping skills so we do welcome him back to our general store."

At that note, they soon saw Malo go into the store with a couple of Sheikah men helping him with what looked like crates of merchandise. The twin hedgehogs looked at Link with a look that instantly said "Please tell us you knew all this time!" and he gave an embarrassed chuckle because he actually did know since relieving the Eldin Province of the Twilight and the Fused Shadow then rescuing Colin from the Bulblin Tribe.

Suddenly they heard an explosion and all four of them ran over to a shop at the other end of town to see a certain Bomb maker come out with a welding mask over his face, coughing so Link asked, "Barnes are you alright?!"

"Oh Link!" he replied with a cough and lifted up his mask. "Oh yes I'm fine! I was trying to make a new kind of bomb but it's not working so well. But hey; this is part of the life of a bomb maker! There's bound to be the odd boom!"

Barnes chuckled at this which caused Link to groan and Sonic to slap his palm to his head while Dusk shook his head in disbelief and Heilos said, "Oh Barnes…whatever will we do with you? Crazy Hylian…"

Just then a large boulder seemed to roll to them by itself…until it unrolled into a large Goron! It looked at Link with relief in its eyes. "There you are Link! My brothers and I was wondering if you were here by now! We need help with something."

"What's wrong Darbus?" Link asked his friend who seemed very worried.

"Lately the mountain had some unusual volcanic activity…and it caused the entrance to our mines to be blocked! We heard of another entrance on the other side of the mountain and the activity caused a wide crack to open up into a valley near our home. I sent some of my brothers to find this entrance as a few more of us worked to clear our side…only for them to come back beaten by some sort of creature! I went to see what it was, and wound up attacked myself. It was too fast for me so I fled to find you when I heard you were coming to the area."

"What kind of creature was it?" Dusk asked and Link took the time to introduce the twins to the Goron. "Well surprisingly it looked no bigger than you two small creatures. But it was red and not quite as spiky and had a slightly longer tail. It could glide through the air and it sure packed a punch…"

"That almost sounds like Knuckles the Echidna!" Sonic said. "He's red, a bit fast, though not quite as fast as me, can glide, and does pack a punch!"

"Wait…I remember something else!" Darbus suddenly said. "It wasn't a 'he' but a 'she!' The battle cry sounded strong but also coming out of a female!"

That's when Sonic looked confused. "A girl echidna? That can't be right…Knuckles is the last of his kind."

"Are you sure?" Link said and he nodded. "Well it doesn't hurt to check Sonic. Maybe he wasn't the last after all."

They agreed and made their way up the mountain, being careful of the steam vents and killing off Bulblin archers on the way, to the Goron's home outside the mines. There was a large opening on the west wall and a couple of slightly smaller Gorons were standing in front of it.

"There's where the creature is brother," Darbus said as he pointed to the opening. "You'd best be careful now. Let me know if you find the other entrance."

Link nodded and soon he, the twins, and Midna ventured inside.


The valley was quiet and Link and Dusk took out their swords for good measure.

Midna soon perked up to Sonic. "You said that this Knuckles was the last echidna. How did that happen?"

Sonic sighed as he ran his hand through his quills. "Well it started up a long time ago. There was this water God named Chaos in our world who was befriended with the echidna Princess Tikal. At the time, her father was taking over other lands to try to satisfy his greed and it caused nothing but grief for her. She saw that Chaos was watching over these jewels in a great shrine; seven smaller Chaos Emeralds and one larger Master Emerald that controls them, as well as small cute creatures called Chao. Chao are harmless little guys that often are pets to us Mobians. Anyway her dad found out about the Emeralds and wanted them for himself, ignoring Tikal's requests to forget about them. She even went as far to ask Chaos to take them away but he said that the shrine was his home and he didn't want to leave. That led to one night when her dad took it too far and attacked the Chao at the shrine to get the Emeralds and it angered Chaos to the point he actually absorbed the smaller ones himself and became a huge monster, wiping out most of the tribe! Tikal sacrificed herself to seal Chaos away in the Master Emerald, and releasing the Chaos Emeralds across Mobius, and the few echidnas that were left took it upon themselves to protect it for generations to come. Time passed and their numbers became so few that only Knuckles was left to protect it as the last Guardian…at least until he gets a kid."

"I see…" she said until Sonic somehow got caught in a rope trap and hung upside down, causing her to laugh. "Smooth one Speedy."

"Hey that's not funny Midna! I was too caught up in answering your question!"

"By the name of the Gods what happened?" Dusk asked as he and Link ran over and Midna said. "Oh your dear brother got himself a little hung up at the moment."

"O.K cut it out Midna!" Sonic snapped as he swung upwards to try to untie himself but stopped when he noticed the trap also activated a red flag that flew above the tree. "Oh boy…I'd better get out of this thing before the owner comes back!"

But a battle cry was the only thing that told him they were too late as a red blur tried to strike Link, only to have him deflect the attacker away with his shield. It soon zipped by again, this time aiming at Sonic, who wasted no time to hang again for it to cut the rope and free him. He soon used his Homing Attack at the assailant, knocking her to the ground.

*Wait…her?* Sonic thought and then they all could see clearly that their attacker was indeed female like Darbus said but not just any female.

She was also an Echidna that looked like she could be of the same tribe as Knuckles!


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